Razzballers, the NFL draft that we have been talking extensively about has come and gone and now we can actually analyze the picks. Who better to have on to talk about WRs than Reception Perception creator, Matt Harmon? (Harmon’s dog even makes a special appearance!)

Side note: When my stupid mouth says St. Thomas, I mean St. Brown (ugh)

After Harmon finishes his visit with us, Reid and myself dive into our teams’ drafts (the Bucs and Bills if you’re new here). We also quickly touch on West World before Reid talked about the new Avengers film. Enjoy!

  1. Saints says:

    Hay guys i really liked you pod.
    Are you going to publish some Dynasty rookie rankings ?
    My Dynasty Draft starts this weekend and im trying to sort my rankings but i think this year its tougher than ever after Barkley who is the clear cut Number 1

    • MB

      MB says:

      @Saints: hey there! Reid and myself are talking about putting some out by next week. Not sure when your pick is but my positional top 5 in order is…

      1. Barkley
      2. Ronald Jones II
      3. Derrius Guice
      4. Nick Chubb
      5 Sony Michel

      1. Calvin Ridley
      2. Christian Kirk
      3. D.J. Moore
      4. Anthony Miller
      5. Antonio Callaway

      1. Baker Mayfield
      2. Lamar Jackson
      3. Sam Darnold
      4. Josh Rosen
      5. Josh Allen

  2. Saints says:

    im picking 9th and 12 my top 3 RBs are looking the same way. But i would flip a coin between Guice and Jones… After that for me there are already guys like Freeman and Johnson in the discussion. My Favorite man crush is Bellage…
    For WR i have a really tough time you are really really high on Callaway in fantasy its probably not a bad idea to swing for the fences but i also really like Washington and Gallup are those your next guys or do you have some other guys next ?

    • Saints says:

      i forgot to mention Penny in the conversation as well

    • MB

      MB says:

      @Saints: @Saints: Gallup fell into the right situation but it’s a wait and see on the talent. I like Washington a lot more he’d be my number 6. Yeah I am high on Callaway but the sky is the limit if he keeps his nose clean. He’ll come in as a WR4 but Coleman struggles to stay healthy and if Callaway proves worthy I doubt Cleveland pays Gordon

  3. Saints says:

    Thanks for your help i got Penny and Chubb at 9 and 11 and im totally fine with it :)

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