There was a plan today. I’d been working on it for weeks. I finally had people behind me ready to support my podcastings efforts. I had an intern. Who slept in. And JB was off today. And JayWrong showed up hungover. And Kyle the Super Producer showed up angry.

Surprisingly it turned into one of the best podcasts ever!

I filled in with the NFC notes. And JayWrong rebounded from a slow start with the AFC notes. And Sky and Murph did their usual, superb reporting. And Kyle got happy (after we spent an hour looking through the Facebook photos of the new receptionist at the radio station… so bendy! Kinda like Aaron Dobson!).  And the intern was fired. Of course, it was after he did the donut run. Razzball is now hiring new interns!  Anyway, here’s the Razzball Football Podcast (now with donuts):

  1. Brooks Jacoby says:

    Doug Martin, Coby Fleener, Cecil Shorts for Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron, and Philly Rivers. Half point PPR, which side?

    • @Brooks Jacoby: I’m taking the 2 Browns and the Charger even though I’m cringing as I type it. Think DMart is in trouble with that offence ROS.

  2. Chump Change says:

    Trading my players vs 2 teams to score two top RBs and a handcuff, I accepted, but how do you feel about it, here’s the full trade vs the 2 teams, they didn’t know I was planning to accept at the same time or nor that I was trying to get two top RBs.

    T-Rich, Larry Fitz, J. Bell and A. Gates

    Shady McCoy, Alfred Morris and Roy Helu

  3. I like how you made out. Anytime you get two RB1s in a deal you’re doing allright.

  4. J-FOH says:

    Nice avatar, very healthy adams apple

    Have you considered doing a podcast after MNF so we get the whole weeks analysis? or does TNF ruin that?

  5. My wife say’s I’m all adam’s apple… It’s not TNF that messes it up… it’s the lack of budget to do more shows! Got any budget? Spare some budget for a friend?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Nick the Podcast Host: yeah I hear ya on the dollars, if i had money to throw around i wouldn’t be playing fantasy, I would be gambling. I was just thinking to push the podcast back a day to get MNF rundown in there…..your wife has a hell of a sense of humor. As sky and i texted to each other the other day, our wives decisions about being with us are the only questionable things they have done that makes us question their judgement

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