“The computer, an extension of the human intellect.  The ENCOM511, centre of the most calculating intelligence on earth, programmed by Master Control to survive by all means.  Soon, the ultimate tool will become the ultimate enemy.”  I didn’t start my summary with a quote from the 1982 sci-fi blockbuster Tron as an analogy depicting me as a master drafter, using my highbrow and intuition to become the bane of the writer’s league, but as an intro to my first overall selection – Megatron!  I was a little surprised – being a PPR league and all – that Calvin Johnson fell to me at number 9.  I thank the town crier for proclaiming running backs as the talk of the town in 2013, allowing me to draft the man who lead me to a first place finish last year.

I followed my franchise player with the selection of Reggie Bush and DeMarco Murray, two players who can break into the top 10 at the running back position if their previous injury bugs put the brakes on and allow them to breeze to career years in the confines of dome and half-dome stadia.

Now, rounds 4 and 6 are where my draft turns from my original plan to a strategy of impromptu passion, spontaneous impulse and spur-of-the-moment genius.  Normally, in previous years but especially in 2013, I wait to draft a quarterback until the later rounds.  Without going into too much detail and depression, I have a fondness for a player named Peyton Manning.  Due to my aforementioned quarterback draft strategy, I have never had a chance to experience a team lead by Peyton.  I had a minor mid-life crisis mid-draft dilemma as my fourth round pick was approaching, and given the fact that I will be attending his first game back in Indianapolis on October 20th, the time was right, he needed to put on the Reign Maker$ hat and jersey.

The only true way to preserve and extend the life of canned foods is to reduce oxygen content and add oxygen absorbers to reduce oxidation.  Even if Arian Foster is healthy to start the season, Houston is guaranteed to preserve their 27-year-old franchise back by cutting back his touches (reduce oxygen) and letting Ben Tate (oxygen absorber) find a bigger role in the run-heavy offense.  Yahoo did send me a ‘B’ on the report card, probably for being bold on Ben in round 6.

Overall, as long as I don’t need to rely on my bench too much, I’m happy with the way my team turned out.  Time to get Peyton and Calvin to sign some team jerseys.  User of this program signing off.

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