Sign up for our Week 3 FanDuel Freeroll. You can join the league for free for a chance to win $250 bucks (1st-$100, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$30, 4th-$25, 5th-$20, 6th-$15, 7th-$10) and if your team scores higher than my team you get 5 whole dollars. You can then spend that on some real fake football advice! So beat me and win! It probably won’t be that hard. I finished 66th last time. That’s not the best I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen people finish as high as 34th!

If you are new to this FanDuel thingamajig I have something below that I wrote in week 1. Just a little primer so you don’t walk into the dark woods of FanDueldom blindfolded and without a compass, water, fake football stats, etc..


FanDuel is pretty friggin awesome for us crazy faux footballers. We have our Dynasty and Redraft leagues that we spend thankless hours researching for and they are sweet and rad and all that, but we live in a world of instant gratification and those leagues take a while to give the goods, but in FanDuel you can take that research and apply it to making a new team each week, or even multiple teams. One of my favorite sides of fantasy is weekly matchups. I like to see how good I am at predicting what an individual player will do in a given game. So many things must happen the way you predict for it to work out and that feels pretty cool when it does. In FanDuel you can take those skills to a new level. You don’t have just your starters and bench players to choose from, you have the whole NFL Player Pool to choose from!

So, to get down to the nitty and the gritty and to forgo the shitty, let’s figure out how you play this darn game. First off, it’s a Salary Cap game. Meaning you get a certain amount of money to spend on your team and can’t go over that limit. Each player has a price tag based on their fake point getting ability. There are three salaries to choose from: Beginner – 65 mil, Standard – 60 mil, Expert- 55 mil. Your team will consist of: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR,  1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D. The prices range all over the place. Michael Vick is the highest priced player right now at 9.9 million. But of course the strategy is to find the best value. A player like Willis McGahee might not be a great long term guy for the season, but he is cheap at 4.8 million and faces the Raiders in week one, who are often poor at stopping running backs. It’s all about matchups and putting together the best team at the best value. I really think I’d rather play salary cap than standard fantasy leagues, but I’m also a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

The points for FanDuel are pretty similar to most of your leagues (I’ve put them at the bottom of the post). But the major difference would be that it is .5 points per reception. That of course pushes those Wes Welker/Lesean McCoy clones up the ladder a bit. When looking at the overall point leaders from last season it looks eerily similar to most of your leagues, so don’t feel like you have to give special attention to one “type” of player.

When choosing between Beginner, Standard or Expert FanDuels don’t worry about the titles, just the salaries. If you feel like you have some great bargains and in a standard duel you are way under the salary cap, go ahead and do an expert duel, and of course the opposite of that — if you can only fill your team if you start a Curtis Painter, don’t. Go to a beginner league. It’s only a word!

It’s actually pretty simple to play and there are many different leagues and contests and all that jazz muh-tazz. You can play one on one or get into bigger leagues. You can set up leagues with your friends.  There is a ton of smack talk in their chat. I mean a ton. I’m not a smack talker, but if I was I’d be in there giving them Hades.

They also have a site called FanDuel Insider that I’ve been writing some articles for and there are some good writers there. I should know, I suggested some of them! And the winner of our The Next Great Fantasy Football Writer Contest Josh Vitale has a weekly column over there as well, so that’s coolio. So, there’s that. Take me on and in the freeroll and let’s have some fabricated football fun!


FanDuel Point Details:

Rushing yards made = 0.1pts
Rushing touchdowns = 6pts
Passing yards = 0.04pts
Passing touchdowns = 4pts
Interceptions = -1pt
Receiving yards = 0.1pts
Receiving touchdowns = 6pts
Receptions = 0.5pts
Kick-return touchdowns = 6pts
Punt-return touchdowns = 6pts
Fumbles lost = -2pts
Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts
Two-point conversions scored = 2pts
Two-point conversion passes = 2pts
Field-goals from 0-19 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 20-29 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 30-39 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 40-49 yards = 4pts
Field-goals from 50+ yards = 5pts
Extra-point conversions = 1pt
Sacks = 1pt
Opponent-fumbles recovered = 2pts
Return touchdowns = 6pts
Fumble return touchdowns = 6pts
Safeties = 2pts
Blocked kicks = 2pts
Interceptions = 2pts
Shutout = 10pts
1-6 points allowed = 7pts
7-13 points allowed = 4pts
14-20 points allowed = 1pt
28-34 points allowed = -1pt
35+ points allowed = -4pts

  1. Ian says:

    10 team PPR, 1 QB, 3WRs plus WR/RB flex:

    Alright, be honest…am I going to regret accepting this trade:

    I send Matt Ryan and Cam Newton for Ben Tate and Joe Flacco.

