Congrats to Rgintowt, CFrancis, and myself for winning the three Razzball Leagues last week.  Really, that last guy is just too cool for words, so I’ll stop talking.

We had a little trouble filling all three leagues last week so I just made 2 and we’ll see if there is interest for a third.  Click and join Razzball League 1, Razzball League 2.

There are a lot of good running back matchups this week, but not as many good receiver matchups.  So I went with a cheap quarterback and stacked up on running backs and a stud tight end.  We’ll see.

QB Jon Kitna: For 5,200 the new Cowboy’s QB is too good a deal to pass up.  Especially facing the Jacksonville Jaguars at home.

RB Adrian Peterson: I’m not sure if Brett Favre will play or not, but any way you look at it they’ll want to use AP as much as they can.

RB Arian Foster: He ran over the Colts in week 1 and even though they will be ready for him this time around the Colts defense is just not able to stop a back like Foster.

WR Pierre Garcon: With Austin Collie and Dallas Clark out and the Texans pitiful at defending the pass, Pierre Garcon is poised for a good game.

WR Calvin Johnson: Megatron should be healed and ready to go against a weak Redskins pass defense.  Add to that Matthew Stafford’s return and I foresee at least one long TD.

WR Mike Williams (TB): I have a feeling this Cardinals/Buccaneers game is going to put up some points and I think Williams could have a break out game.  He’s too good for them not to focus on him in the pass game and now with Blount softening the middle he should see a little more space.

TE Antonio Gates: As long as he looks good in practice this week there is just nobody that can out perform him on a regular basis.

K Ryan Longwell: Cheap.

D Dallas Cowboys: There aren’t many good defensive matchups this weekend so I’m going with the old standby, David Garrard on the road.

  1. romosahomo says:

    I’m trading Wayne for mendenhal…my rbz are weak and recievers pretty stacked…is this enough value for Wayne? Should I make this trade

  2. romosahomo says:

    This is a PPR league, My rbs are Charles and Forte …and Charles just doesn’t get enough carries…

    Receivers are Wayne, Andre, Llyod, Maclin, and Driver?

    Wayne for Mendenhall, Good trade?

  3. romoshomos says:

    its a ppr league… charles and forte are my other rbs.. Charles just can’t get enough carries…

    my recievers are pretty deep.. good trade.. menden for wayne?

  4. Eric C. says:

    Trade SJax/Flacco for Big Ben/Desean Jackson? There’s no flex W/R spot, I’ve exhausted all my RB bye weeks, and SJax is actually my weakest RB on the squad. I’m mostly unsure on the QB portion of the trade.

  5. sos says:

    Pick two to play this week in a PPR: Santonio, Woodhead, D. Branch, Bloundt

  6. Howard says:

    I just picked up McCluster. His name is so appropriate because that KC backfield is becoming such a cluster **** ! That being said, I love this guy. He has that explosion quality when he get the ball.

  7. sos says:

    Change comment #4 to say: Pick two to play this week in PPR: Santonio, Woodhead, D. Branch, Blount, Steve Johnson? Thanks Doc!

  8. Wilsonian says:

    So the guy in first place has Flacco and Cutler, both are on byes this week. He also has Foster, whom I’d love to add to my team, obviously, but in particular for this week. I’m a little leery because I’m in second, but I think it’s worth it to attempt to make a deal just to try to snag Foster.

    I have Rivers and Grande Ben. Would you make any of these offers:

    Rivers for Foster?

    Rivers and Best for Foster and DJax?

    Big Ben and Best for Foster?

    Big Ben and Moreno for Foster?

    That’s all I can come up with for now, and apologies if these offers look weak…I am trying to play on his obvious need for a QB this week.

  9. Harley says:

    @ Doc: .5 ppr league, who would you rather have for rest of season – Reggie Bush, Chris Ivory, Brandon Jacobs, LaGarette Blount, Dez Bryant, Steve Johnson, Davone Bess, James Jones?

    I have lots of depth at WR and am kind of thin at RB. Looking primarily for most upside. Thanks.

  10. The Vaporizers says:

    Good Morning Doc. I got SIX players on bye this week….

    Who do you like best for a flex play this weekend?

    Ivory, Shipley, Gettis, Buster Davis or Danario??

