Welcome back to the best Razzball Football RCL and RazzDP update around. I know, I know, it’s the only one… and that’s why it’s the best! After a little mini-vacation by me (I was sick last week), I have returned to fill you in with what is going on. I have a confession to make. I am having some serious Fantasy Baseball withdrawal right now. Anyone else with me? In the past, football provided the methadone I needed to hold me off til spring, but it’s just not cutting it this year. To kill time, I’ve been buried in Netflix catching up on some series (Narcos!) and watching movies I normally would pay no attention too. I came across Europa Report and The Iceman, and was pleasantly surprised. One is a great space flick, shot very well, that gives you that uneasiness, and the other is a true story about a mob hit man played by the always creepy Michael Shannon. Both these flicks are thumb uppers for me.  Hey wait, enough about Netflix, this is suppose to be about football…

Well, I have been all over Eric Ebron since opening day, and am now seeing the love for him in other circles, but that isn’t worth talking about. What I think is worth talking about is stashing now for late season opportunities. One thing I always try to do is identify guys that will get reps at the end because of either injury or audition, it’s all the same to me. A guy like Javorius Allen could get longer looks as the season goes on, as the Ravens stink and Forsett is 30. Why isn’t the PT Cruiser getting signed anywhere? If you’re not good enough for the Niners and Texans, then you must have something seriously wrong with you. I like the new hot ticket Antonio Andrews too, but that is old news by now. Damn, this is frustrating. You know what would help us right now? The return of the Handcuff Report. Damn Jay, you need to assign that out to someone for next year.


RCL Top 10

Rank Team League RCL Points League Index
1  My Stashs Got Stashs  Take on the Jaywrong 5  4578.1  101.9
2  Pops’s Team  Hyrule Heroes  4540.6  101.9
3  Brahma Bulls  Elder Gods Only  4529.1  101.2
4  Yapping Yorkies  Jennifer’s Ball Breaker League  4524.7  99.7
5  The Handsome Lads  Jennifer’s Black Widow League  4494.0  101.4
6  Bolting to LaLaLand  Take on the Jaywrong 1  4424.9  100.7
7  Ditka’s ‘Stache  Mike Razzball  4149.9  96.4
8  Judith Light  Take on the Jaywrong 6  4025.1  99.8
9  Athletic Supporter  Straight Outta Razzball  4008.9  100.3
10  Jerry’s Grand Team  Newfound Flagitious Life RCL  4007.4  101.3

RCL and RazzDP Master Standings 

RazzDP Top 10

Rank Team League RCL Points League Index
1  Infernos Curse  RazzDParino  4852.7  98.8
2  Ha-Ha Fireworks  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  4409.7  100.9
3  Me  Beddict’s Banditos  4354.0  100.3
4  Exotic Blitz & Chitz  RazzDParino  4279.6  98.8
5  Hadens Grocery Cart  RazzDP 1  4238.8  97.8
6  Mister Bulldops  RazzDP 1  4218.5  97.8
7  WON HUNNIT  RazzDParino  4192.1  98.8
8  You Down With IDP?  RazzDP Your Face  3867.1  102.1
9  Defense Wins Titles  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  3850.0  100.9
10  Jay – Razzball  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  3771.3  100.9
  • In the RCL standings, we have seven undefeated teams left, which by my count, is seven too many. Sorry, I’m just jelly because I’m nowhere near this kind of awesome. The Yapping Yorkies are the highest scoring team (points), but is getting edged out by My Stashs Got Stashs because of the all-important league index. In case you folks were wondering, the index tells us how hard and active your league is. Hehe that’s sounds funny. It’s good to see Jay’s favorite team is still hanging up top, Bolting to LaLaLand, or as Jay like to call them team: JUDAS! What’s the over under of one of these teams losing this week? I’m gonna say three, how about you?
  • In the RazzDP’s we only have one undefeated team. Infernos Curse has really put on a display of balance with their team. Solid top to bottom. I’m really mad at myself here. This is the league I run that I missed the draft. Forever, or at least til the end, I shame myself for this error. We have three from the RazzDParino, three from Jay’s league, two from Kevin’s and one from Tehol’s. Wait dummy, you left one out. Yes, I did. The highest index league has one team… one f*cking team! I tip my cap to my second league RazzDP, Your Face… they have really brought it hard. We have a lot of high scoring teams in that league and it’s a dog fight week in and week out . If this was college football, this would be the SEC. Hey Jack, you shouldn’t talk yourself up or your own leagues. I know, but it’s my column and I want to give some love to the baddest IDP league around. Great year so far IDP peeps. I actually hope everyone is enjoying the RazzDP’s. Are you?



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  1. booya says:

    Which side would you want?

    Julio & Chris Johnson or Freeman & Hurns


    • J-FOH says:

      @booya: tough call because I dont like CJ long term. to go out on a limb, I’d take Freeman side

  2. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    Thoughts on Narcos? Wasn’t awful, but I was expecting more. Have you watched the “Inside the American Mafia” doc on Netflix? Pretty good.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Ralph Lifshitz: I love Narcos, sucks though, the babys mama can watch it without reading sub titles. The best way is on a tablet with headphones and no one bothering you

      What were you expecting, it’s shot well, acted well and I could listen to the narrator all day

      • Ralph Lifshitz

        Ralph Lifshitz says:

        @J-FOH: I thought it dragged. Maybe my expectations were too high

  3. Teddy Heater says:

    Missed you last week buddee!!! Yeah I’m dying over here without fantasy baseball, I’ve even started looking at effin basketball to play on DK cause I can only run football numbers so many times! Bug and I loved Iceman!!! We just Redboxed Southpaw and we both really liked it. Check out Sense8 on Netflix. It takes 3-4 episodes for things to start falling into place, but it’s a solid show. I’m slowly creeping on both leaderboards I’m top 20 in RCL and top 10 in RazzDP. Last nights games hurt cause I’m playing Gronk & Edelman and I lost Wake for the year in IDP. It’s gonna have to be a comeback win for both! Happy you’re back and feeling better.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Teddy Heater: Iceman was really good, I told Grey about it too. Chris Evans, took me a while to figure out who he was.

      Ive never done DFS football or basketball. I’ve been working on baseball already. Doing an NFBC thing with Big Magoo, Rudy and Ghosttown steve right now. All baseball all the time.

      HA! I watched about 3 episodes of Sense 8 so far, I liked it but wanted to see more before I recommend it out. The strap on scene was funny in the opening. Did you watch Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix? Hilarious show

      I’m just not that into football this year. Ive missed so many points with guys on the bench. Killing me right now. Basketball would be fun, at least you have games all the time. Do we have a DFS guy for that here?

  4. A Hill O' Beans says:

    You know J-FOH, once every five or six years I have a good year in fantasy football. The rest of the time injuries and crap just destroy me. Apparently this is my good year. My RCL team is 7-0 (My Stashs Got Stashs) and my REL Dynasty team is 6-1 after finishing in dead last in 2014. It better continue because it probably won’t come around again for a while.

    You recommend Narcos? I’m just watching Fringe right now which I watched when it first came out, but at some point after a handful of episodes I drifted away from it back then. Narcos is on my watch list though.

  5. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Kneel before Zod!!!

  6. Tecmoballz says:

    In yo face tecmoballz hanging tough! Brees coming to play today and nice dansby pickup today for 13 points!

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