What you will see below are the results of the 2014 Razzball Writer’s League Fantasy Football Draft (click here for the results). The league is based on this year’s RCL format. If you don’t know what a RCL is, man, you are behind the times. Join here for a chance at prizes and glorious bragging rights! The RCL stuff is basically as follows: The 0.5 PPR league is comprised of 12 teams each starting a QB, three WRs, two RBs, one TE, a FLEX, K, and a Defense. If you are interested, go ahead and rank the teams in the comments section below. You can also tell us the reason for your order. Or, you can just tell us how you feel about Tehol’s team. Spoiler: I couldn’t find Matt Wieters anywhere on the roster, so I’m not sure Tehol really drafted.


Devine Intervention

Doc Matt (@FFootballPhD)

Position Name
QB Robert Griffin III
WR Alshon Jeffery
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Wes Welker
RB Adrian Peterson
RB Shane Vereen
TE Greg Olsen
W/R/T (Flex) Chris Johnson
K Matt Bryant
Defense Cincinnati
Bench Brian Hartline
Bench Knowshon Moreno
Bench Greg Jennings
Bench Steven Jackson
Bench Dwayne Bowe
Bench Ben Roethlisberger

“I went into this draft with the third pick and selected Adrian Peterson. I considered Matt Forte because of his pass catching appeal, but it was too difficult to pass up on fantasy’s sure thing. I then went heavy on receiver and added RGIII into the mix. I have to say that if I were to do it again, I would probably have selected a different QB, as RGIII makes me extremely nervous. So nervous (after watching the game against the Browns) that I decided to drop Donald Brown (my last pick) and pick up Roethlisberger as insurance. I continued to load up on running backs and receivers. Shane Vereen was my diamond of the draft (from a PPR perspective); he is going to be a real active part of the Patriots’ passing game. The jury is still out on Chris Johnson and Steven Jackson, although I think Johnson will end up being a good RB2. The other guys on the bench are merely injury or bye week replacements, I don’t see them cracking the starting lineup ever.”



Jay (@jaywrong)

Position Name
QB Philip Rivers
WR Antonio Brown
WR Michael Floyd
WR Kendall Wright
RB Eddie Lacy
RB Ryan Mathews
TE Antonio Gates
W/R/T (Flex) Reggie Wayne
K Nick Novak
Defense  ?
Bench Maurice Jones-Drew
Bench Carlos Hyde
Bench Chris Ivory
Bench Kenny Stills
Bench Ahmad Bradshaw
Bench Dwayne Allen
Bench Roy Helu Jr.

“I don’t really remember this draft, mostly because of alcohol, though it could have also been that chocolate cake I ate. I’m not stating the amount of pieces because I lost count after eating the entire thing. However, looking at my team now, I can dutifully say that my homerism runs strong, even in an inebriated state. Which is good, because I feel this skill could come in handy some day, if, you know, I need to take on a grizzly bear in hand-to-hand combat. I like Philip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, Antonio Gates, and Nick Novak on this team, and you know why. I guess Eddie Lacy and Antonio Brown coming along for the ride is okay too. Maybe. By the way, whoever took Keenan Allen, you are no longer writing for the site. Sorry I’m not sorry. Hey guys, look at my bench. I love it. That is all. Excuse me while I make more cake.”


Razzball Radio 

Nick Capozzi (@Razzball Radio)

Position Name
QB Aaron Rodgers
WR Roddy White
WR Percy Harvin
WR Terrance Williams
RB Matt Forte
RB Andre Ellington
TE Zach Ertz
W/R/T (Flex) Trent Richardson
K Blair Walsh
Defense Carolina
Bench Stevan Ridley
Bench Andre Williams
Bench James White
Bench Mark Ingram
Bench Doug Baldwin
Bench Johnny Manziel


Sky Sperling

Sky Sperling (@Sky_Razzball)