  11. who is the best option for this week?
    Meachem, Crayton, or Jacoby Jones

  12. The Vaporizers says:

    Oh yeah, and for the question about flex, my league is 1 PPR

  13. Wilsonian says:

    Assuming I don’t make a trade that I’ve stated above, would you drop Mike Williams (Sea) for Bush for the rest of the year? It’s a 0.5 PPR and we play 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 Flex W/R. Thanks.

  14. The Vaporizers says:

    @ wilsonian. I have Flacco, Cutler and Foster in one of my leagues and I would never agree to any of those trade offers.

  15. MrHappyTime says:

    Which Mike Williams do you like better this weekend?

  16. Mark says:

    James Jones or sydney rice for the rest of the season?

    Hernandez or Daniels?

  17. Wilsonian says:

    @The Vaporizers: that’s definitely a distinct possibility. I also targeted him because he has a collection of good RBs (Mendy, Turner, Foster). He told me he has man love for Mendy and wouldn’t trade him, but would consider one of the others (we’re both University of Illinois grads, so Mendy has a place in our hearts and he’s who I targetd first). I definitely thought he might turn anything for Foster down, simply because he doesn’t have Turner this week…and in turn, I may look into trying to pry Turner away from him.

    With our scoring in this league Rivers has 10 more points than Foster on the season, so point-wise, it’s not like I’m trying to shaft the guy.

  18. The Vaporizers says:

    @Wilsonian, the points he’d be gainiing from Flacco to Rivers is not going to be close to the amount of points he’d lose from going from Foster to someone on his bench. I think for the Flacco/Cutler owner, going with Fitzpatrick or Kitna this week is his best bet. I got Kitna since Fitz was picked up with the first waiver claim. UNLESS you guys play 2 RB’s and no flex. Then I’d probably pull that trigger.

  19. Wilsonian says:

    @The Vaporizers: very good points, and I definitely thought about that, too. Kitna and Fitz are still out there, but I was hoping on playing on his need, and just seeing Rivers’ numbers and pulling the trigger. I have considered offering Rivers and Best/Moreno for Foster to sweeten it, but then I almost feel like I’m overpaying.

  20. Wilsonian says:

    @The Vaporizers: oh, and we play 1 QB and have a W/R flex position.

  21. The Vaporizers says:

    @Wilsonian, yeah, its a tough one. How about seeing if you can do Ben and Moreno for Foster. That might work best for both of you.

  22. The Vaporizers says:

    Here is a trade I am trying to make,

    Trading Austin, Forte and Spiller

    To get Wayne and Charles.


  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @romosahomo: I’d go for it

    @Eric C.: It’s fair. I like SJax more than DJax, but if it fits for your team go for it.

    @Howard: He has been getting more work. He’s on my radar.

    @sos: Tough, I like Blount and Woodhead

    @Harley: Blount

    @The Vaporizers: Not loving the matchups there. Danario wasn’t used much last week because of soreness. If he practices I’m leaning him. But Shipley if not.

    @MrHappyTime: TB

    @Mark: Daniels and Jones

    @Chicago Mike: Meachem

    @Wilsonian: I’d probably stick with Williams

    @The Vaporizers: I like it for you.

    @Wilsonian:You can only try on those trades. I’d rather have Ben than the waiver wire guys so it’s worth a shot. I’d see how he values Best.

  24. Wilsonian says:

    @The Vaporizers: that’s not a bad idea. I might look into that. I would be more than happy to give him Ben and Moreno for Foster, hell, I’d probably do that for Turner, too.

  25. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: @The Vaporizers: sent an offer of Ben and Moreno for Foster with the caveat that I’d throw in Best for Moreno if he liked that better. I also said that Ben was better than anything on the wire, to try to play on that, as well.

    Thanks goes to both of you for the help.

  26. PaulPaul says:

    Very deep league where people snatch up every medicore back. Have Turner on bye this week and DeAngelo/SJax beat up. If one of them can’t go, insert Kevin Smith, Earnest Graham, Westbrook, or Fred Taylor if he plays? Is it even possible to get a score from one of these guys?

  27. Electric Sheep says:

    I have issues with my Tight End…

    Picked up Pettigrew to start this week on Celek’s bye. Would it be worth dropping Celek outright at this point for someone like Blount? Or should I pick up Todd Heap to stash as my TE going forward? I might actually need Blount this week though, as my other RBs are:

    McCoy (bye)
    B. Jackson

    Non-PPR, start 2 RBs (no flex).

  28. stumanji says:

    @PaulPaul: Yikes. I think Graham is the only guy of that list that even gets any touches. I think S-Jax should be ok though.

