We are now entering a creative Renascence, as I like to call it, in terms of our episode titles. You know, people tell me all the time “Jay, stop creating! You’re part of the zeitgeist that makes expression tantamount to the world on a metaphysical level” and my response is always: “wha?”. That being said, we’ve got the NFL Draft to talk about, and so naturally, we do! Matt and Zach arrived a bit tardy, so Tehol and I wax poetic about Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL and wonder if the AFC West has the potential to be the best division in football next season. Then the draft talk begins, and we close on a few notes on what we have planned for the preseason and some shows we’ll be watching and discussing in the mean time. And we also talk about Zach being either Jewish or Amish. For some reason. Blame Tehol. Enjoy!

Note: Oh, since you know a hallmark of our shows is the amazing #productionvalue, Matt and Tehol lost connection right before we plugged their Twitters. You can find Tehol here and Matt here

  1. Dimah says:

    Hey Jay,

    Maybe a bit early but what’s your take on expanding the discussion about these veteran RB’s that are trying to make an ‘Alamo’ sorta last stand. This year we got AP, Charles & Lynch who all seem to be out to prove that they still got it! Are these trust-worthy RB’s for fantasy value or just dinosaurs that will be fossilized in the first few games? There were some over-valued RB’s last year but this year this is just crazy diluted with RB’s at all levels of performance in my opinion for fantasy purposes. If you are drafting I think you can wait on an RB in round 3 or later and still get someone descent.


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dimah: Hey Dimah… it’s a tough question. There are situations like this I like more than others… but in the end, if we’re talking generally, I like them a lot, but at the right price. It almost has to be like you mentioned, where there’s a built-in discount. Otherwise, I’m happy to go in a different direction.

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