2013 RCL FootballAnother week of RCL action has concluded, and I finally bought an RCL win!  Brutal stretches of 0-3 in the Writers League and my RCL league had me singin’ da blues, but my Writers League squad has me back on track, at least somewhere in life…  While I won’t be in the RCL crown contention, if I finish near the top of the overall standings with a squad, I’ll be content.  Satiated.  Appeased.  You can check out the full interactive 2013-2014 RCL Standings tab up under “Leagues” that shows you how you’re stacking up against your Razzball competitors in your journey to RCL glory.

RCL Top ScorerTOP SCORER: Well congratulations…  RCL’s version of the evil empire in Gtoxitis decided he wanted to get the top score this week, and lead my article and wrap-up to absolutely ruin my week.  You’ve ruined Thanksgiving!  I hope you’re proud… With 194.42 points led by Jamaal Charles and Flash Gordon, we must all hail Gtox our week 12 winner.  The win moves em to 10-2 and atop The Shadynastys looking like a lock for the #1 playoff spot.  In all seriousness, congrats to Gtox and their big win!

Razzball Writers League – So I didn’t want to mention in the open, because well, I’m not that mean.  But Sky?!  What in the name of David Blaine happened to ya this week?!  Only 42.28 points for our overlord, with a team of busts helping me to a lucky victory.  I move to 9-3 and secure my first playoff spot in any league this year, second to Guru and his 9-3 Dirty Turbans.  Tehol’s God ForgivesI Don’t squad led us in scoring, as we were more shocked he actually remembered to take out his guys on bye.

JB’s Random Commenter League – I had a solid week going and thought I was in line for a W, but Stevan Ridley fumbled his way into the negative and The Green Bastards got a nothing but luck 12 point victory.  The Hannover Hotspurs led us in scoring with 153, while also securing the top spot at 9-3.

Take On Jaywrong – Yescheese got the second-highest total in the league this week moving them to 10-2 after being the only 9-0 team, while Bob Guatemala, Yescheese’s streak killer, topped the league this week with just under 160 points to move into a very competitive #2 spot at 9-3.  Those two look to duke it out for the title.

Take On Jaywrong 2 – An abosolute shocker from The Big Tebowski, who came into the week 1-10 and left it with the second-highest RCL total this week of 188.06.  Even with a Kicker in there on bye, Flash and Cam led Big T to a 100+ point win.  With a win over JayWrong’s Sisqo’s Other Hits, the Pipe Hitters move to 10-2 to top the league.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Wheeden – Huge week from the Dixie Chickens who put up a full basket of 187 points led by Flash Gordon.  Big win for the Dixie as they move to 8-4 while beating King Daddy Crunch who moves to 9-3, but still maintains the top spot.

Razzball Rebels – Scoring was led by Poon Jab, who also leads the standings at 9-3 and clinched a playoff berth.  That’s the last thing I want to think of, a “berth”, when I hear the name Poon Jab…

Monday Morning QB’s – Another big win for the kitchen stinks, with 180 points leading the league and moving them to 9-3 and sole possession of first place.

Rancho Rajneesh – Mega Gronk SMASH! with another impressive victory, leading them to the #2 spot in RCL standings at 10-1.  Overall RCL leader ReadOptionForDummies eked out a victory, unable to top 100 points this week, but was in the right matchup.  If one of these two teams wins the league title, they’re looking like a front-runner for the RCL title.

Murphatron’s RCL – The splendid squad of bhuck’s Fine Team topped the scoring this week in Murph’s league, with 170 points nearly getting him a 100-point victory.  Bhuck moves to 6-6 while the Feverish Beavers are in a three-way 8-4 tie, but top the league with the most points.

The Shituation Room – Congrats to Heisenberg with 154 points, breaking them bad as the top scorer.  That was the best pun I had right there, OK?!  The win gets them to 7-5, with an uphill climb to become the kingpin of the league.  With another W this week, Surely You Jets moves to 8-4 and sole possession of first place in the standings.

Hernandez Hit Men – While not on the court, the Golden Tate Warriors took top honors in scoring, moving them to 4-8.  You need Klay Thompson!  Caballo suffered a tough loss this week, but maintains a stranglehold on first place in a two-way 8-4 tie with big points on the season.

Pabst & Razz – Another huge victory for Charles Barkley’s Turrible, who topped the league in scoring and moves to 10-2 with a clinched playoff spot.  Flash Gordon and Cam will look to bring Turrible to the promised land…

A League of RCL Thrones – Weeping for Julio narrowly edged out top scoring in the league with 136 points, as  CreanNCrimson’s Team suffered a heartbreaking loss to Joker’s B R O K E N, moving them down to 10-2.  Crean still is the class of the league, but still a tough loss for a big RCL contender.