  29. KCC26 says:

    ok….very frustrating season thus far. 2-5 with the following roster:

    QB Roethlisberger
    RB Rice
    RB Charles
    WR Desean Jackson
    WR Fitzgerald
    WR Crabtree/Gaffney
    TE Gates
    Flex Ivory/Green-Ellis/Sproles

    Probably out of it already, but not giving up just yet (I need my fantasy sports!) Anyway, I was offered Andre Johnson straight up for Ray Rice. Doesnt make the most sense for my team in a vacuum, but with Rice and DeSean on bye this week and byes looming next week for Crabtree and Gaffney I was thinking it might make sense to do it and then maybe make another trade next week if need be. WHat do you think, make the deal in my sad state?

  30. stumanji says:

    I need a TE & Def this week, and don’t want to drop either of my current starters. Drop Spiller or Ivory?

  31. genghis chone says:

    PPR, point per 25 return yards, which two would you rather have for the rest of the year, Britt, V-Jax or Lee Evans? I am 6-1 and have a lot of depth at WR (AJ, Nicks, Harvin, Knox, TB Mike Williams), so I can afford to sit on someone for a while. Thanks!

  32. DDT says:

    V-Jax just dropped in my league. Add him and drop D. Brown?
    My WRs are: Megatron, Floyd, Bowe, Knox, and M. Williams (TB)
    My RBs are: AP, Foster, Forte, Beanie, PT, and D. Brown.
    We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, a WR/RB and a WR/TE Flex.
    Thinking V-Jax might be a great playoff add…thoughts?

  33. Jim Parkey says:

    Ranking question: Who would you rank higher this week: Rogers or Kitna?

    Moral question: The team I play this week has no active QB. Kitna’s easily the best QB on waivers. I have Rogers. I feel that if I pick up Kitna to block him at QB I at least need to start him. I don’t know the fantasy etiquette here though.

  34. Shippity says:

    @Jim Parkey: No need to start him and it’s not bad mannered, it’s just smart football. Blocking alone is a fine reason but you can always claim to having wanted the best backup if your starter goes down later thus year.

  35. Shippity says:

    @Wilsonian: if I’m in first place I’m more likely to take a goose egg at qb than downgrade my playoff starting lineup. You can always try an offer but a first place team should probably be on the 1 side if any 1 for 2+ trades and thinking mostly about weeks 14+. That said he might see Ben as an upgrade over flacco but flacco has thd nicer playoff schedule. I think it would be absolutely awful for Jim to trade down at rb though.

  36. Wilsonian says:

    @Shippity: true, I’ve definitely thought about all of this. It’s worth a shot in my eyes. We’ve been friends for 20 some odd years and were college roommates, as well, so I’m definitely not out to shaft him on any trade. I’m really not even assuming he makes the trade at all, but like I said, it’s worth a shot.

    Side note regarding our league’s standings. I’m currently first in points by about 76 points or so over the guy in third, and I’m in second. I’m up 140 points on the guy I’m trying to deal with, and he’s in first. I’m also dead friggin last in points against me. Last week I lost to the only team that I could lose to (basically because he had GB’s defense and had DeAngelo Hall at IDP, and I left DMC on the bench). That being said, if he takes a goose egg at QB this week, he’s got a fair to decent chance of being in 5th or 6th place with a loss this week. Plus he’s playing the guy who’s in third behind me.

    Just wanted to say that there are some intangibles to why this trade might make decent sense here.

  37. Ryan says:

    Who should I start? Blount or the Law Firm as a Forte bye week fill-in?

  38. Matt says:

    McCoy is on a bye so who should I start from this bunch?

    D. Brown, Lynch, Blount, or Greene

  39. Joel says:

    Doc, somebody just cut Brett Favre. Is he worthpicking up? If not injured, is he a qb 1 anymore or no?

  40. Harley says:

    @ Doc: Welker vs. Min or Steve Smith (Car) @ Stl this week? .5 ppr

  41. Hacienda says:

    Digging deep: Naanee (looks like he’s back this week) or Meachem in PPR?

  42. Nate says:

    Who do you like better in a PPR league for a bench player/occasional flex RB, Michael Bush or Donald Brown? I currently have Bush, but Brown is on waivers and I’m an Addai owner. The drop candidates are Bush, Woodhead, Blount and Spiller – all of whom I like to varying degrees, making me hesitant to pick up Brown in the first place.

