The Master Standings can be found here. You can also find a link to them if you look a little to the left under the heading Razzball Commenter Leagues. There is an explanation of the scoring at the bottom of the standings.

Moffitt Divers (Cracklin’ Brats) stayed undefeated and atop the standings with another close victory, 107.30 – 105.98 over Hot Sauce. The Divers now lead second place King Daddy Crunch (Foosball RCL), who are 11 – 1, by 538 points. Six teams follow with 10 wins: Heisman (Roughing The Razzballs), Crimson Baboons (Fantasy Razzball), Planet 10 (Cracklin’ Brats), Hurricane Ditka (Roughing The Razzballs), Razzle Dazzle (Deez Razztastic Nuts), and The Defenestrators (Jump Suit Pursuit). Egregiousity (Automatic Second Down) has taken over the lead in points scored with 1342, just 0.68 ahead of Sofa King Good (Real Classy League).

The top scoring teams for the week:
10. Gator’s Bitches (Roughing the Razzballs) 128.72
09. The Fuzz (Jelly Donuts) 128.74
08. Can of Corn (Razzles) 131.02
07. Walnuts (Necessary Roughness) 132.12
06. Incrdbl Gastric Band (Mayor Quimby`s Militia) 134.04
05. Planet 10 (Cracklin` Brats) 136.44
04. The El Santos (You Said It Wouldn`t Get Weird) 139.14
03. The Pooperstars (Booty Hunters Unlimited) 140.72
02. Castrated Vaders 305 (Real Classy League) 144.28

#1 IAmTheOneWhoKnocks (Deez Razztastic Nuts) 148.56

For the second straight week the New England defense helped a team to the top of this list. Bryce Brown’s stellar Monday (even with 2 fumbles) and Detroit’s passing attack were also key.

(Det – QB)
Hou 19.64 26.34
Calvin Johnson
(Det – WR)
Hou 13.32 20.00
(TB – WR)
Atl 7.95 3.92
(Atl – WR)
@TB 8.59 20.70
Bryce Brown
(Phi – RB)
Car 9.97 26.90
Andre Brown
GB 7.98 12.40
Heath Miller
(Pit – TE)
@Cle 8.03 6.30
Greg Zuerlein
(StL – K)
@Ari 8.51 7.00
New England
(NE – DEF)
@NYJ 11.55 25.00
Total 95.54 148.56

The tightest game this week was in Roughing The Razzballs where top 10 team Hurricane Ditka edged the Cardinals 93.62 – 93.42. The Cards went into the Monday night game trailing by 7.2, but the Carolina defense scored just 7 for them. Cam Newton (37.44) and Brown helped Shirtless Gronkowski (Cracklin’ Brats) overcome a 51-point deficit on Monday to win. In Razzball Rebels I benched Cam for Andy Dalton, which cost me the game. In Razzball North, the Feverish Beavers picked up a victory while scoring only 75.92. The MT Moose Jockeys (Real Classy League) put up 122.54, but lost to the second highest scoring team of the week, the Castrated Vaders 305.

Just 2 weeks to go in the regular season, so good luck!