One playoff week down, two more to go. Are you guys as excited as I am… for Christmas! I lost every playoff match-up except one, so I’m not feeling football right now. By the way, speaking of Christmas, I just got back from my daughter’s Christmas, I mean “Holiday” program. I never thought it was possible, but they found a way to take the cute out of Christmas… again. Seriously, it was the most pretentious ball of blah that was only topped by last year’s snooze-fest that featured the “In A Gadda Da Vida” of Christmas songs. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. But really though, it was worst than taking an elite running back in the first round this year. Oh wait, I either took Antonio Brown or ODB in the first round of every draft (one league was a shameful auto draft). As I did last week, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are still writing five days a week on the baseball side, and with January Grey right around the corner, you need to get over there where the party literally never stops. The daily words of wisdom by Grey and people talking about their keepers and dynasty leagues keeps enough buttons open on the blouse that any real fantasy baseball fan must take a peek. Don’t forget, we should be launching the RCL’s over there in February. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get to the ranks and where you can see your name in hyper link!

RCL Top 10

Rank Team League  RCL Points
1  Dillon Panthers  Razzball Writers League  7944.2
2  Pops’s Team  Hyrule Heroes  7889.4
3  Brahma Bulls  Elder Gods Only  7867.9
4  Berserker  Grimey!  7596.6
5  My Stashs Got Stashs  Take on the Jaywrong 5  7471.5
6  Athletic Supporter  Straight Outta Razzball  7406.4
7  Hoser  Razzball – Max  7268.0
8  Merrill Knights  Newfound Flagitious Life RCL  7253.9
9  The Handsome Lads  Jennifer’s Black Widow League  7197.7
10  Geno’s Glass Jaw  Razzball Supremacy  7109.3

RCL and RazzDP Master Standings Link

RazzDP Top Ten

Rank Team League  RCL Points
1  Exotic Blitz & Chitz  RazzDParino  8342.0
2  Brahma Bulls  Beddict’s Banditos  7861.2
3  Me  Beddict’s Banditos  7837.7
4  Infernos Curse  RazzDParino  7764.1
5  Hadens Grocery Cart  RazzDP 1  7488.3
6  You Down With IDP?  RazzDP Your Face  7424.6
7  Kanye4President  RazzDP 1  7283.1
8  Miller Time  Beddict’s Banditos  7086.5
9  I Put the DP in IDP  Beddict’s Banditos  7084.1
10  Zombie Apocalypse  Beddict’s Banditos  6756.9



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  1. Yaomiiiing says:

    do you know of any free websites that do postseason fantasy football where you can make a league and at least enter in an off line draft for teams to make a roster without the same player being used twice? do you guys do it?

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