Position Name
QB Jay Cutler
WR Jordy Nelson
WR Pierre Garcon
WR Torrey Smith
RB Rashad Jennings
RB Ben Tate
TE Jimmy Graham
W/R/T (Flex) Kelvin Benjamin
K Adam Vinatieri
Defense Chicago
Bench Dexter McCluster
Bench Kenny Britt
Bench Lamar Miller
Bench Mike Evans
Bench Jordan Mathews
Bench Lance Dunbar

“My overall strategy this year has been to Bruce Lee it and ‘be like the nature of water’.  Take what the draft gives you and react accordingly.  I took Graham in the first when Megatron didn’t fall to me and drafted 3 WR in my next 5 picks.  I am a little sad I bit on Rashad Jennings as early as I did but I do like the player; just not the value.  Torrey Smith in the 5th was probably my favorite first 10 round pick as my WR3.  He has the potential to be a WR1 this year with just a bit more luck and some return to the red zone from his first couple of years.  Yahoo hates my team but what’s new?  They expect you to draft depth at K/DEF/TE to even grade out as a B so I’m forever in the dog house with them but I like what I’ve built and look forward to seeing some of the youth/upside on my bench become viable options.  It’s a sexy team full of upside.  You know, like Lara Flynn Boyle was before her face became a botoxic mess.”


Beddict’s in Yo Butt

Tehol Beddict (@beddict143)

Position Name
QB Colin Kaepernick
WR A.J. Green
WR Julio Jones
WR Jeremy Maclin
RB C.J. Spiller
RB Darren Sproles
TE Rob Gronkowski
W/R/T (Flex) Justin Hunter
K Steven Hauschka
Defense Pittsburgh
Bench Ray Rice
Bench Anquan Boldin
Bench Tavon Austin
Bench Darren McFadden
Bench Jacquizz Rodgers
Bench Coby Fleener

[Jay’s Note: I’m surprised he didn’t draft Domonic Brown…]
“Greetings!!! What an honor it it to be included in this league of extraordinary gentlemen. My name? Tehol Beddict AKA TB for your bunghole AKA Voice of the Elder Gods, and I come to you today, humbled and grateful for the opportunity to DESTROY the rest of the razzball writing clan in our world’s greatest game, fantasy football.

Let’s meet the players, shall we?!? Anytime I’m drafting near the bottom of the round (11th in this case), I’m more than likely going to take the two most explosive receivers left on the board and I did just that with A.J. Green and Julio Jones. Should I just discontinue writing this now, as those two should win me the league by themselves. Picking up Spiller at the very end of the 3rd round will prove to be the perfect maneuver as this is a PPR league and, you know, Spiller excels at that. CJ burned me like horrific case of genital warts last season but that was as the 2nd overall pick. He will be far superior this season and a borderline top ten back. Gronk in the 4th???? Yes please, and thank you, I might add. Guaranteed top 3 tight end if he plays 12 games with upside for oh so very much more. Some may reference my Maclin pick in the 5th round as a reach. I’d call it more like a reach-around as I feel like the whole league just gifted me with a hand job. Mac-Daddy will finish as a top 15 wideout so those of you who have yet to draft may want to jump on that. Ray Rice in the 6th round is an absolute steal. He looks far better than last season and is only missing 2 games. This means I’m getting a possible top 10 running back IN THE SIXTH ROUND. That’s Game of Thrones type epicness right there, folks. Ending up with Justin Hunter, Boldin, Tavon Austin, as my backup wideouts pretty much gives me the most potentially dominant receiving core in fantasy history and Kaepernick is the perfect man to get em the rock, as he will finish much higher in the rankings this season with no foot injury to concern himself with. This is Tehol signing out as I need a spray tan before I shoot my radio show this afternoon. I got this league wrapped like a mummy. WITNESS.


owner Seth Klein (@SethDaSportsMan)

Position Name
QB Tom Brady
WR Dez Bryant
WR Keenan Allen
WR Andre Johnson
RB Montee Ball
RB Joique Bell
TE Ladarius Green
W/R/T (Flex) Julian Edelman
K Dan Bailey
Defense Arizona
Bench Mike Wallace
Bench Devonta Freeman
Bench Fred Jackson
Bench Andrew Hawkins
Bench Ronnie Hillman
Bench Jonathan Grimes

“I followed my strategy of drafting WRs early and it paid off. Having Dez Bryant, Keenan Allen, Andre Johnson, Julian Edelman and Mike Wallace should benefit me in a league that utilizes 3 WR spots as well as a FLEX. Late round picks of Devonta Freeman and Jonathan Grimes could pay off if the RBs they are handcuffing (Steven Jackson, Arian Foster) succumb to injury. Also, I HATE that I have Brady despite the fact I think he’s ready for a bounce back season.”


