The Master Standings can be found here. You can also find a link to them in the drop-down menu above, under “Leagues.” There is an explanation of the scoring at the bottom of the standings. Moffitt Divers (Cracklin’ Brats) continue to set the pace with 8,373 points after their semifinal win. Crimson Baboons (Fantasy Razzball), Hurricane Ditka (Roughing The Razzballs), King Daddy Crunch (Foosball RCL), and The Defenestrators (Jump Suit Pursuit) round out the top 5.

Semifinal results: Eight 4th place teams and 10 third place teams made it to the finals, including 4 leagues where they both won. In 7 times of the 21 leagues, the top 2 teams advanced. Drew Brees led 8 teams into the final, while Matt Ryan was on 6 winners. Josh Freeman won 4 times despite scoring under 6 points. Other QBs to win multiple semifinals: Tom Brady (5), Aaron Rodgers (4), Andy Dalton (3), Colin Kaepernick (2), Cam Newton (2), Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck (2). Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, and Michael Vick each won 1.

Razzball Rebels

The Sex Cannons knocked off first place Poon Jab by seven and a half points in a low-scoring game. Eric Decker (19.3) was the star for the Cannons, while the Ravens’ duo of Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice totaled just 4.1 for PJ. A particularly disappointing end for a team that started the season with 9 straight wins.

Second place Gavros had no trouble in the other matchup, blasting Luck At Me Now 120 – 69. Adrian Peterson (27.2), Tom Brady (26.8), and Andre Johnson (21.1) all put up outstanding totals in the blowout.

Razzball North

No upsets here as the top 2 teams advanced to the final. League leader Perturbed Manwiches had no trouble with the 7-7 Shiva Blast, winning 97-67. The Bengal defense (23) and Brandon Lloyd (19) provided the big numbers for the Manwiches.

Colin Kaepernick’s fine outing (26.44) paced Han Shot First to an 8-point win over my Saskatchewan team. Alfred Morris (21.3) and the Seattle defense (16) were also key.

Cracklin’ Brats

The overall RCL leaders, Moffitt Divers, pounded Honky Tonk Gronks 99-67 despite scoring just 11 points from the wide receiver position. 34 points from the kicker (Shayne Graham – 18) and defense (Seattle – 16) were too much to overcome.

Third place Hot Sauce knocked off the 12-2 Planet 10 in a high-scoring battle, 131-124. The Cincinnati defense, Peterson, and Drew Brees (29.38) paced the victors, making up for Doug Martin’s 3.5-point effort.

JB’s Random Commenter League

First place ABradyInTheStreets edged Donkey Ndamukong 105.72 – 102.1 as their namesake, Tom Brady, led the way. Knowshon Moreno (18.6) and Marshawn Lynch (18.7) chipped in nicely at the running back position.

VAGABOND DWARVES crushed Dos Lobos Hermanos 92 – 63 in a battle of 8-6 teams. Julio Jones (21.2) and the Seahawks’ defense were the difference makers.

Deez Razztastic Nuts

The top teams advanced to the championship game behind fine QB performances. Razzle Dazzle edged Minka’s HS BF 85.58 – 82.94 with Drew Brees leading the way, while Aaron Rodgers (24.94) helped the Bandits take out Shake and Bake, 131 – 113. Eric Decker and the Houston defense (16) also had big games.

Razzball Podcast League

Once again the Bengals’ defense helped push a team into the final as first place Pensacola HotPockets edged Gravity Well 109 – 104. Michael Crabtree added 22.7 points to the total.

Third place Chronic Gronkitis won the other matchup, defeating DJ Patty Bateman 119 – 102. Brady, Peterson, and the Texans`defense powered the upset.

Razzball Hippie League

In the tightest match of the week, first place throwpics&txtchicks squeaked by the Florida Snow Crabs 63.64 – 63.44. The Crabs will forever rue the decision to start the Cleveland defense (0 points), and leave Arizona (26 on the bench.

Second place Never odd or eveN had a bit easier time of it, knocking off Nose Hill Gentlemen 86 – 78 behind Frank Gore`s 17.7-point effort.

Jelly Donuts RCL

Wampa knocked off the first place Playful Secrets, who were riding an eight game winning streak, 122 – 105. Matt Ryan (22.7) and Adrian Peterson paced Wampa to victory.

A pair of 9-5 teams had a tough battle in the second semifinal as KevinGregg’sGoggles edged Irresponsible Farce 110.88 – 109.94. After a couple of sub-par efforts, Drew Brees came through for KGG in the big game.

Jump Suit Pursuit

Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson helped keep The Defenestrators in the running for the overall title after a 108 – 90 win over BSide. Second place Mustachios also won, 140 – 120 over 4th and Inches. Aaron Rodgers, Michael Crabtree, Alfred Morris, and the Atlanta defense all made key contributions.