  43. fyodor says:

    Doc, hey.

    Which two of these three WRs would you use this week: Harvin. Wallace, Britt?

    Thanks for your help, now and in the past.

  44. Matt Leinart says:

    My league gives .5 PPR and a point for every 5 carries. I have some depth and a week 9 bye crunch, so I tried to swing a deal. We play 2 RB, 3 WR and a flex. The pieces I have:

    RB: MJD, Bradshaw, Torain, Moreno, TJones
    WR: Megatron, Marshall, Wallace, Britt, TB Williams

    I offered any of my RBs (presumably MJD) + one of my 3 bottom WRs (probably Britt or Wallace) for some #1 RBs (Gore, AP, CJ2K, Rice, McCoy). I think all 5 owners would have gotten a significant boost at WR if they had made the deal, but all of them turned me down. I offered a fair value, didn’t I? You wouldn’t offer any more, would you?

  45. Mr. Incognito says:

    My team is on the ropes…Best players are Miles Austin, LeSean McCoy, Arian Foster…after that everyone sucks. Lost finley to injury. Mathews kind of blows. MSW is a total dud. Lance Moore is a #3. Not sure what to do.

    Got a trade offer of Mike Williams (seattle), Larry Fitzgerald, and Ronnie Brown for McCoy…Do I do it, or does my team just get decimated even more with that trade. Thanks for your help!

  46. Eric C. says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc. Just traded SJax/Flacco for Big Ben/Boldin instead. Boldin a better bet than Desean Jax?

  47. MJD Took A Knee says:

    12Team NonPPR

    J Stewart is available. I can only drop Lynch – Cutler – VJax.

    My RB: SJax – Hillis – Charles – Torain
    WR: AJ – Garcon – Colston

    Not sure if I should grab him if D Will only out a week or so.

  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt Leinart: Those were fair. I wouldn’t offer more.

    @fyodor: Harvin, Britt, but that is like Sophie’s Choice

    @Hacienda: Meachem

    @Nate: I’d drop bush for Brown

    @Harley: Smith

    @Joel: Probably not.

    @Ryan: Blount has more upside

    @Matt: Lynch

    @Jim Parkey: I agree with Shippity. Rogers.

    @DDT: Looks like you have the depth to do that.

    @genghis chone: Between Britt and VJax for me. Leaning Britt.

    @stumanji: Spiller

    @KCC26: I’d go for it. Agree it’s not the greatest, but you need to win now.

    @Electric Sheep: I’d grab Blount and see if Pettigrew can keep it up.

    @PaulPaul: Deangelo didn’t practice today. I think SJax will be ok. I would probably lean Graham.

  49. MrHappyTime says:

    Is it time to dump Ryan Matthews when there are guys like Brandon Jackson, Justin Forsett, Danny Woodhead, and Lagarrette Blount available? Which one if any would you guys pickup, or should I sit tight with Matthews?

  50. fyodor says:



    I checked witrh Sophie, and she said she’d avoid the whole megillah by
    playing CAR Steve Smith.

  51. Black Beard says:

    Hey Doc, which D do you like next week:

    Redskins @ DET
    Seahawks @ OAK
    Bucs @ ARI
    Pats v. MIN
    Rams v. CAR
    KC v. BUF


  52. Art Vandelay says:

    In a multiple QB league (so good ones are at a premium), would you buy low on Cutler right now?

  53. Doc

    Doc says:

    @fyodor: Sophie’s never wrong

    @Art Vandelay: I’d give it a shot. He still has a lot of upside. Last season he had some horrible games and then some monster games.

    @Black Beard: Tough, I’m leaning KC

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MrHappyTime: I’m holding for now because of his nice schedule.

  55. Drew Crew says:

    welker or crayton this week in ppr

  56. TDCC says:

    Who would you rather have in a PPR league here on out in the flex.
    Boldin or Bradshaw? And do you think Ronnie Brown can turn it around like he’s shown in the past?

  57. Rookie Season says:

    What are your thoughts on Tarvaris Jackson? I have a feeling Brett’s going to play.

  58. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Drew Crew: Welker

    @TDCC: Bradshaw. I like Brown to turn it around.

    @Rookie Season: He would have some nice weapons and could be worthwhile, but I agree that Favre will probably play.