J-FOH’s Haterade

J-FOH (@JFOH_Razzball)

Position Name
QB Drew Brees
WR Victor Cruz
WR Cordarrelle Patterson
WR Golden Tate
RB LeSean McCoy
RB Danny Woodhead
TE Kyle Rudolph
W/R/T (Flex) DeAndre Hopkins
K Jay Feely
Defense St. Louis
Bench Bishop Sankey
Bench Khiry Robinson
Bench Marqise Lee
Bench Rod Streater
Bench Donald Brown
Bench De’Anthony Thomas


Smokey’s Team

Smokey (@smokey_loogy)

Position Name
QB Matthew Stafford
WR Randall Cobb
WR Michael Crabtree
WR Brandin Cooks
RB Jamaal Charles
RB Alfred Morris
TE Jason Witten
W/R/T (Flex) Pierre Thomas
K Graham Gano
Defense New England
Bench Tony Romo
Bench Markus Wheaton
Bench Josh Gordon
Bench Andre Holmes
Bench LeGarrette Blount
Bench Bryce Brown


Andrew Nordmeier

Andrew Nordmeier (@AndrewNordmeier)

Position Name
QB Andrew Luck
WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Sammy Watkins
RB Giovani Bernard
RB Arian Foster
TE Vernon Davis
W/R/T (Flex) Dennis Pitta
K Phil Dawson
Defense Denver
Bench Nick Foles
Bench Riley Cooper
Bench Bernard Pierce
Bench Martellus Bennett
Bench Jerricho Cotchery
Bench Steve Smith Sr.

“The plan coming into the draft was simple. Find enough good wide receivers to have the depth I need and get good enough running backs to help close the gaps in a PPR format. It sounded simple enough. Keep in mind I was just finishing a rookie draft in a dynasty league at Hooters, so my mind was a little away from football, if you get my drift. At quarterback, I wound up with Luck and Foles. Both quarterbacks had good seasons last season and should be able to contribute on the ground as well. The extra bit of versatility made them good choices in my book. Foles went in the 9th round (104th pick, ADP of 65) and was good value at that point. For running backs, I took a safe play and a gamble. Gio Bernard is the safe play as he should get the lion’s share of touches in Cincinnati. Arian Foster is a huge risk, I know. When I think about what the Texans have for offensive weapons beside him there isn’t a whole lot. The phrase “starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick” makes me think it’s very easy to turn around and hand it off to Foster a ton or hit him on short passes out of the backfield. If his health holds up, Foster could be a stud again and my running backs are loaded. Bernard Pierce adds good depth but I should get more depth that position. Wide receiver turned out to be a tough position. Demaryius Thomas and Larry Fitzgerald are both solid but Sammy Watkins is only a rookie. Guys like Riley Cooper add viable depth but Steve Smith and Jericho Cotchery were auto picks. Remember I said I was at Hooters? I had to start driving back home and the draft wasn’t quite over yet. Unfortunately, I left Smith and Cotchery in the auto-pick queue—and got them. Yikes. Tight end worked out well for me snaring Vernon Davis and Dennis Pitta. Both should be centerpieces of their team’s passing games this season Since we can flex a tight end, Pitta could get the start there most weeks. Remember that Gary Kubiak is now the offensive coordinator in Baltimore and he LOVES targeting the tight ends. The Ravens want to split Pitta out wide too so he will be all over the field. It’s the same usage pattern as Jimmy Graham but with a much lower ADP. Martellus Bennett came as an auto-pick addition and I’m not sure what to do with him yet. Trade? Phil Dawson has been a solid kicker for many years. The Denver defense has been upgraded and gets Von Miller back so they should be better than last year. The AFC West takes on the NFC West so those have potential to be low scoring games which is favorable. Yahoo gave my team a “B” and it was the second best grade in the draft. They also said I would finish 5-8 so I don’t put much stock in their grading system nor their academic eligibility. I might be able to make some noise if my starters stay healthy. Depth will be a big question mark and I will need to find some to get through bye weeks.”


