You know what I love around here… Jay. If I even mention the Chargers, I get an editors note. [Jay’s Note: True.] Like if I wanted to be a jerk, I would say the Chargers were originally from L.A. and need to come back home again. Or that I was a Denver fan since they drafted Elway and I found out my uncle had Bronco season tickets from day one of the franchise, but I wore this hat prior to that.  Yup, I thought it was cool because it looked like the old Pittsburgh Pirates hat and it was 1980… I was five-years-old. Speaking of the Chargers, with Gates returning, will this completely change everything they have done in fantasy so far? I hope you sold Keenan Allen… I’m kidding of course, but situations like this do worry me. Philip has a bestie already Ladarius and Keenan. Antonio es numero uno. Like we say on the baseball side, I’ll be watching this situation like a cyclops with a monocle. With possible injuries to Johnson and Floyd, this could be a real shizz show to predict when they are healthy. I also wonder if Woodhead will be catching as many balls out of the backfield. My Samoan NFL guru friend thinks that if they were smart the would line Greene up as a wide receiver and really mess with their opponents. These are just my thoughts when looking at what a team will do when someone this important returns to the field. It’s football, the teams change game plans like Tehol changes booty calls… week-to-week. Wait, a minute, I’m here to write an update… or am I?

Show of hands, how many disgruntled Eric Ebron owners do we have here today? *raises hand* I always love me some cheap TE action, like a catcher in baseball, don’t waste draft day picks on these guys. With that out of the way, I got your under the radar stand in. Okay, well, he’s not that under the radar, at 38% owned he’s obviously getting some run. This week he was 10th in Jay’s rankings, which means he should be picked up, and goes by the name Richard Rodgers (no relation to Aaron even though they went to the same college and play for the same team). Last week he had a season high six targets and the lone TD catch for the Pack. Does this mean a lot? Maybe, maybe not. St. Louis lost Alec Ogletree last week and I have a sneaking suspicion this could become an issue for them as they adjust. The Rams have only given up one TD this year to WR’s and if this trend continues, then it only builds the “upsideness” of Rodgers. What’s the point of this Jack? To re-inforce Jay’s ranks for the week in case you glossed over them. I got your back homie. Okay enough of that, we should get into the update… wait, no, don’t. Really quick, I have an IDP add for you. DeAndre Levy is back and should be added right now, he’s an every down backer and a top 10 LB when healthy. Now, on to the standings…


Rank Team League RCL Points Points Scored League Index
1  Brahma Bulls  Elder Gods Only 2630.1   576   102.1
2  Judith Light  Take on the Jaywrong 6 2628.3   592   101.4
3  KeepCalmAndMarshawn  Sky Sperlling League 2604.5   586.4   100.7
4  My Stashs Got Stashs  Take on the Jaywrong 5 2600.8   554.8   101.8
5  So I Don’t Get FIned  Razzball The Football League 2587.1   581.9 99.7
6  Bolting to LaLaLand  Take on the Jaywrong 1 2570.5   542.5  101.1
7  Berserker  Grimey! 2569.4   553.1   100.6
8  Hoser  Razzball – Max 2565.1   544.7   100.8
9  The Handsome Lads  Jennifer’s Black Widow League 2553.8   538.6   100.6
10  Yapping Yorkies  Jennifer’s Ball Breaker League 2549.9   565.3   99.4



Rank Team League RCL Points Points Scored League Index
1  Jack’s Team  RazzDP Your Face 2838.6  755.2  102.1
2  Infernos Curse  RazzDParino 2729.8  734.4  98.5
3  TecmoBallz  RazzDP Your Face 2692.3  610.9  102.1
4  Jack’s Nifty Team  RazzDParino 2663.0  665.6  98.5
5  Me  Beddict’s Banditos 2337.6  779.3  100.4
6  Watt Would Jesus Do  RazzDP Your Face 2302.4  728  102.1
7  Erik’s Team  Beddict’s Banditos 2273.2  713.1  100.4
8  Charles in Charge  Beddict’s Banditos 2273.0  713.9  100.4
9  Hadens Grocery Cart  RazzDP 1 2254.1  746.2  97.7
10  Greg’s Good Burps  RazzDP Your Face 2229.7  655.8  102.1