    My QB1 is Big Ben, Matt Ryan was my back up and I picked up Cam off waivers last week. Foster was my keeper and he has me very worried. Hammy’s tend to flare up all season long and I have this gut feeling that Tate is the guy to own in Houston for most of the season.

    Best is my other RB and I have other fringe starters like Addai and Ingram, but both have been unstartable so far so I needed a potential RB2. How did I do here?

  2. Wilsonian says:

    So I just got an interesting offer, and want some opinions. Here’s my roster in a 0.5 PPR:

    QB – Rivers
    WR – Roddy
    WR – VJax
    WR – Smith CAR
    RB – CJ no K
    RB – Forte
    TE – Finley
    W/R – Starks
    BN – Holmes
    BN – Keller
    BN – DeAngelo
    BN – Ingram
    BN – Helu
    BN – Schaub

    I was just offered Stafford and Owen Daniels for Holmes and Ingram. I don’t really need either, but I’m still slightly intrigued. Do I do this and look for some waiver wire fodder? Guys like L.Moore, Meachem, J.Nelson, MSW, Simpson, D.Nelson, Burleson, JStew, McLuster, Carter are all available.

    What are your (or any commenter’s) thoughts?

  3. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:10 team non ppr….i have Rice,Bradshaw,Best,D. Thomas and Fred Jackson at RB.I have Cook and Gresham at TE,and was looking to upgrade.I was offered Finley for Jackson straight up.Finley hasnt been particularly impressive and Jackson has been very impressive.Do you think its worth a shot since Im so deep at RB?

  4. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    also,16 team ppr….better ww p/u for flex spot this wk,Hixon or Scheffler?

  5. WDE05 says:

    Hey Doc…

    Quick question. 16 team standard non PPR scoring league.

    I have Vick as my QB. I have been offered Kolb, Gore and Finley for Vick, Ingram and Watson.

    The guy offering the deal also has Newton, so I’m considering countering and asking for him instead of Kolb. Big gamble obviously that Cam can keep putting up big numbers, but it would also be a big upgrade at RB and TE.


  6. WDE05 says:


    That sounds like a great deal to me. Stafford appears to be on his way to a monster year. Holmes is a good player, but Ingram hasn’t shown much thus far. Someone in your league will have an injury to their starting QB and they will probably be willing to pay a big price for Stafford.

    If you make the move you can pick up Lance Moore who should be very solid once he’s healthy.

  7. genghis chone says:

    Should I drop Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman or Chad Henne for Roy Helu?
    2 QB, PPR league.
    Team is:
    RB-Forte/Hightower/Tate/F. Jones/Ingram

  8. Hennessey says:

    Should I use my #1 waiver priority on Fitzpatrick, Moore, or neither?

    My 1-PPR team:

    QB: Romo
    RB: Mendenhall, Beanie, Tolbert, Addai, Carter, Hunter
    WR: Roddy, Wallace, Bess, Collie, Amendola

    Besides saying I ate too much, my gut says to hold that #1 waiver priority until a must-add RB comes along.

  9. PF says:

    waivers passed and i can grab some free agents. 12 tm non ppr, 1 qb, 2, rb, 2wr, 1 te, 1wrb/wr/te

    rb -run dmc, foster, tate, felix, delone, spiller
    wr – britt, wallace, harvin, j jones, denarius more
    te – gronk

    top free agents – d thomas, mccluster, helu

    the foster/tate split and felix injury have me leaning towards Thomas then Helu

    do i drop carter then spiller? thoughts?

    thanks Doc!

  10. Joel says:


    for ROS, in non-ppr, would u want Maclin or Desean?

  11. sal says:

    Hey Doc – thoughts on dropping one of Sidney Rice/Jacoby Ford/ Mike Thomas for Dexter McCluster? Its a ten team TD and RB heavy points system and there is a six wr roster max, which is why I would have to cut one to pick him up.

    Who would you drop? I’m teetering between Sidney Rice and Jacoby Ford.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sal: I’d drop Rice

    @Joel: DJax

    @PF: I’d drop Delone for DT

  13. friar says:

    How would you rank the following guys for a flex position the rest of the season?

    Bowe, Bryant, Best, Britt, Tolbert, and Mike Williams (TB)

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hennessey: I’d hold.

    @genghis chone: I could see dropping Orton

    @Ian: Not the best, but it’s good to have Tate.

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @friar: Best, Britt, Bryant, Tolbert, Williams, Bowe

  16. Joel says:

    Hey Doc:

    In my non-ppr league, I think I can trade Tate and Manningham to get Matt Forte. My other wrs are santonio, maclin and meach. I have to do thois deal, right?

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: just hope it doesn’t get vetoed

  18. nick says:

    @Doc: Start Sims Walker over M Thomas? Also Moore and Henderson are on waivers in my 10 team league. Other than guys mentioned above, bench includes helu, LT, Collie and Stewart. Swap anyone for a Saints WR

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