Okay, here’s another one.

  1. Ninersfan says:

    Hey Doc, good podcast, was wondering if you could make these available for download?

  2. al koholic says:

    interesting on slaton,i didnt realize his screws were loose,ha,

  3. Thanks for the AudioBoo link. Don’t know how much it”ll help, but I tweeted and shared the link on Facebook. Like the short format-leave ’em begging for more.

  4. al koholic says:

    @Doc: yeah its nice to put a voice with a name,hehe

  5. tourinct says:

    Good #2.
    I think I’m grabbing the last Houston back on the board, Kubiak is soooo freakin fickle, they could all go off.
    Lovey… mud, blood, beer… boy named Sue is up on him.
    Glad to see you hitting the wheat, had a couple of glasses of Alagash White over lunch at Duckfat in Portland ME last week. Great stuff for a hot day. And goes so very well with duckfat fries!
    Question: making the turn into round 7 of my slow draft, 10th pick, who do you like best of Cutler, Kolb, EManning, McNabb, Palmer. Gotta grab one soon before guys start going for seconds. 10 team, no PPR, 6pts for TD passes. Have Austin & Magatron as keepers and have drafted (in order) Charles, Wells, Addai ans Findlay.
    Keep it up, good stuff.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @tourinct: Sorry man, don’t know how I missed this. I like the white as well. I like Cutler then Kolb. I would take either as my starter as long as I could go after a decent backup.

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