Ralph Lifshitz

Ralph Lifshitz (@Ralphliftshitzbb)

Position Name
QB Cam Newton
WR Calvin Johnson
WR DeSean Jackson
WR T.Y. Hilton
RB Le’Veon Bell
RB Zac Stacy
TE Jordan Reed
W/R/T (Flex) Eric Decker
K Mason Crosby
Defense Kansas City
Bench Terrance West
Bench Jeremy Hill
Bench Tyler Eifert
Bench Danny Amendola
Bench Jarrett Boykin
Bench Miles Austin

What a blast this draft was, well besides the fact that I was laughing too much and about 5 minutes in the lovely Mrs. Lifshitz banished me to the garage. So there I was, my first writers league draft sitting in my garage with an iPad, reading the banter going back and forth between budding bromantics Tehol and Nick Cappozzi. Seriously these guys have reached “I Love You Man” Bromance levels. It got to the point that Nick was singing Tehol’s praises in hashtag form. But I digress, or digest, and other things that make people sound smart in conversation like saying Whom or indeed. The long and the short I love this team. Maybe that’s too cocky, but I got my binky Cam Newton, my receivers (Calvin, DeSean, Hilton, Decker, Boykin, Amendola, and Austin) are a very good group with high end talent and each has the opportunity to see a ton of looks. My running backs (Bell, Stacy, West, and Hill) leave something to be desired but I love getting Stacy in the 3rd and I’m pretty high on Bell especially in PPR formats. I also have a talented pair of Tight Ends in Nina Agdal and Anastasia Ashley…oops I mean Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert. My strategy this year has been to assemble a talented group of receivers and target underrated players at the other three positions. I’m happy with the haul and feel I stayed true to my approach. All in all I’m looking forward to beating the pants off of these guys and getting my handsome grill on a bobblehead.


IDP, Do You?

Kevin Kumpf (@kevkumpf)

Position Name
QB Peyton Manning
WR Marques Colston
WR Cecil Shorts III
WR Hakeem Nicks
RB Marshawn Lynch
RB Doug Martin
TE Jordan Cameron
W/R/T (Flex) Reggie Bush
K Matt Prater
Defense Seattle
Bench DeAngelo Williams
Bench Charles Clay
Bench James Jones
Bench Shonn Greene
Bench Andy Dalton
Bench Houston

For the second straight year I had to autodraft for the Writer’s League do to scheduling conflicts. I’m calling for an IDP-persecution investigation! This year was especially rough, as apparently my autodraft strategy didn’t include any Wide Receivers. Looking back at the Draft Results, I probably would have gone WR over Skittles in Round 1, and definitely wouldn’t have taken Peyton, so my team would look entirely different. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. I now have the RB1 on a run-first team that is a lock to win 10+ games, and the QB for the most potent passing attack outside of the 2008 Madden league in my fraternity. I will make no excuses, but I will make a trade for a receiver.


Jennifer’s Team

Jennifer Warner (@soxfan012)

Position Name
QB Matt Ryan
WR Brandon Marshall
WR Rueben Randle
WR Emmanuel Sanders
RB DeMarco Murray
RB Toby Gerhart
TE Julius Thomas
W/R/T (Flex) Frank Gore
K Stephen Gostkowski
Defense San Francisco
Bench Russell Wilson
Bench Christine Michael
Bench Aaron Dobson
Bench Delanie Walker
Bench Jonathan Stewart
Bench Justin Tucker



