2013 RCL Football Another week of RCL action is in the books!  And whilst my teams fall apart faster than a Jenga tower at a vertigo clinic, the RCL title is wide open!  You can check out the full interactive 2013-2014 RCL Standings tab up under “Leagues” that shows you how you’re stacking up against your Razzball competitors in your journey to RCL glory.


RCL Top ScorerTOP SCORER: The talk of the Cowtown!  RCL top scorer this week went to the Cowtown Russellers, who racked up 207.16 points in the Bobby Boucher’s Water Bottle league as a statement win to close out their regular season heading into a #2 playoff seed.  Huge games from Josh Gordon, Jamaal Charles, Charles Clay, and the utter special teams beat down KC put up on the Washington football squad moved Cowtown to 10-4 and the most points in the league.  Cowtown will need to beat the Gridiron Gangastas to get into the league finals, while #1 seed Dougie Fresh’s Team is heading into the playoffs off a sub-100 point week and a loss.  They’ll need to turn it around against the D-Town Stompers to meet the winner of Cowtown and Gridiron.  Good luck in your semi round, and congrats again to Cowtown!

Razzball Writers League – I was the lowest scoring team this week and now lost Adrian Peterson.  This has been the worst football season in memory, capped off by my Panthers getting destroyed on Sunday night.  Ugh.  Still, I get a #3 seed vs. the Reign Maker$ while Guru’s The Dirty Turbans still gets a one seed after a very improbable tie last week.

JB’s Random Commenter League – The Hannover Hotspurs secured the #1 seed, and will look to top Aaron’s Murder Boner for the finals.  Aaron has the most points in the league, so it’s anyone’s game.

Take On Jaywrong – An absolutely huge week from Bob Guatemala, who had an RCL-elite 200 point game with 205.14 points to put a huge statement on their dominating 11-3 season.  With a ridiculous 2171 total points, Bob G is easily the favorite for the league crown but will have to get by my favorite Game of Thrones character Jagen H’ghar to get to the championship.  I’m cheering for you Jagen!  Surprise us all!

Take On Jaywrong 2 – Despite a tough loss heading into the postseason, the Pipe Hittahs get a #1 seed at 11-3 and have by far the most points in the league looking for an RCL title.  They’ll need to take down our own JayWrong and his Sisqo’s Other Hits to get to the finals.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Wheeden – Big statement win for King Daddy Crunch, who led the league with 181 points to secure the top seed for the playoffs.  It’ll be up to Stan Gable to keep them from the championship.

Razzball Rebels – Poon Jab has been absolutely dominant in this league, topping 2,000 total points and a 11-3 #1 seed.  The White Broncos are no easy foe – they had an RCL overall top scoring game – and should really give it to Poon.

Monday Morning QB’s – Sitting in first for the majority of the second half, the kitchen stinks secured the 1 seed at 11-3.  They’ll need some big point totals to contend for the RCL crown, so look for them to play some upside line-ups and hope to crush the postseason.

Rancho Rajneesh – Just to be transparent, two top RCL teams have a little bit of controversy as this league was set up improperly for the postseason.  I contacted the manager and we have to determine how to score a playoff bye week.  The league champion should be either ReadOptionForDummies or Mega Gronk SMASH! given their huge seasons, but bye weeks don’t fit the scoring formula which is why Yahoo Default was how we set up playoffs.  Contact your commish to see if he can fix!

Murphatron’s RCL – This was the other league with a 6 team playoff, causing a scoring issue.  I hit you up Murph to fix!  The #1 seed Feverish Beavers look like a lock to pick up the league crown as they’ve been feverish all year.

The Shituation Room – Pops’s Team comes into the playoffs off the highest-scoring week getting a 2nd seed.  michael’s Bold Team snuck into the #1 seed in this very tight league, with the top 6 teams finishing 8-6.  So much parity!  Should be a great playoff.

Hernandez Hit Men – The boys at Caballo locked up the #1 seed with another win last week, finishing 10-4 with the most points.  Looking like the team to beat!  They’ll have to take down scott’s Team to move into the finals.