Bear with me guys… and girls. Hey, this isn’t baseball, we should have plenty of girls on the football side. *goes to closet and dusts off white denim jacket* Sup… How yo doin? Sorry, I get easily sidetracked when I think I might have some girl readers. I was going into some bear with me while I play with the layout garbage. Yup, I’m playing with the layout a bit as I need to make this my own. I did that with baseball this year where I wrote this column every week for 26 straight weeks. Jay, next time I see you, remind yourself to be less nice to me so I don’t end up doing things like this. I keed, I keed, I like that we have leagues for our commenters to play with us and each other while I peep on them and write on a blog about it… Okay that sounds a lot worse than it is. The Bull of Tehol and Judith from Jay-6 are sitting pretty at 1 and 2 of the RCL’s in Week 5. If history has taught us anything, it’s foolish to think this will last. The bye weeks will bring out the bad week in all of us. On the RazzDP side, it’s me in first. Yup… and fourth with Inferno’s Curse and TecmoBallz sandwiched between both of me. I really shouldn’t be talking myself up… anyone who knows me knows I hate talking about myself. As usual, I’m having a blast like I do every year I play in an IDP league, how about you? I invite any of you RazzDP’ers to come in here and share how its been going for you. I want some feedback so I can push for more of these next year. Until next week, enjoy your names in hyper link.



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  1. Justice says:

    Tried trading for Lacy. Offered Evans and James Jones. He counterd with Lacy for B. Marshall and James Jones. And to make room on his team he’ll drop Adams (gb). My rb’s: L. Bell, D. Murray, J. Randle, Hillman, Matthews, Duke Johnson. My wr’s; Evans, B. Marshall, Watkins, James Jones, k. Wright. 12 team league, .5ppr, and a flex. What do you think? I’m leaning to accepting and maybe have throw in Adams, since he put him out to waivers. Please give opions. Thanks.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Justice: I wouldn’t do it. I think you are just fine at RB and the hit you’ll be taking at WR isn’t worth the small gain

  2. Jake says:

    Need Rb advice for week 5 start three

    Doug Martin

    I know Lacy is one but having problems with other two. With news of Lynch not playing I think it’s got to be Rawls and Martin but need help deciding.


    • J-FOH says:

      @Jake: Is this PPR?

  3. Allan says:

    How do you get into the top ten? I’m in the take on jay idp league at 4-0 with 782 points scored. Wait nevermind I probably just jinxed myself. Damn.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Allan: I just looked at the ranks and for some reason, Jay’s league didn’t register wins and losses. I’ll ping Rudy and see if that can be corrected. Either way, well done with 782 points. You should be in first place

    • J-FOH says:

      @Allan: Rudy updates the standings and you are in first, sorry for the over site. I just looked at the top ten and did my cut and pasting . Congrats

  4. Patrick Leon says:

    Imagine my surprise to see that my team is top 10 on razzball. Is it too late to make this money league?!!!

    Keep up the good work razzballers. Glad to see the football advise is helping me (I’m like 17-3 in my 5 leagues) – considering ibwas shellaced in my baseball leagues!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Patrick Leon: glad to hear of the success. Keep it up

  5. The G says:

    Love that teams from our league are up there in the top…love the competitiveness of our league!

    • J-FOH says:

      @The G: thanks G. Actually we had a correction to the standings, click on the standings link to see the updated results

  6. Slimbo says:

    In a 8 team 2qb start league do I need to own Jay Cutler?

    Currently have Ryan and Taylor with Romo on ir

    Could drop hankerson/hurns for him?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Slimbo: I think you’re good

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