It’s championship time and who better to bring you the lowdown? Well, there’s actually a lot of people you’d probably want instead. Jennifer Lawrence. Eva Green. Abraham Lincoln. You know, the greats. Oh, and for those of you wondering why I’m writing about the pod, I was actually on it for time, but technical difficulties rued the day, so MB and myself will try and launch our “special” conversation tomorrow. Hopefully. And when I use the word special, I use it in the same way McDonald’s says “special sauce”. I figured you’d want the context… Regardless, MB and Reid go over everything you need to know for Week 16, enjoy!

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Cram It
Cram It
5 years ago

Struggling with my flex: J-Stew, Jamaal Williams, Barber or Mike Davis.

I’m leaning J-Stew because I could see him at least getting in the endzone. J-Will has a tough matchup and no Rodgers. Davis looks good from what I’ve seen on the TV, but hasn’t done much in the boxscore. I’m currently leaning J-Stew. Anything anyone sees that I’m not, would be appreciated.