Welcome back to the RazzBlitz podcast! We are coming at you a day late, but it’s better late than never. But isn’t it better to never be late? The late bird never gets the worm, unless you can book Jay and Son! That’s exactly what I did. The bossman and Son rift about Week 4 and we actually don’t talk about politics! Considering that the Cheeto is trying to end the NFL one tweet at a time, I think this is quite the accomplishment.

We do a walk through of all of the upcoming action, I make a roster move LIVE ON AIR, and we talk about your trade questions that you asked in the comment sections of our posts! Son also let’s us know what is happening on the Basketball side of the site where RCL’s are open now. What are you waiting for, join or create one right now!

The Week 4 Preview RazzBlitz pod is after the jump!

  1. Jake says:

    Hey man you still feeling like Bucs D is safe ? Im trying to decide between Bucs, Tennesee, Chargers , Falcons or Ravens ? Thanks

    • MB

      Mb says:

      @Jake: glad you asked, NOPE! I can’t recommend them with both star LBs out. I’m rolling with Tennessee this week.

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