Fantasy Razzball

The top 2 teams, the Crimson Baboons and Team Rocket, advanced to the final. The Baboons picked up their 11th consecutive win, downing Scent of a Mustache 105 – 85. A big game from Stevie Johnson (17.5) combined with the excellent Drew Brees`effort was the difference. 45 points from running backs Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson sent Team Rocket to a 98  – 84 victory over the Upset Special.

Foosball RCL

Brees, Crabtree, and Shayne Graham starred as King Daddy Crunch beat the Butte Marauders 120 – 95 to stay in the top 5 overall. Second place Shide’s the Limit fell to Mike Vick’s Comeback 86 – 82 after getting just 3 total points from Reggie Wayne and Roddy White in the other game.


The top 2 teams lost close battles to set up a final featuring 3rd vs 4th. The Steel Reserves trailed first place Devin the Mol-Hester going into the Monday night game, but Chris Johnson outscored Shonn Greene 18.2 – 6.9 to send them to a five-and-a-half point victory.

The Blitzburg Creepers overcame lackluster efforts from Peyton Manning (12.16) and Ray Rice (4.1) to edge Amish Mafia 100.56 – 98.84. Eric Decker was their top scorer.

Mayor Quimby’s Militia

The top 2 teams sailed into the final with easy wins. Retard Strength blasted The Playbook of Eli 100 – 69 thanks to 44 points from the Falcons`Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. And that was the close game. Incrdbl Gastric Band throttled The Reaper 138 – 73 as Randall Cobb`s 9.5 points was their lowest total.

Hot Schmotatoes

First place Minor Concussion moved on despite leaving their Defense slot empty, edging Da Bearsss 107.8 – 99.5. Heath Miller (15.2) and Eric Decker led the way. Third place St. Larry Csonka won 97 – 71 as MyDick is aHightower`s Eli Manning, Roddy White, and Ray Rice totaled a mere 10 points.

Automatic Second Down

The 11-3 On The Third Hand, after scoring 156 points last week, managed just 80 this week, and fell to Grey’s Mustache by over 50 points. Besides Drew Brees`29 points, the Mustache collected 20 from their kicker, Sebastian Janikowski.

Second place Egregiousity had no trouble with Frozen Banana, winning 120 – 94. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Alfred Morris all topped 20 points.

You Said It Wouldn’t Get Weird

It got weird as third and 4th place teams advanced to the final. Well, it wasn’t all that weird, as both Echo Park Loons and Juicebox Heroes had scored more points than the top 2 teams in the regular season. The Loons knocked off Taltos 85 – 63 behind Matt Ryan, while the first place Vultures fell to the Heroes, 102 – 75. Tom Brady and Chris Johnson were the top scorers in that game.

Necessary Roughness

The top 2 teams fell in Necessary Roughness as well. Fourth place Walnuts eliminated Fighting Philips 113 – 88, led by Knowshon Moreno, Shayne Graham, and the Cincinnati defense. They had been the top-scoring team in the league during the regular season, so perhaps justice was served.

Bonzi crushed Yo Soy Fiesta 96 – 67 in the second matchup as the dynamic running back duo of Rice and Martin were held to 7.6 points.

Roughing the Razzballs

Number 3 overall Hurricane Ditka beat Dread Pirate Roberts 127 – 112 as they chase the RCL Championship. Adrian Peterson, Matt Ryan, and the Seattle defense were their top players. Third place Brady316 knocked off the 11-3 Heisman 106 – 92 as Eli Manning doomed another team.

17 Razzles

Two 9-5 teams knocked off 10-4 teams to set up another 3 vs 4 final. Horse Collars fell to RambleOn by 47.5 points, despite averaging 10 more points per week during the regular season. Kaepernick, Julio Jones, Crabtree, and Morris all had big games when it counted most.

Jets Dynasty played like their namesake, scoring just 50.54 points in the loss to the Fighting Texans, who managed 65.8 despite having Michael Vick in the QB slot.

Real Classy League

The top 2 teams, who were easily the top-scoring teams in the regular season, will meet in the final after each securing 13-point wins in the semis. Castrated Vaders 305 defeated MT Moose Jockeys 102 – 89 with Brees and Peterson doing the major damage, while Sofa King Good beat Dutch Ovens 105 – 92 thanks to Matt Ryan outpointing Eli Manning.

Booty Hunters Unlimited

Dez Dispenser knocked out 11-3 Early Cuyler, another team that unfortunately left the Arizona defense on the bench, 97 – 86. Of course, if Ray Rice and Roddy White had scored like they were supposed to, that wouldn`t have mattered.

The New England pair of Brady and Hernandez helped The Pooperstars avoid a similar upset as they edged Tacos 88.12 – 84.56 in the second semifinal.