  1. Sinner Man says:

    Too much parity to declare a clear winner – but Nick, Sky, Smokey & Ralph seem to be in the top tier. Jay is right with them, but he’s obviously all in on the Bolts. Doc is there too, and would be in the lead if he had a QB in the tier above RGIII (the full draft recap isn’t provided, but maybe he could’ve secured Romo/Cutler/Rivers over CJ2K). Seth doesn’t have a starting TE on his roster, Tehol is high risk/reward. I’m sure Kevin had a valid commitment that prevented him from drafting, but auto’s dilute the validity of an industry draft. Jennifer too, was that auto? (2 kickers)

    My too sense…

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Sinner Man: I’m a little nervous about my RB situation, but I really like my Wr’s. This is the year of the receiver, it seems like everyone and their Mom is talking upside down strategy.

      • @Ralph Lifshitz:

        I’m a big fan of the WR core. Being a 0.5PPR versus full point makes DeSean look pretty good if the Redskins offense gets going. Yeah, the RB is thin for you, but if the WRs do what is expected, then having one of your two starters step up week to week could be enough. From the untrained eye, anyway.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Sinner Man: did you mean Reward/reward?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Sinner Man: Not ‘all’ in on the bolts. But don’t think I didn’t try. I tried so hard…

  2. mguy31 says:

    12 Team 1 point PPR. 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 FLEX..how did I do?

    QB: Romo
    WR1:Demaryius Thomas
    WR2:Julio Jones
    RB2:Chris Johnson
    TE: Rudolph
    FLEX1: Randall Cobb
    FLEX2: Kendall Wright
    D: Stream (Pittsburgh v Browns Week 1)

    Steven Jackson, Kelvin Benjamin, Hartline, McFadden, Jennings, Khiry Robinson.

    I know my RB’s are weak, was upset with myself for taking Gore in the 4th but what do you think otherwise?

    • @mguy31:

      Full point PPR? The hell with the RB (which arn’t all that bad), you have a starting core of bonkers WRs. Points look like they may rain down on you, so grab an umbrella.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @mguy31: oh you good to go, big dog. don’t even trip

  3. Man guys if I can end up with a team in the Razzball league anywhere near that I will definitely find myself mildly content. Still wrapping my head around how deep the borderline-WR1 pool is this year.

    And what the hell, I’ll post my team from a buddies league. ESPN Standard 10 team, 1 PPR, 4pt QB TD. Put this team together from the caboose 10th pick.

    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Ryan Matthews [having both Matthew Ryan and Ryan Matthews is confusing]
    RB: Shane Vereen
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: Randall Cobb
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    Flex: Reggie Wayne
    Def: Redskins [stream wk 1]
    K: [Does it honestly matter] Bailey

    Michael Floyd
    Brian Hartline
    Tavon Austin
    Lamar Miller
    Bishop Sankey
    Dexter McCluster [found way him at the bottom of the draft to pair with Sankey]

    Had Graham land to me, and due to a heavy-RB1 drafting league, landed a ton of RB2 once they bailed for the WR1.5 I left them to pick from. It’s hard for me to gauge this team, but RB seems to the critical point; I could either dominate, or find myself utterly destroyed. Then again, I have the potential out of the RB2 pool for a big step up somewhere.

    Any ideas or comments are appreciated.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Rated R for Gore: Sankey will be starting for you soon and Miller is intriguing. stay up, playa.

      p.s. floyd is above Reggie Wayne

      nice work. now just pray to the Elders

  4. 740 says:

    hey, good stuff. a lot of competition. question, i have Bennett as my starting TE. need a back up, who would u pick? Fleener, Kelce, Allen, Walker, Eifert


    • Cram It says:

      @740: You don’t need a backup TE

      • Tehol Beddict says:

        @Cram It: JAM IT

  5. tk says:

    have 5th pick in a.25 ppr draft.

    LACY or CALVIN? Really stuck on this…

    any advice????

    • Cram It says:

      @tk: If you don’t know who to take with your 1st pick with all the resources out there, I think you’re in for a rough go the rest of your draft. Good luck!

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @tk: Lacy gonna beast.

