The Master Standings can be found here. You can also find a link to them if you look a little to the left under the heading Razzball Commenter Leagues. There is an explanation of the scoring at the bottom of the standings.

Moffitt Divers (Cracklin’ Brats) are now the only unbeaten team after Poon Jab (Razzball Rebels) scored only 76 points in a loss to second place Sex Cannons. The Divers have now clinched a playoff spot, and lead the palindromic Never odd or eveN (Razzball Hippie League) by 426 points in the overall standings, while Poon Jab drops to 4th place behind King Daddy Crunch (Foosball RCL). Egregiousity (Automatic Second Down) has now scored the most points with 1152, fourteen more than Razzle Dazzle (Deez Razztastic Nuts). Hot Sauce (Cracklin` Brats), Sofa King Good (Real Classy League) , and BigDog-e-Style (Booty Hunters Unlimited) are next in points scored.

The top scoring teams for the week:
10. DJ Patty Bateman (Razzball Podcast League) 123.64
09. Team Rocket (Fantasy Razzball) 123.66
08. Sofa King Good (Real Classy League) 126.04
07. Tacos (Booty Hunters Unlimited) 136.26
06. SMOKE A BOWE (Hot Schmotatoes) 136.62
05. Hurricane Ditka (Roughing the Razzballs) 140.94
04. Bonzi (Necessary Roughness) 143.46
03. Mr. Marbles (Automatic Second Down) 147.18
02. Can of Corn (Razzles) 152.84

#1 FWG Herd (17 Razzles) 162.26

The Denver defense, Tony Gonzalez, and Calvin Johnson all handily beat their Yahoo projections to lead the Herd to an impressive total.

Player Opp Projected Actual
(Det – QB)
@Min 20.86 25.46
(TB – WR)
SD 10.39 5.90
(Phi – WR)
Dal 7.88 6.20
Calvin Johnson
(Det – WR)
@Min 13.53 24.70
(Sea – RB)
NYJ 15.69 19.10
Steven Jackson
(StL – RB)
@SF 6.89 18.70
Tony Gonzalez
(Atl – TE)
@NO 9.44 24.20
Matt Prater
(Den – K)
@Car 8.54 12.00
(Den – DEF)
@Car 8.56 26.00
Total     101.78 162.26

17 Razzles also featured the tightest game of the week as Team White fell for the 9th time, 54.46 – 53.80 to ELLO. Mr. Holdout (Razzball Podcast League) scored even fewer in a victory, winning with just 50.84. Wampa (Jelly Donuts) piled up 119.64 points, but lost to Playful Secrets by just over a point.

JB’s Random Commenter League is one of the tightest, with 3 teams tied with 6-4 records, followed by 5 teams at 5-5. Hot Schmotatoes has 3 teams at 7-3, and 5 teams with 5-5 records battling for the final playoff spot.

With the trade deadline tomorrow (Friday, Nov 16) at 11:59 pm PST, there have been 28 trades in the RCL. In one I missed in last week’s write-up, Andre Johnson (Hou – WR) was traded for Steven Jackson (StL – RB) in Cracklin’ Brats. This week in that same league, Wes Welker (NE – WR) + Owen Daniels (Hou – TE) were dealt for Darrius Heyward-Bey (Oak – WR) + Jamaal Charles (KC – RB). And in Mayor Quimby’s Militia, Dwayne Bowe (KC – WR) + Torrey Smith (Bal – WR) were traded for Pierre Thomas (NO – RB) + Danny Amendola (StL – WR).

Good luck in Week 11!

Nov. 9

  1. supra says:

    1st place keeper team: one 3-7 team really wants MJD from me. I’m looking towards playoffs and really like his matchups, but need a WR3 upgrade over A.Roberts/Washington. He keeps pushing DMC on me…

    If I give Mojo/A.Roberts(and a pick?)
    for Mathews/Wayne

    Good move for wk 13-16?

    Mojo/A.Roberts(and a pick?)
    for DMC/Wayne?

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @supra, I’m not really an expert. You might want to try asking Sky on his post from this morning. (I can’t even remember to click ‘reply.’)

      • supra says:

        @VinWins, ha, ok thanks

  2. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    I’m not really an expert. You might want to try asking Sky on his post from this morning.

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