2013 RCL Football Razzball Nation!  The semis are in the books, and it all comes down to the championship.  Unless, of course, you lost by 10 in the Writer’s League because someone just happened to have Justin Tucker…  Bitter!  Public service announcement, the standings won’t be updated until the playoffs have completed, and the grand champion will be announced after Christmas, probably December 27.  Yes, even Razzball gets some Holiday time off!  You can still check out the full interactive 2013-2014 RCL Standings tab up under “Leagues” that shows you how you stacked up against your Razzball competitors before the playoffs in your quest for an RCL title.

Razzball Writers League – Guru’s The Dirty Turbans vs. Reign Makers.  Good job Reign Makers, you’re in the finals because of a kicker.  God I hate fantasy football.  Reign’s combo of Peyton and Megatron should be a great showdown vs. Brees and Marshall.

JB’s Random Commenter League – Aaron’s Murder Boner vs. RotoZak.  Surprising it’s the 3 and 4 seeds.  Both teams seem a little coddled together, so I think this will be a grinder of a finale.  Mmmm, turkey grinder….

Take On Jaywrong – Bob Guatemala vs. Yescheese.  The 1 and 2 seed, and both teams had the most points in the league this week.  The right ones made it!  Unlike the Writers League… Yescheese was at one point the last undefeated RCL squad, but has QB issues and Bob has Jamaal Charles.  My money is on JC Superstar.

Take On Jaywrong 2 – Pipe Hittahs vs. Mr Fantasy Football.  Hey, that’s Doctor Fantasy Football to you!  The Pipe Hittahs have been hot lately and the Stafford/Megatron connection – while not huge last night – I think makes them the favorite.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Wheeden – King Daddy Crunch vs. BarkingBassetHounds.  King Daddy has been hot lately, but this game looks like a coin flip for the final.  Dez/McCoy vs. Megatron/… actually I’m leaning Crunch now since Brees I think gets slowed down by my Panthers and I don’t see another sure-fire stud.

Razzball Rebels – Poon Jab vs. Sex Cannons.  Sorry Cannons, but this Super Bowl is like the undefeated Patriots v Giants.  Oh wait, the Giants won that one though!  It’s certainly a David versus Goliath as Poon has been killing it all year and put up a whopping 216 points last week.  Any championship team with Charles is probably the favorite.

Monday Morning QB’s – RBs for Sale vs. Makka Pakka.  RBs for Sale topped even Poon Jab with 217 points.  Huge week to make this one another 3 v. 4 seed.  Even with JC, I think RBSale is a draw against Makka who has Peyton, Forte and Dez.  This one will be a goodun.

Rancho Rajneesh – ReadOptionForDummies vs. Puttin on the Fitz.  At 13-1, ReadOption would probably be the RCL overall winner, but as mentioned in the past couple recaps, the 6-game playoff did not follow the RCL rules and your commish didn’t answer e-mails.  ReadOption with JC had a 210 point week and the heavy favorite for the title.  Sorry again man!  I tried to help get it fixed in time!

Murphatron’s RCL – Feverish Beavers vs. bhuck’s Fine Team.  The other 6-team playoff snafu league, Feverish has cruised through the playoffs as the 1 seed.  The Megatron/Dez combo should have them damming it up for the title belt.

The Shituation Room – michael’s Bold Team vs. ManwichMen.  Despite #1 seeding, I think I like the Manwich in this game, with Dez AJ and a bounce back for Moreno.  The epic battle of the parity league where all playoff teams were 8-6.

Hernandez Hit Men – scott’s Team vs. Raynor Shine.  Man, a lot more 3 v. 4 finals than I thought!  By just under 2 points, Raynor knocked off #1 Caballo, but has to fill a Cruz hole in their line-up.  That sounded wrong…

Pabst & Razz – Turrible vs. Gravity Well.  RCL overall contender Turrible waltzed through the semis, and with a Foles/McCoy combo against a terrible Bears D in the championship week, I think Turrible is gonna win this one.

A League of RCL Thrones – The Hound vs. B R O K E N.  The Hound!  I knew he would deliver here, in a shocking upset of the 12-2 CreanNCrimson’s Team.  Even with JC, Crean couldn’t deliver on the one seed, and I’ll pick the Hound to dark horse his way into an 8-6 title.

RCLBBWSVU – Team Vigilante vs. Anal Chiropractor.  The Defenstrators!  C’mon guys, you let me down!  Team Vigilante, you’re the last line of defense in letting this horrible atrocity of a team win a title.  Luckily Vigilante has JC, so there is room for optimism that the RCLBBW league doesn’t have that god awful picture next to the Championship banner.

My Wife Frowns Upon This – One I’d Willy vs. Big D.  Willy!  Nice work moving into the finals, but I narrowly give the edge to Big D for an upset.  I don’t like Brees at my Panthers and liking Big D’s matchups.  Should be a close one though, still cheering for ya Willy!