    • Doc Matt

      Doc Matt says:

      Lacy – huge year and since it is just .25 percent PPR, he is the better bet.

  6. Tehol Beddict says:


    • @Tehol Beddict:

      Not like hard work and dedication did anything important, ever. Pyramids? Slaves. Prosecution rests its case. Though your team does look like it is set up rather nicely. Best of luck with the Kaeptain, he drove me mad last year until I found Rivers on the wire in my buddy league.

      I’d like to take out of this rant/babble to give a shout out to the Razzball War Room excel sheet. I had to modify it a bit so it could use the ranks for PPR (simple copy and paste for the most part), but boy did it help. Gave me the team I posted about earlier. Thanks, Mean Joe!

      • Tehol Beddict says:

        @Rated R for Gore: Thank you, sir. I suppose I didnt think of that. hahahah.

        Kaepernick ughhhh, tell me about it. I had him last year but just like you I used other dudes of waivers and got it done. thanks for checking in

  7. Filkarri says:

    10 Team PPR, how do you think my draft went?

    QB- Cam Newton
    WR- Calvin Johnson
    WR- Michael Crabtree
    WR- Julian Edelman
    RB- Demarco Murray
    RB- Ryan Matthews
    TE- Dennis Pitta
    K- Mason Crosby
    Def- Arizona
    Bench – Chris Johnson, Joique Bell, Nick Foles, Rueben Randle, Brian Hartline, Antonio Gates, Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt, Antonio Gates, Roy Helu

    • Doc Matt

      Doc Matt says:

      I like the team. Cam is going to be your X factor here. If he plays as well as last year, you are fine. You will probably want to get Joique in there for reception purposes. No flex, eh?

  8. Schwab Stumped says:

    General PPR Strategy Question – I have Eddie Lacy and Drew Brees as my 2 Keepers (QB Overvalued with weird bonus points). I have the first pick (#25) and wondering how I need to set myself up for the draft.

    A: Do I take L. Bell or D. Martin to start and try to target WR next (most likely C. Patterson Tier)

    B: Do I take AJ Green or J. Nelson first and target RB next (Alfred Morris / R. Jennings Tier)


    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Schwab Stumped: Green /Jennings/Morris

      • Schwab Stumped says:

        @Tehol Beddict: Thanks Tehol! I consider myself a seasoned FFB player, but havent played PPR in a long time.

        How high would you value a guy like Vereen or J. Bell? Wondering if I need to take them at my #4 pick if he is there versus Morris/Jennings Tier.

        Really appreciate the insights. This site is truly the best.

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @Schwab Stumped: no problemo, Schwabby. Jennings can also catch the rock so he’s def an option there. Vareen could catch 80 balls so that’s always intriguing but I’d PROBABLY go Jennings over all those guys tho you couldn’t really go wrong with any of them.

  9. The Thumb says:

    10 team standard league (no PPR) and I had the 8th pick (seems like anything after around 6 puts you at a total disadvantage), so I was unprepared. I hate my team, did I blow this draft?

    QB – Cutler
    WR – Dez
    WR – Percy
    RB – Le’Veon
    RB – Stacy
    TE – Julius Thomas
    Flex – Reggie Bush
    K – cowboys guy
    DEF – streamers

    BN – Kaepernick
    BN – Emmanuel Sanders
    BN – Edelman
    BN – Kelvin Benjamin
    BN – Lamar Miller
    BN – Sproles
    BN – Blount

    • Barker says:

      @The Thumb: its not terrible wr looks pretty damn good and rbs while not great are all solid and you have good depth QBs would be a problem if cutler gets hurt obv And julius is nice

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @The Thumb: nah, you good man. trust tha kid. #Contender

  10. My Vick is Itchy says:

    10 team 100$ budget auction draft tmrw….6 pt passind tds no negative pts for ints/fumbles
    which team would you prefer?

