The Master Standings can be found here. You can also find a link to them in the drop-down menu above, under “Leagues.” There is an explanation of the scoring at the bottom of the standings.

Moffitt Divers (Cracklin’ Brats) suffered their first loss of the season, but managed to hold on to first place with 7,374 points. The only other 12-win team, King Daddy Crunch (Foosball RCL), is now just 25 points back. The Crimson Baboons (Fantasy Razzball) have scored the most points (1449.54) and sit in third place with 11 wins and 7,026 points. Four other teams also have 11 wins: Heisman (Roughing The Razzballs), Hurricane Ditka (Roughing The Razzballs), Planet 10 (Cracklin’ Brats), and The Defenestrators (Jump Suit Pursuit).

The top scoring teams for the week:

10. Minor Concussion (Hot Schmotatoes) 124.84
09. Trophy Keepers (Mayor Quimby`s Militia) 124.98
08. Always Shady in PHI (Jump Suit Pursuit) 125.2
07. Purple People Eaters (Razzball Rebels) 125.32
06. Fighting Irish inc. (Foosball RCL) 125.58
05. Walnuts (Necessary Roughness) 126.7
04. Horse Collars (17 Razzles) 130.18
03. throwpics&txtchicks (Razzball Hippie League) 131.5
02. Mr. Marbles (Automatic Second Down) 138.84

#1.     Tacos (Booty Hunters Unlimited) 138.92

Projected Actual
Tony Romo (Dal)
Phi 19.25 25.52
Calvin Johnson (Det)
Ind 14.55 23.10
Wes Welker (NE)
@Mia 11.01 16.30
WR @Buf 5.28 13.70
RB @GB 16.03 28.00
RB Cle 9.95 5.60
TE @KC 4.84 10.70
S. Janikowski (Oak)
Cle 9.60 7.00
TB 8.06 9.00
Total     98.57 138.92

The Crazy SOB’s fell to Tacos despite scoring 116 points, while Planet 10 won with just 67.40. In the closest game of the week, Tennessee Mash edged the Vincibles 94.04 – 93.64 in Razzball Rebels.

With one week to go in the regular season, many playoff berths are still up for grabs. In Deez Razztastic Nuts, IAmTheOneWhoKnocks battles Minka’s HS BF in a head-to-head battle for the 4th and final spot. It’s the same situation in Hot Schmotatoes, where the winner of Da Bearsss and The CamBurglar makes the playoffs, while the loser is on the outside looking in. Two leagues, Mayor Quimby’s Militia and Booty Hunters Unlimited, each have 5 teams with 7-6 records battling for the final 2 playoff  positions. Good luck to all in the quest for the playoffs!