  59. Rookie Season says:

    @Doc: You must really be having fun with the DEF this week. Earlier, you liked TB, now you like KC. One of these weeks, you should just say, “Listen, you’re on your own on this one.” :)

  60. Art Vandelay says:

    Rank the Romo Replacements! — Kitna, Sanchez, Fitzpatrick?

  61. Spartan Kratos says:

    Need to pick up a wideout. standard non ppr.
    Out of Greene, Wells, Felix or Blount who gets cut?
    I start 2 with Mendy and Mcfad. Figured i could lose one or possibly two to get some wr depth. Who gets cut or rank please.

    First time posting. Followed Razzball baseball and won my league. Razzball football kicks butt as well.


  62. G.O.B. says:

    I need a fill-in for Flacco this week. Who do you like better, Kitna, Stafford, Garrard, or VY?

  63. sal says:

    @Doc: Kitna or Staford??

  64. Chet "The Rocket" Steadman says:


    Hey, my #2 RB slot is this rotating shit-show of:
    Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Fred Jackson, Beanie Wells, and Ricky Williams

    Would you drop any of these guys for Donald Brown or LeGarrette Blount?

  65. Chet "The Rocket" Steadman says:

    I just noticed that BenJarvus, Hightower, and B Scott. Are available as well. Does that change things at all?

  66. friar says:

    Hey Doc,
    I took your trade advice yesterday and, after a bit of back and forth, I’m very close to pulling the trigger on giving up Flacco and Addai for McCoy (I’d still be starting Ben at QB with Vick as my backup, my RBs currently are DeAngelo, Torain, Addai, and BGE). This seems like a no-brainer since it helps my starting lineup so much, but I just wanted a second opinion before I signed off on it. Go for it?

  67. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Rookie Season: This week is especially painful for defenses.

    @Art Vandelay: Kitna, Sanchez, Fitz

    @Spartan Kratos: Cool, thanks for reading. I would cut Blount, then Jones, then Greene.

    @G.O.B.: It’s between Stafford and Kitna for me. I like Stafford for his upside, but he is a little riskier. I’m rolling with Kitna.

    @sal: Look up just a smidgen.

    @Chet “The Rocket” Steadman: I’d drop Ivory and Williams for both.

    @friar: I like it.

  68. yuppy says:

    L. blount or ricky williams

  69. Nick says:

    I’m starting donald brown this week at flex…is Hart going to be taking all carries, according to yahoo brown has been out of practice all week

  70. Doc

    Doc says:

    @yuppy: I like Blount, but he is a little riskier.

    @Nick: Since it’s a Monday night game they are on a different schedule. We should know more tomorrow.

  71. Shippity says:

    Love the McCoy side of this trade. And I would say that without knowing you have Big Ben. With Big Ben and Vick, this is a great opportunity.

  72. DANgerous says:

    so last week i pulled the trigger on a trade that sent me romo!!!, welker, matthews for foster, roy will, matt ryan….well that didnt work out so great…..not did i lose romo for most of the season, i also lost by 5 flipping points, due to the fact that i needed only 14 pts from romo to win!! anyways doc Im the guy w/ ap,rice, mendy. I just traded shanko for Dwilliams, pretty good if you ask me since I have Aherd sitting pretty at TE….anways my question to you is this pick 2

    percy, garcon, dwill, welker, holmes

    right now im sitting at percy & garcon

    also going to be riding the hand on stafford… praying for big things from him, at the moment trying to package matthews n holmes for big ben. thanks for all your help

  73. Matt Leinart says:

    Looking ahead to week 9 (I know it’s too early to say for sure, but if I make a FA grab now I might not need to use my waiver priority to pick up my bye week replacement.

    Cassel @ OAK or Sanchez @ Det?

    Oakland has been stingy in giving up passing yards and teams have run all over them. On the other hand, they’re among the league leaders with 14 passing TDs allowed.

    Detroit has given up a ton of yards through the air. They’ve been even worse against the run.

    Should I just flip a coin? Do you have a hunch about one guy or the other?


  74. If Moreno doesn’t get his full load of carries or is out agianst a stout SF Def. who would you fill in with? Michael Bush, Justin Forsett, Donald Brown, or Tolbert.

  75. stumanji says:

    Who to start: Bowe vs Buffalo or Colston vs Pit?

  76. Black Beard says:

    In a 2QB league with Garrard as my only option this week and Cutler on a bye (also have Ben)…trade Vincent Jackson for Ryan Fitzpatrick?

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