RCLBBWSVU – The Blazing Americans out of nowhere with the highest-scoring week, getting them to .500 at 6-6.  I was cheering for you Sheriff McRawDawg!  Stupid Anal C… Not even a backwater Burmese clinic would want to treat you…

My Wife Frowns Upon This – 150 points from Razzball Commenter favorite One I’d Willy got them top scoring honors, and moved them to 10-2 on the season and two games ahead of the field.  “This league is Willy’s!”

Cracklin’ Brats RCL – OVER THE HILL put up 160 to get BEB under the hill, and moves OVER to 8-4 on the season.  OVER needed the big week, as they are suddenly 5 points out of first behind the 8-4 Planet 10 squad.  Should be a fun finish for playoff seeding.

Bobby Boucher’s Water Bottle – A dominant week from the CowTown Russellers, putting up 182 led by a Flash Gordon, Knowshon, Jamaal Charles combo.  Imagine if you didn’t get the 0 from J-Crotch and the negative from KC’s D!  Cowtown moves to 8-4 and third place, while Dougie Fresh’s Team picked up another W to move to an elite 11-1 record.

The Podcast Kingdom – New top scorer (I think!) Finish Honor Faith put up 164, but it only moves them to 5-7 in a tough season.  A big 40-point win from The Triple C’s gets them to 11-1 with a boatload of points to near the top of the overall RCL standings.  Triple C it up!

Nick’s Bad JB Impersonation – Dude, Always Shady in PHI is on an absolute tear, putting up an impressive 172 points this week to lead the league, and capping off a 9-game win streak.  Plus I love the team name and logo.  The absolute antithesis to Anal C’s team…  Shady moves to 9-3 and second place, chasing down Pops’s Perfect Team with the same record and only 10 points behind.  From going 0-3 to being the top seed.  As KG would say, “Anything is possible!”

Any Given Sunday – No matter how many anitbiotics you take, nothing will kill a Stafford Infection, who put up 157 points this week to top the league and tops the standings at 9-3.  I think Stafford might need some of your winning infection in real life after losing to the Bucs!

Booty Hunters Unlimited – Big week from Suck for Luck, with 170 points to top the league and they also top the standings at 9-3.  So many top teams also scoring the highest!  Big week from the best RCL teams…

The Razzbro League – That Guru and his Scotch Fueled Guru team remains unstoppable at 8-4 and first place, while also topping the league in scoring with a scotch-fueled 165 points.  Guru is killing the RCLs!  I am going to get ya in the Writer’s League though.

Razzball Experts League – Chad Scott – DLF topped the friends of Razzball ‘perts league, putting up 163.  The Rushmore Beekeepers took down Sky in another tough Sky-loss, to move to 10-2 and top the league.

One More RCL – It was surely Straight Cash Homiez who dealt out a straight cash win with 166 points, but they move to only 5-7 on the year.  Kobayashi Maru locked in another 9-3 victory and locked up a playoff spot.


Shoot your RCL smack talk below and thanks again for joining the RCL Football Leagues this year. Good luck in week 13, be it not unlucky!

  1. Gtoxitis says:

    so sorry JB that perhaps I ruined your Thanksgiving by being the top scorer out of 300 teams in your esteemed leagues, but u should know that since I was born on Thanksgiving day, I have special rights to thence excel @everyone else’s expence. I only regret that ur not in my league, facing me on my penultimate day and experiencing my wrath and victory. And just remember, I am doing this with a sole team in RCL, unlike your multitudes – you’re bound to luck out somehow/sometime. Whereas I am fated to luck out w/only one iteration – I mean skill-out, as we all know that this is all purely skill. LOL

    • Gtoxitis says:

      @Gtoxitis: jeez, forget to sign off: gobble-gobble

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Gtoxitis: Haha my vast entires of RCL teams… two… Haha. You’re losing in first round of playoffs. Gobble on that!

      • @JB Gilpin: now I’m tied with that ass-hole at 7-5!! and I’ve gotta battle to stay in 4th! I’m having nightmares! I’ve seen that avatar way too much! HELP ME JB!! PLEASE MAKE RODGERS, JULIUS AND DMC BETTER. AND SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF AMENDOLA!

  2. yeshcheese says:

    I’m back with Smack! Glad one of your teams is recovering for a playoff berth JB. Just in time to disappoint!!

  3. yeshcheese says:

    I’m back with Smack! Glad one of your teams is recovering for a playoff berth JB. Just in time to disappoint!!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @yeshcheese: Yeah everything RCL has been disappointing.. including no undefeated teams!!!!!!!!!!

  4. anthony says:

    @jb gilpin: league 1 vereen or piere thomas rb3 ?
    kendall wright or bowe wr3 ?

    league 2
    alshon jeffery michael floyd emmanuel sanders dwayne bowe ?
    pick 2 out of 4 listed

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