On this week’s episode, we have everything. Existential crisis. Crisisee? Crisises? Zach (or!) Matt create their own hazmat suit and makes sure the sounds are loud enough for the world to hear throughout the entire show. Zach does an amazing Tehol impersonation. We had a Jim Rome AND PFT Commenter name drop and this time, we only spend 25 minutes trying to end the show. In fact, I added a bonus “behind the scenes” listen of how even when we do end the show, the show just. Doesn’t. End. Ever. However, even with all of this, we find time to talk about Allen Robinson, Doug Martin, Julio Jones, Jordan Reed, other Fantasy Football playoff news… and how in the world Jeff Fisher received an extension. Spoiler Alert: We couldn’t figure it out. Enjoy the show! Now, with more bonus goodbye time where we don’t say goodbye!