Last time I wrote this, I was pissed we still had seven undefeated teams. Well, that was the week before Thanksgiving and I was five pounds lighter. I’m happy to say we now have zero undefeated teams and my hater side gets a double shot of satisfaction. Why you so hateful FOH? Because if life was all about happy, then it wouldn’t be the journey it’s suppose to be. Now, for those of you in the RCL or any league with any sense, the playoffs started this week. Playoffs? You want to talk about Playoffs? . Yeah, I went there with the insertion of an “overused but yet never gets old” Mora clip… and I got to use the word “insertion” in a post. Hehe! This is the best part of the Fantasy Football season. I don’t get crazy over the week-in and week-out part of this game. I just try to make sure I make the playoffs. I made it in four of five leagues *high fives self* this year with my one whiff in the writers league. That bums me out since I think I have a strong team right now and scored more points than three of the teams in the playoffs. Whatevs, that’s the Fantasy Football life. Only three-and-half months until baseball starts and the daily musings of this guy. Wait a minute, why wait til’ Spring? He and Mike are chopping it up every day right now on the baseball side. If you didn’t do well in the RCL football leagues this year, you can always redeem yourself in the OG RCL’s! Sorry, I must apologize, I have been digesting 100 times more fantasy baseball than football lately. Two crazy dynasties and my off season work with the Big Magoo has me in Spring Training already. Anythehoo, on to the standings…

RCL and RazzDP Master Standings Link

RCL Top 10

Rank Team League  RCL Points  Points Scored
1  Dillon Panthers  Razzball Writers League  7932.1  1784.8
2  Pops’s Team  Hyrule Heroes  7889.4  1727.1
3  Brahma Bulls  Elder Gods Only  7867.9  1751.6
4  Berserker  Grimey!  7596.6  1657.9
5  My Stashs Got Stashs  Take on the Jaywrong 5  7459.3  1802.4
6  Athletic Supporter  Straight Outta Razzball  7406.4  1782.6
7  Hoser  Razzball – Max  7305.3  1696
8  Merrill Knights  Newfound Flagitious Life RCL  7253.9  1667.9
9  The Handsome Lads  Jennifer’s Black Widow League  7197.7  1661.9
10  Geno’s Glass Jaw  Razzball Supremacy  7108.3  1601.2
  • Well would you look at that. We have one of our writers atop the standings. I still have no idea what writer that is, [Jay’s Note: it’s Malamoney, great job Mala!] but they are killing it. It’s not reflected on the list, but the to- 4 teams are all 12 – 1 with the rest of the top ten 11 – 2. How many of the teams actually win their leagues? Anyone? Anyone? What’s the over/under on that? I’m going to say four of them win it all and the rest fade away gracefully like Sage Rosenthal. That’s sarcasm. Read this guys Twitter… all I can say is he’s a real piece of work.
  • Some quick slants stats for you. One team has scored over 1800 points, nine teams scored over 1700 points and 36 teams have scored over 1600 points. The top three index leagues are the Sky Sperling League (1st – 102.3), Hyrule Heroes (2nd – 102.1), and Take on the Jay Wrong 5 (101.8 – 3rd).

RazzDP Top 10

Rank Team League  RCL Points  Points Scored
1  Exotic Blitz & Chitz  RazzDParino  8485  2463.2
2  Infernos Curse  RazzDParino  7898.8  2372.5
3  Hadens Grocery Cart  RazzDP 1  7597.5  2300.3
4  You Down With IDP?  RazzDP Your Face  7527.4  2343.8
5  Kanye4President  RazzDP 1  7389.3  2086.6
6  Blazing Americans  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  6809.2  2220.8
7  Brahma Bulls  Beddict’s Banditos  6800.5  2341.5
8  Greg’s Good Burps  RazzDP Your Face  6779.7  2114.3
9  Me  Beddict’s Banditos  6740.8  2281.5
10  Jack’s Nifty Team  RazzDParino  6664.3  2129.5
  • My babies, the RazzDP, are looking sweet, and no that has nothing to do with me returning to the top-10 (Jack’s Nifty Team). Last time I was here, Inferno’s Curse was undefeated and now he is 11-2… and second behind his league-mate? The delicious Cheese Blintzes, or at least that is what I see when I read his name. This should shake out to be a fun one with the top two teams from the same league. IDP playoffs are the best, better IMHO than the ones above (RCL).  I hope everyone is enjoying the RazzDP. Would love some feedback from all of you on the RazzDP’s before the season is over.
  • A few stats before I bounce out; one team has over 2400 points and only five have more than 2300. We only have one 12-1 team, three at 11-2, one at 10-3 and six at 9-4. Damn, it ain’t eazy DP-ing’. The highest index league is RazzDP Your Face (102.5) which is also higher than the highest RCL…..cust kayin’