Pabst & Razz – Razzball Rampage stormed into a #3 seed with a big 181 points this past week, and will take on Gravity Well for a shot at the finals.  I love how team Turrible with another win this week finishes the regular season with 2000.02 points.  CJ2K!

A League of RCL Thrones – The very tough CreanNCrimson’s Team marched into a 12-2 record, taking the top seed heading into the semis.  They’ll face a stiff test against The Hound, who no one wants to fight in any sort of elimination battle.

RCLBBWSVU – The entire world will be cheering for the #2 seed Defenstrators, to finally knock Anal C out of any sort of contention.  Being able to not look at your league will be conquest enough in this football season!  Know Joique took home the #1 seed, and will face the Defenstrators in the finals if they can get past Team Vigilante.

My Wife Frowns Upon This – One of my all-time favorite commenter names One I’d Willy had the most points this week as a statement win in their 12-2 regular season, locking down the #1 seed for a title run and RCL champion push.  I’m cheerin’ for ya Willy!  He’ll have to weather the storm from Hurricane Ditka to move into the championship.

Cracklin’ Brats RCL – Always tough to head into the playoffs after a loss, but the aliens from Planet 10 locked down the #1 seed despite a week 14 loss, and will face off against the Nefarious Bandits in the semis.

The Podcast Kingdom – One of the RCL elites, the Triple C’s won yet again to move to 13-1 with an obvious #1 seed.  With 2,045 points scored, the C’s have been all over it.  Kudos to Will & The Pirates, my good friends, making the #4 seed and hopefully dark horse their way into the finals.  Rooting for ya Pirates!

Nick’s Bad JB Impersonation – I am still enamored with the season Always Shady in PHI put together.  Putting up a humungous 2100 points this year, they started 0-3 only to win 11 straight and get the #1 seed in the playoffs.  Well done!  They’ll have to take down Blounts and Fortes to move into the finals, but they’ve got the hottest RCL win streak to back them up.

Any Given Sunday – Commissioner Gordon got a big win to top off their regular season run, going 11-3 with an RCL elite 2,000+ point regular season.  They’ll be against its a sorgi orgy to move into the finals and push for an RCL overall title.

Booty Hunters Unlimited – They just didn’t suck enough… Suck for Luck rounded out their 11-3 regular season with 2,021 total points for the top seed heading into the Booty playoffs.  John Wayne Hernandez will try to pull off the upset to get into the finals.

The Razzbro League – Finishing 10-4, those cuddly 21 Grahams finished 10-4 and two games ahead of the field for a clear-cut #1 seed.  They’ll need to get past Jiggy Nits Don’t Quit (or speak English, apparently) to get into the championship.

The Shadynastys – A statement win from one of the hottest RCL contenders, Gtoxitis has proven he’s not just annoying, but good at fantasy football!  I am just the first one… Congrats on a 1 seed and regular season championship Gtox, but the RCL community is backing Wasting Time as an underdog.  You are America’s team, Wasting Time!  Don’t let us down!

Razzball Experts League – The very tough 12-2 Rushmore Beekepers take home the #1 seed in the perts league, and will be up against Kilroy @FFKilroy76 for the spot in the finals.  Sky had a tough year as well, me and you have some consolation brackets to analyze!

One More RCL – A rough loss to end the season, but league leader Kobayashi Maru held off the field for a #1 seed finishing 10-4.  They’ll have to work their vast intelligence against the aptly named FillingAll’erF’oles for a spot in the One More RCL championship.


Shoot your RCL smack talk below and thanks again for joining the RCL Football Leagues this year. Good luck in week 15!

  1. Gtoxitis says:

    JB, ur like the bafoon who ‘cord’ially crashed this Jenga tower
    Howsoever, my Jenga will win, so don’t be Wasting Time trying to crash my party !!!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Gtoxitis: I’m pulling my mic cord all across your hopes and dreams!

  2. Anal Chiropractor says:

    I will back door my way to the championship

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anal Chiropractor: That is, if your back door doesn’t rot away with infection

  3. Murph says:

    I would like to point out that I’ve scored the most points but am somehow in 10th place… Only In fantasy football

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Murph: I think I have 3rd fewest. Woooo! Haha

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