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Jaywrong (Suck My Left TD), Sky, and I all lost to open the door for JB to grab the final playoff spot, and he closed it and then kicked it down, trouncing Team Krump 138-94. Zorboss (Reign Maker$) and Josh (The Iron Throne) advance directly to the semi-finals as the top 2 teams.


  Team W-L Pct Pts For Streak
*1. Reign Maker$ 9-4 .692 1566.44 W-4
*2. The Iron Throne 8-5 .615 1566.04 W-1
*3. Smokin’ a Bowe 8-5 .615 1555.80 W-1
*4. The Bridgeburners 8-5 .615 1525.24 W-3
*5. He Hate Me 8-5 .615 1495.64 W-5
*6. JB Gilpin 6-7 .462 1508.14 W-1
7. Suck My Left TD 6-7 .462 1440.00 L-3
8. The Writer VinWins 6-7 .462 1410.74 L-1
9. Sky 6-7 .462 1408.06 L-1
10. Multiple Scorgasms 5-8 .385 1434.36 L-2
11. Team Krump 4-9 .308 1454.24 L-2
12. Podcast Kings 4-9 .308 1366.52 L-1

In this league, no one can cry about the vagaries of head-to-head action as the six highest-scoring teams made the playoffs.


JB Gilpin (6-7) vs Smokin’ a Bowe (8-5) Mark averaged about 4 more points per week than JB, but JB has outscored him in 2 of the last 3 weeks.

JB Gilpin
  Smokin A Bowe
QB   Matt Ryan
Reggie Wayne
  Malcom Floyd
WR   Dwayne Bowe
Roddy White
  Victor Cruz
Michael Turner
  Matt Forte
B. Green-Ellis
TE   Jimmy Graham
D. Williams
  Jason Witten
Jason Hanson
  Connor Barth
NY Jets

Matt Ryan is coming off a disappointing 10.4-point week, but Smokin’ a Bowe did have 2 of the top 7 RBs last week in Forte and Green-Ellis. Myers had a career day at tight end for JB, putting up 26 fantasy points. Hanson was the top kicker with 18 points. Brandon Marshall was the #6 WR, but Roddy White managed only 2.5 points. Forecast: JB 111 Smokin’ 107.

The winner will face The Iron Throne in the semis.

The Bridgeburners (8-5) vs He Hate Me (8-5) Tehol Beddict had a strong finish after losing 5 in a row in the middle of the season, while He Hate Me scored over 140 points in each of the last two weeks, so this should be a barnburner.

He Hate Me
QB   Cam Newton
WR   Eric Decker
WR   Dez Bryant
WR   Jeremy Maclin
RB   Bryce Brown
RB   Fred Jackson
TE   Vernon Davis
W/R/T   Torrey Smith
Matt Prater
  S. Gostkowski

Gordon and Garcon each scored 20.6 points last week while Bennett added 16.7. Have to expect a dropoff for all three of them. Meanwhile, Newton, Brown, and Bryant accounted for 84 of He Hate Me’s 142-point total. It was the second straight game the three put up exceptional numbers (95.44 in Week 12) and surely can’t do it 3 games in a row. Forecast: Bridgeburners 117 He Hate Me 112.

The winner will face Reign Maker$ in the semis.

  1. Jay

    jaywrong says:

    I’m blaming my homerism for the lost season.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @jaywrong: I’m blaming your homerism as well.

      • VinWins

        VinWins says:

        @VinWins: And Gary Bettman.

  2. Josh Carey

    Josh Carey says:

    It was nice for Zorboss and I to have all this extra time to write Bet the Farm this week while not having to worry about our lineups for this league.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Josh Carey: Ha! I know what you mean. I earned a bye too for finishing 8th.

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