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The highly anticipated inaugural RazzBowl playoffs are finally upon us! That’s right, we talkin’ bout playoffs! Our leader heading into the playoffs is Mike Beers of Rotoviz who jumped into the top spot with a powerful run to finish the regular season, lead by a three-headed monster of Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry

Beers is joined by another 89 members from our field of 180 industry participants—with a few lucky fans sprinkled in—advancing on into the playoffs. The top 3 teams from each league have advanced into the RazzBowl Championship Bracket (45 teams) while the 4-6 ranked teams in each league have advanced into the RazzBowl Wildcard Bracket (45 teams). The first round of the playoffs will last three weeks with the top 15 teams from the Championship Bracket moving on, plus the top 3 teams from the Wildcard Bracket jumping up into the Championship Bracket for round 2. If you’re crazy enough to get into these weeds, the full RazzBowl Playoff rules can be viewed here by clicking the “Prizes” link on the left side of the screen.  

The best ball portion of the competition is complete and now our competitors must choose their lineups manually moving forward. This is where we separate the men from the donkeys. The FAAB portion of the contest has also ended and rosters are now etched in stone thru the end of the playoffs in week 16. Since there were no new pickups this week, let’s take look at how some of the top RazzBowl adds from earlier in the season have fared:

Dare Ogunbowale – The Bucs #3 RB was the top add in the lone FAAB run prior to the season. A lot of us RazzBowlers fell for the Ogunbowale bait near the end of the preseason when Bruce Arians proclaimed Dare would have a role in this offense. Unfortunately, Dare has totaled -2 yards on 5 carries thru 9 weeks. You read that right, NEGATIVE TWO YARDS! We can safely mark this one down as a swing and a miss by the RazzBowl competitors.

Raheem Mostert – The top buy following week 1—added in 11 of 15 RazzBowl leagues—Mostert had two nice weeks before his fantasy value tanked like Enron stock back in 2001. Still, two nice weeks can make all the difference in a format like the RazzBowl where Team Donkey Teeth missed out on the Championship bracket by a measly 0.55 points. Give me my Mahomey back please!

Terry McLaurin – The second most popular buy following week 1—added in 9 of 15 RazzBowl leagues—Scurry Turry was a slam dunk for his believers. McLaurin is currently WR #20 in RazzBowl scoring (full PPR). But how will the scary one fair with rookie QB Dwayne Haskins now at the helm?

D.J. Chark – The third most popular buy following week 1—added in 7 of 15 RazzBowl leagues—Charknado was the crown jewel of RazzBowl adds this season. Nabbing the WR #9 for pennies via FAAB bidding is what RazzBowl championship dreams are made of. Has anyone else been waking up with wetness in areas that shouldn’t be wet? No, me neither.

Demarcus Robinson – The top buy following week 2—added in 12 of 15 RazzBowl leagues—DRob contributed double digit points in week 3 before ripping an Antonio Brown sized fart which was squishier than expected from weeks 4-9. Maybe there’s new hope for Robinson with my Mahomey returning but don’t hold your breath unless Antonio Brown’s in the room.

Auden Tate – Tate was a mid-season diamond in the rough for RazzBowlers. He was added in 3 of 15 RazzBowl leagues following week 5, then 8 more leagues following week 6 and then the final 4 RazzBowl leagues following week 7. I was skeptical of what Tate’s production might look like once A.J. Green returns but his outlook keeps improving with each negative Green health report. Apparently not receiving a long term contract makes guys much more injury prone. Go figure.

Ty Johnson – The top add following week 8 in the penultimate RazzBowl FAAB run—added in 8 of 15 RazzBowl leagues—Ty Johnson seemed like the logical fill in when Kerryon went down. Unfortunately, nobody has contributed much in the cursed Lions backfield and I wouldn’t count on that changing anytime soon. 

So what’s the moral of the story? Even in a relatively deep industry league, legit contributors can be found on the wire throughout the season. This year free agent wide receivers were much easier to add via FAAB (See: Chark, D.J. & McLaurin, Terry) than running backs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the norm in future RazzBowls. Speaking of future RazzBowls, don’t forget to sign up for RazzBowl 2020


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