The Master Standings can be found here. You can also find a link to them if you look a little to the left under the heading Razzball Commenter Leagues. There is an explanation of the scoring at the bottom of the standings.

Razzle Dazzle (Deez Razztastic Nuts) fell from the ranks of the undefeated, leaving the Moffitt Divers (Cracklin’ Brats) to take over top spot with 4794 points, 50 ahead of the only other 8-0 team, Poon Jab (Razzball Rebels). Razzle Dazzle continues to lead in points scored with 950, followed by Egregiousity (Automatic Second Down) at 927. Hot Sauce (Cracklin` Brats), Sofa King Good (Real Classy League), Heisman (Roughing the Razzballs), Shake and Bake (Deez Razztastic Nuts), Retard Strength (Mayor Quimby’s Militia), Fighting Texans (17 Razzles), BigDog-e-Style (Booty Hunters Unlimited), and Nasser (You Said It Wouldn`t Get Weird) round out the top 10 in points scored.

The top scoring teams for the week:
10. Always Shady in PHI (Jump Suit Pursuit) 124.98
09. The Reaper (Mayor Quimby`s Militia) 125.08
08. You Cam Do It! (You Said It Wouldn`t Get Weird) 125.48
07. Playful Secrets (Jelly Donuts) 126.98
06. Crazy SOB’s (Booty Hunters Unlimited) 127.02
05. Echo Park Loons (You Said It Wouldn`t Get Weird) 128.58
04. Crimson Baboons (Fantasy Razzball) 128.62
03. Sofa King Good (Real Classy League) 128.88
02. ClubhouseGM (Roughing the Razzballs) 130.28

#1: Dread Pirate Roberts (Roughing the Razzballs) 133.02

Doug Martin’s amazing 214-yard, 2-touchdown game, plus the Giants’ kicker and defense put Dread Pirate Roberts on top in Week 8.

Opp Projected Actual
(NO – QB)
@Den 21.12 15.72
(GB – WR)
Jac 9.90 8.80
(Den – WR)
NO 10.59 16.30
James Jones
(GB – WR)
Jac 10.19 7.80
(TB – RB)
@Min 7.96 33.40
Mikel LeShoure
(Det – RB)
Sea 9.87 5.50
(Ten – TE)
Ind 4.65 4.50
Lawrence Tynes
(NYG – K)
@Dal 8.04 19.00
New York
@Dal 8.99 22.00
Total     91.31 133.02

Crooked Sheriff (Foosball RCL) won with just 72.34 points, while Team Krump (Mayor Quimby`s Militia) lost despite scoring 119.66. BSide (Jump Suit Pursuit), moved into a tie for first place, squeaking out a 78.72 – 78.18 win over Beerman34. Razzball Rebels also featured a tight contest as Gavros edged Luck At Me Now by 0.58 points.

The top 2 teams in Necessary Roughness completed the 23rd trade Wednesday, as Fighting Philips dealt Mikel LeShoure (Det – RB) to Playmakers for Greg Jennings (GB – WR).

Good luck in Week 9!

  1. mgeoffriau

    Mark Geoffriau says:

    Really proud to have done my part to boost the Moffitt Divers to the top spot.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Mark Geoffriau, And, I’m sure they appreciate it.

  2. Moose Jockey says:

    I’m going to play Sofa King Good this week….uh, get it?

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