    QB Cutler 2 QB Romo 6
    RB AP 26 RB Lacy 22
    RB Lacy 22 RB Mathews 12
    FL Mathews 12 Flex Spiller 8
    WR Cruz 10 WR Julio Jones 18
    WR Allen 12 WR Cruz 10
    TE Rudolf 3 TE Julius Thomas 15

    BN Spiller 9 BN Reggie wayne 5
    BN 1$ guys

  11. L-Boogie says:

    Am I missing something or are there only 11 teams listed here when you say the standard RCL league is a 12-teamer?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @L-Boogie: You were correct. For some reason, the post ate J-FOH’s team… has been added.

  12. uncdrew says:

    Tehol’s team is the best. If he picked a better QB, it would be better. Not sure if Cutler was available but with that QB he is the clear winner.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @uncdrew: YOU SIR, ARE A GENIUS

  13. jim says:

    I’m in a 14 team PPR league which also counts kick/punt return yardage. Starting positions include 1 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE, and 2 flex (WR/RB/TE). I am drafting in the 7 spot of a snake draft and would love some advice on how to approach the first five rounds or so. Thanks for the help.

    • Doc Matt

      Doc Matt says:

      Is it a full point PPR? The seventh spot could land you Eddie Lacy (I would definitely take him here). If no Lacy, take Megatron.

      I would probably rotate between WRs and RBs for the first five or six rounds. Those reputable guys are going to move fast – get your TE and QB in the later rounds (be ok with Romo, Cutler, or even Roethlisberger at this point). You are going to need to stack RBs and WRs early.

  14. Nick says:

    In a keeper league where you get to keep one player next year without sacrificing a draft pick, would you rather have Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, or A.J. Green?

    I’m leaning towards Johnson. He’s older than the rest but still should have some gas in the tank. Then again, A.J. Green is pretty tempting since he is younger, less injury prone, and has a QB locked in for the foreseeable future.

    • Gay 4 Grey says:

      @Nick: Dumbass question. Go with the Calvin.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Nick: CALVIN buddddy, tho all 3 other guys should have monster years as well.

  15. Braun Weasleys says:

    Got the 7th pick in a ppr league! Should I go with Jimmy Graham? Or take Eddy lacy? All of the top wr’s after calvin are still there.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Braun Weasleys: i could go either way. looks like Lacy gonna have monstrous year

  16. Darris says:

    1. Tehol-high risk high reward
    2. Nick-rodgers+forte=playoffs
    3. Sky-graham huge advantage
    4. Seth-Ball/Bryant/Brady great value
    5. J foh-brees + McCoy + Sankey on the bench
    6. Doc Matt-solid even though rgIII huge ?
    7. Ralph-sweet if cam’s rib holds up
    8. Jen-randle biggest ? But not last place! #girlpower
    9. Kevin-WRs are junk
    10. Smokey-nothing after Charles
    11. Andrew-need too much from foster/Watkins
    12. Jay-lacy only stud

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Darris: I think Antonio Brown is a stud in PPR. So there’s two studs. Yum.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Darris: JAY???? IT HUUUUUUUUUURTS!!!!

      Darris, you’re obviously of superior intelligence to the 99 percent of the mortal human race. Nice work

  17. TobiasFunkeAnalRapist says:

    Nice teams fellas, looking for any input on my squad if you feel obliged.
    10 team ppr:
    qb: Cam Newton
    rb: AP
    rb: Rashad Jennings
    wr: Antonio Brown
    wr: Crabtree
    TE: Witten
    Def: Seahawks
    Util: Cordarelle Patterson
    K: Cody Parkey (new eagles kicker)
    TY HIlton
    Mark Ingram
    Eric Decker.
    I appreciate any input, thanks.

    • Gay 4 Grey says:

      @TobiasFunkeAnalRapist: Any league where Decker and Edelman are on the bench is suspect. Time to upgrade to a new and more competitive league, bruh.

      • TobiasFunkeAnalRapist says:

        @Gay 4 Grey: Na it’s competitive, just a ten teamer where a lot of teams prematurely shot their wads on big name players. For example, I think shady and Jamal went in the 70s, and since we’re from the midwest, Bears players went way high too. I just held my money for once and was able to outbid for most of the lesser-named players out there.

