Welcome back to the RazzBlitz Podcast.  Zach and I were joined by Mike (Mayer) Maher and Justin Mason of Friends With Fantasy Benefits (and pretty much everywhere else).  Along with the who I mentioned above, this league features heavy hitters such as Chris Towers (CBS), Tim Heaney (ESPN, RotoWire), Mo Brewington (Eagleswire on USAToday), Andy Singleton (Fantrax), the boys from The Point After Show, among a few other real experts. This league is 16 teams and the roster features: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex, 1 D/ST, and 1 kicker. Before the Podcast, check out how the boys at Razzball fared…

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MB’s Team

That’s me, as you know. I was 14th in the draft order.  I goofed a little bit waiting until round 3 to grab my first wide receiver.  In a three receiver league, I feature Sammy Watkins, Larry Fitzgerald, and Kenny Britt at wide out.  I should have done better there but I’m happy to have Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi, and the Buccaneers backfield.  I took Matthew Stafford as my quarterback and I am thrilled about it, I think he will finish as a top 10 quarterback.  My favorite bench player is Mike Williams who I picked up in the second to last round.  My hope is that he hits the ground running.

Mike’s Team

Maher did a great job throughout the draft and he features Michael Thomas and Mark Ingram from the high-powered New Orleans offense.  He grabbed high upside guys like Isaiah Crowell, Tevin Coleman, and Allen Robinson.  Matt Ryan at quarterback will lead this very solid team.

I am pleased with how my team rounded out in Industry Duds and think I built a very balanced team that will compete. Normally, I like to build around better wide receivers and then supplement with running backs, but that just isn’t how the draft fell this time around. In a 16-team league, I guess that is to be expected. For me, I have to hope that Michael Thomas takes that next step forward that we are all expecting and that Allen Robinson continues to produce regardless of who is quarterback is. I do really like my running backs — Isaiah Crowell, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman as my top three and then Joe Williams and Devontae Booker later — in such a deep league and think that will help me. As we discussed on the podcast, I essentially punted week 5 and will have to scrape a team together that week as I have Matt Ryan, Michael Thomas, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Devontae Booker, Matt Bryant, AND the Denver DST on a bye that week.” – Mike

Zach’s Team

What I really like about Zach’s team is that he was able to scrounge up three starting running backs in a 16-team league while scooping up a top-tier wide receiver in the first round. I also think he found great value drafting Ben Roethlisberger as late as he did.  Depending on what happens with Cameron Meredith, he should be off to a very solid start.

“Heading into the draft, because it was a 16-team league, I knew that talent would dry up very quickly, so I wanted to get as many good players as I could at each position, instead of focusing more on depth or value players. At the 11th overall pick, I started out my draft by taking Jordy Nelson. On the bounce back, there weren’t too many “elite” or “near-elite” wideouts, so I took my first running back, Leonard Fournette. It was a little early for Fournette at 22nd overall, but he was the best back still on the board after a big run of backs in the 1st/2nd round. Again, keeping the same theme of best-available, I took Travis Kelce at 43rd overall. I may be the only person at Razzball who considers him the #1 TE in fantasy, but I’m okay with that, and at 43rd overall, I’m even more okay with him as my #1 TE. I then focused on getting some high-upside value WR picks with my next two selections (0.5 PPR, 3 WR league format). Those guys were Jamison Crowder and Cameron Meredith. Sure, they aren’t the best #2-3 WR’s in normal leagues, but I’m over the moon for them in 16-team leagues. I then took two very solid backs in the 6th and 7th round with Gore and Lacy, who I plan to use interchangeably in my #2 slot with Fournette as my first back. Then, I got a pretty nice steal in the 8th round at 118th overall with my QB, Ben Roethlisberger. For the rest of my team, I focused my selections on lottery picks, with C.J. Prosise, Jaron Brown, Zach Zenner, and Laquon Treadwell. I’m pretty happy with my team, but we’ll just have to see.” – Zach


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