Cracklin’ Brats RCL – Planet 10 vs. OVER THE HILL.  Planet 10 has been leading this league almost the whole year, and dropped a huge 218-burger in the semis.  Looking at a Manning/JC/Bush line-up has them the clear favorites.

Bobby Boucher’s Water Bottle – D-Town Stompers vs. Cowtown Russellers.  Shocking upset of Dougie Fresh’s Team by D-Town, but Cowtown threw up 214 points last week and is yet another team with JC.  Foles/Gordon/Marshall/Moreno has them easy favorites for a league title.

The Podcast Kingdom – The Triple C’s vs. Finish Honor Faith.  Very ironic matchup given these two team names… RCL frontrunner Triple C’s at 13-1 can lock up the overall crown with a win here.  Finish Honor Faith must give Razzball Nation that kind of effort in order for someone else to take the crown.

Nick’s Bad JB Impersonation – Blunts and Fortes vs. Straight Cash Homey.  Shocking final in this one.  The hottest team in RCL Always Shady in PHI had their 11-game win streak snapped to pit the 3 vs. 4 seed.  Cash with JC and Nick Foles looks to be the favorite.

Any Given Sunday – Its a sorgi orgy vs. Jedi Mind Tricks.  Man, yet another 3 v. 4 seed!  That’s like half of the matchups!  Crazy sauce.  I don’t really see either team as a favorite, but since both have sexual references I’ll lean towards the orgy since there’s more things going on than only Jedi Mind Tricks’ avatar.

Booty Hunters Unlimited – Suck for Luck vs. Street Sweepers.  Well, despite Sweepers having JC, Luck outscored them in the finals and I think can survive a JC-led team.  Suck is suckin’ it up with Foles, Marshall, D-Jax and McCoy, with all of those guys in that Eagles/Bears game where the defense might as well be orange cones.

The Razzbro League – 21 Grahams vs. Scotch Fueled Guru.  A very even matchup, with a very fortunate series of evens landing Graham a WR combo of Edelman and Amendola for the finals coming off big games in the semis.  I can’t pick a favorite one, I’ll go with Grahams since Guru is probably drunk and will play Plaxico Burress with impaired judgment.

The Shadynastys – Gtoxitis vs. Team Long.  Gtox is the Incognito of RCL teams.  You’re suspended!  Haha, not really, and it took every last point from JC to make it to the finals, winning by only 4.  But a combo of Flash Gordon and JC, not to mention bounce backs very likely for Vereen and Andre Johnson has Gtox a favorite and hoping the Triple C’s fall apart in their final matchup.

Razzball Experts League – Rushmore Beekeepers vs. Chad Scott – DLF.  Huge 210 point week from Chad, who with JC has Flash Gordon ready to go off in the finals.  Rushmore has been the team to beat all year though, in what should be a great finish to the perts league.

One More RCL – Kobayashi Maru vs. Da Bears.  This one is looking like a pretty big favorite for Maru, fielding Green Dez and Moreno while Da Bears has Lamar Miller, Todman, and Greg Jennings in their line-up.  Worked last week though!


Shoot your RCL smack talk below and thanks again for joining the RCL Football Leagues this year. Good luck in your championship!

  1. The Guru

    The Guru says:

    Both my RCL teams in the finals? I’ll drink to that.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @The Guru: Both my teams at one point were 14-2 at 8-0 and 6-2 and both fell apart? I’ll drink 15 to that

  2. Gtoxitis says:

    JB, except literally, I don’t plan on remaining anonymous once I win the whole shebang! I will be known —– ReKnown!!!

  3. Gtoxitis says:

    Also, 2nd out of 300 teams is quite a Feat! So I will I will still plan on DeFeating any comers to take over 1st!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Gtoxitis: Haha yes you have been a killer this year, luckily the face of your team wasn’t a rod!

  4. Shake N Bacon says:

    First year in an RCL League, had a lot of fun. Looking forward to joining another RCL league (or two) next year.

    JB, enjoyed your writeups for all of the RCL leagues this entire season.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Shake N Bacon: Thanks man! It’s been a lot of fun slingin’ some smack to a couple of the teams. Unfortunately I couldn’t back it up after Justin Tucker beat me. Ughhhhhh

  5. Yeshcheese says:


  6. Jedi Mind Tricks says:

    If you think the avatar is nice you should see them in real life :-D

    I am usually in favor of everything Orgy related but this sunday will be an exception. Its been a long season with mounting injuries etc but somehow I’ve turned my group of asshats into something resembling a team. Bring home a trophy boys! Good luck orgi!

  7. Fish says:

    I may have been third in the league but i’m headed to the ship because I ran away with the points title in JB’s league. Aaron’s Murder Boner presses on!

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