      • Tehol Beddict says:

        @Gay 4 Grey: GAY FOR GREY!! LOL i need that on a t-shirt

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @TobiasFunkeAnalRapist: Tobes I’m feelin your team in a very sexual type of way. Nice work. Curious to how Newton will play but I’m sure he’s fine

      • TobiasFunkeAnalRapist says:

        @Tehol Beddict: Thanks man I appreciate it, should I try to trade for Ellington? And given my depth and roster what would be appropriate for Ellington? The guy who has Ellington needs WR help as he’s got Colston and Harvin as his starters with not much afterwards. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @TobiasFunkeAnalRapist: yes, offer Decker or TY hilton or both for him. thanks, bro.

  18. Steve says:

    My WR are Dthomas, Jeffrey,Allen,decker, j hunter
    10 team standard …
    I really like Jermain Kearse..would u drop decker or hunter for kearse?

    • Doc Matt

      Doc Matt says:

      @Steve: Keep Decker for now.. He is a WR1 and will get a bunch of targets.

  19. Steve says:

    My RBs are Lacy,Vereen,f Jax,Ingram ,Moreno
    Starting lacy
    Who would u start in 2nd RB spot?

  20. Doc Matt

    Doc Matt says:


  21. DiRo says:

    Should I start R Jennings or Vereen in week 1 for my standard yahoo league? I am also leaving my starting WR as Marshall/Cobb/Cruz but have Wright on the bench if you think I should replace him with one of the other 3 for week one.

    • Doc Matt

      Matt Devine says:

      @DiRo: Jennings – I would consider Wright for Cobb. I have Jordy in one league and I am really close to benching him. I don’t like Thursday games and hate the matchup. I have Sanders, Lloyd, and Bernard Pierce as my other options. Most likely going with Sanders, especially if Welker can’t play.

  22. Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

    i have no idea what criteria yahoo uses, but it isn’t about backup DEF or K’s, as i’ve gotten A’s before, and have never, ever drafted a backup DEF/K.

    • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

      @Montezuma’s Revenge… right now: and yes, Laura Flynn Boyle (donna), there’s a woman us skinny guys would never have to worry about showing up next day at work with a cracked pelvic bone from.

  23. Steve says:

    Do I start Ertz or Cameron week 1?
    Not sure if Cameron gets double teamed and is a bust this season
    And if Ertz wil get enough targets…
    Tough call…

    • Doc Matt

      Matt Devine says:

      @Steve: @Steve:

      Tough call-Cameron for targets, Ertz for touchdowns. He also has Celek competing for them, go Cameron.

  24. Steve says:

    Would u start keenan Allen week 1 vs cardinals(Patrick Peterson)?
    Or don’t overthink the matchup?
    I have Decker or justin hunter as well

    • Doc Matt

      Matt Devine says:

      @Steve: I don’t like the other options, go Allen.

  25. Principal Blackman says:

    Heads up. J-FOH’s RazzDP league, which I am a part of, suddenly went from 12 to 11 teams. Our draft is in approximately 90 minutes, today, Sunday, at 5pm central. Sign up here: https://yho.com/nfl?l=890003&k=dda17b68835c9647 IDP FTW

    • Principal Blackman says:

      Spots filled. Thanks for playing.

  26. Badger says:

    Looking for your feedback boys

    12 team, PPR league

    QB Romo
    RB Forte
    RB Vereen

    WR A.Brown
    WR K. Allen
    WR Edelman
    Flex K. Wright

    TE Pitta
    K M. Bryant
    Def St Louis

    G. Jennings
    H. Douglas
    C. Hyde
    Andre Williams
    Big Ben
    Knile Davis

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts

  27. Doc Matt

    docmatt says:

    I really like Forte and Vereen – that is a solid one-two punch for PPR. Your receivers are also good and Pitta should have a nice year.

    Your bench is ok. Similar to mine in the Writer’s League – hopefully you won’t have to rely on it too much. Carlos Hyde could be a nice sleeper that sees more touches in the upcoming weeks.

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