TeamW-LPctPts ForStreak
1.Smokin’ a Bowe7-3.7001252.24W-4
2.The Iron Throne6-4.6001185.30W-2
3.Reign Maker$6-4.6001153.56W-1
4.Suck My Left TD6-4.6001121.56W-2
5.JB Gilpin5-5.5001165.00L-1
6.The Writer VinWins5-5.5001143.54W-1
8.He Hate Me5-5.5001127.14W-2
9.The Bridgeburners5-5.5001117.60L-5
10.Multiple Scorgasms4-6.4001125.42L-2
11.Team Krump3-7.3001120.26L-1
12.Podcast Kings3-7.3001064.52L-3

The feature game of the week has The Iron Throne (6-4) taking on JB Gilpin (5-5). The Iron Throne scored 121 last week behind Adrian Peterson’s 27-point effort and Arian Foster’s 20. AP is off this week, so LaRod Stephens-Howling will have to pick up the slack. They are currently holding down second spot and a potential bye in round 1 of the playoffs. JB scored 103 in his loss to me last week, but welcomes back Aaron Rodgers for this matchup. He’ll also be hoping for a bit more than the 1.50 Michael Turner contributed.

The Iron Throne (6-4)SeasonJB Gilpin (5-5)Season
Josh Freeman (TB – QB)161.78Alex Smith (SF – QB)127.64
Wes Welker (NE – WR)124.00Reggie Wayne (Ind – WR)143.60
Brandon Lloyd (NE – WR)87.00Brandon Marshall (Chi – WR)165.90
Donnie Avery (Ind – WR)77.50Roddy White (Atl – WR)133.30
Arian Foster (Hou – RB)176.90Michael Turner (Atl – RB)96.20
L. Stephens-Howling (Ari – RB)51.80C.J. Spiller (Buf – RB)132.90
Dennis Pitta (Bal – TE)74.10Brandon Myers (Oak – TE)83.90
Shonn Greene (NYJ – RB)102.30Kendall Wright (Ten – WR)82.50
Emmanuel Sanders (Pit – WR)52.60Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)206.52
Adrian Peterson (Min – RB)184.80Kyle Rudolph (Min – TE)85.60
Cecil Shorts (Jac – WR)92.20Andre Roberts (Ari – WR)105.80
Antonio Brown (Pit – WR)77.50Danny Woodhead (NE – RB)78.00
Joe Flacco (Bal – QB)153.34Chris Givens (StL – WR)53.20
Cedric Benson ( IR)47.50DeAngelo Williams (Car – RB)48.50
Matt Bryant (Atl – K)103.00Jason Hanson (Det – K)89.00
San Francisco ( DEF)85.00NY Jets (DEF)77.00

The Writer VinWins (5-5) vs He Hate Me (5-5) I’m in the playoffs! Too bad the season didn’t end last week. I need Reggie Bush and Miles Austin to do better than last week, since I can’t count on 30 points from Tony Gonzalez every week. Also hope Steven Jackson can have another good week to replace Chris Johnson (bye). He Hate Me was the top-scoring team last week at 139.44, but will have to replace Fred Jackson’s 23.5 points this week. Hopefully, Rashard Mendenhall can chip in.

Sky (5-5) vs Reign Maker$ (6-4) Sky fell out of a playoff spot with his loss to the league-leaders, and scored the low for the week at 88.4 points. Eli Manning, Percy Hardin, Isaac Redman, and Rashad Jennings combined for just 10.3 points. Hurting even more was the fact that Carson Palmer, Chris Ivory, and DHB combined for 51 points on his bench. Reign Maker$ notched over 138 points last week, led by the Denver defense and Calvin Johnson. Hakeem Nicks added 12, but is on a bye this week.

Multiple Scorgasms (4-6) vs Smokin’ a Bowe (7-3) The Scorgasms lost a tough battle in Week 10, 108-103 to jaywrong. Starting Peyton Manning instead of Drew Brees hurt. Andre Brown contributed 18 points, but is on a bye along with kicker Lawrence Tynes this week. Smokin’ a Bowe continued to cruise with big numbers from Jimmy Graham and Matt Ryan. This week the first place team is missing Victor Cruz.

The Bridgeburners (5-5) vs Suck My Left TD (6-4) The Bridgeburners slide continued, once again leaving a player on a bye in the lineup. Jaywrong has worked his team into solid playoff contention, winning 4 of the last 5 weeks. His top WR (Sidney Rice, 18.40) and RB (Marshawn Lynch, 19.60) from last week are both on byes, but he does get Larry Fitzgerald and Trent Richardson back.

Podcast Kings (3-7) vs Team Krump (3-7) With just 3 weeks to go, these 2 teams will be hard-pressed to make the playoffs.