Is it not the most awkward damn trolley you’ve ever seen? That it will be on display in Buffalo of all places with a decent chance of vandalism in the forecast for it only makes me more excited for the Pats blowout of the Bills on MNF. While Booger rails against logic and analytics throughout the broadcast and Jason Witten bumbles through introductory 3rd grade math, there is a non-0% chance a member of the #BillsMafia will make a leap of faith from the stands onto the #BoogerMobile. But before that game takes place, there are a couple from the Sunday slate that are worth looking at.

Eagles @ Jags (London Game)

MORE. MORNING. FOOTBALL. This time though we have to watch the Jags play against the defending SuperBowl Champs. This game for me is most about the Eagles as I have absolutely no faith in Blake Bortles doing anything worth noting to the point where Cody Kessler probably gets more action in this game. I’m staying away from the running game as the Eagles just don’t let anyone actually run wild on them. In terms of the passing attack, I would rank the Jags WR grouping as follows: Donte Moncrief, Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook. All three of them see roughly the same amount of targets but Moncrief will be on the outside and have the best matchup.

For the Eagles, the big 3 that you must start at Carson WentzZach Ertz, and Alshon Jeffrey. Wentz has been a top-13 QB in each of the last 4 weeks, and this week should be no different. The Jags defense has given up 90 points over the past 3 weeks and each team they’ve faced has had no problem scoring through the air. Ertz is still on pace to finish top-5 for most receptions in a single season. I’m also high on Jeffrey this week because of the injuries to the Jags secondary. The Eagles like to move Jeffrey around quite a bit and both slot corners for Jacksonville are not at 100%. Expect the Eagles to fly high with Ertz and Jeffrey. I’m fading the RB’s due to lack of consistent production and injuries, so only start them if you’re desperate.

Bucs @ Bengals

The Bengals are coming off a thrashing at Kansas City where Andy Dalton could only muster 10 points but a bunch of passes to A.J. Green. Green was the only receiver who could do anything in that game, but Cincy won’t be chasing points this week like they did last week. Expect the Bengals to get a lot of production from Tyler Boyd this week with the injury to John Ross bringing the Bengals to only two fantasy viable WR’s on the roster. I’m all in on Joe Mixon this week as the Bucs defense only did decent last week because the Browns are coached by Hue Jackson and asking Jarvis Landry to be a WR1 is a giant mistake (he’d be an excellent WR2 on a SB-caliber team). Look for Cincy to dominate on offense back home.

The Bucs are going to have to chase points in this one which means that Jameis Winston should be a big play. The injuries to the RB position make me so desperately want to suggest playing Ronald Jones but I just can’t bring myself to make a suggestion like that just yet. You’ll be starting Mike EvansChris Godwin, and Desean Jackson because Winston will be throwing the ball left and right. I think this is more of an OJ Howard game, but the chemistry with Cameron Brate makes me not overly excited about playing either of the TE’s in this match. I’m expecting Godwin to actually finish with the most fantasy points of the three WR’s this week.

Seahawks @ Lions

The most intriguing part of the Seattle offense coming out of the bye week is how they plan on wasting their first round pick Rashaad Penny by having him be the 3rd string RB behind both Chris Carson and Mike DavisRussell Wilson is going to throw the ball a bunch in this one… just kidding. Brian Schottenheimer has no intention on letting Wilson unleash in this offense that is better designed for the 1918 season than the 2018 season. I would prefer Doug Baldwin in this one, but having Tyler Lockett as a flex play is certainly understandable if you’re dealing with bye weeks.

Looking at the home team here, I’m all in on Matt Stafford throwing for over 400 yards and 2 of the 3 receivers having over 100 yard games. I could see this game script where Kenny Golladay and Golden Tate both have over 100 yards receiving and Marvin Jones has at least 1 score. From the RB position, you always worry about LeGarrette Blount vulturing scores in the red zone, but I think we’re at the point in the season where even Matt Patricia knows it’s time to give Kerryon Johnson a high majority of the carries in this one. Look for Johnson to eclipse the 100 yard mark again as Seattle won’t be able to load the box against this Lions offense.

Rams @ Packers

This is probably the 2nd best game of the week only behind the SNF matchup. For the Rams, I’m still high on Jared Goff this week as I don’t think the Packers are as good on defense as their numbers state they are. They’ve played a lot of offenses that lack significant talent. This is not one of those offenses. Of course you will be starting Todd Gurley III again he was probably a top-2 pick in your draft. At the WR position, I’m of the firm belief that you better be starting both Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods every week the Rams are playing. This offense is almost matchup-proof for each player as Sean McVay knows how to scheme guys open in any given matchup.

For the PackersAaron Rodgers had to have benefited from the bye week and Green Bay can get back to full health. I expect this to be a high-scoring affair and that’s why I’m all in on Aaron Jones in this game. Jones is obviously the preferred RB by Rodgers and I think even Mike McCarthy can’t mess that up. As for the receiving group, both Geronimo Allison and Randall Cobb should be back in the lineup, but that actually makes Davante Adams are more valuable asset to have in this game. Adams has better numbers with Allison and Cobb playing compared to when those two are not in the lineup. I also, for the first time this year, am recommending starting Jimmy Graham this week as TE’s normally find more success than usual against the Rams defense.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to pop into the comments section and I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as I can.

  1. Wacha wacha says:

    Would you drop L McCoy for A Jones in 10 team standard? Thanks!

  2. Mr. A Knife says:

    which you like better this week, i’ll show my likely ROS picks with it (it’ll show WHY PIT vs CLE this week isn’t an option for me)
    week 8:
    LAR vs GB (this is the one i was leaning but i’m starting to think they shouldn’t be 9 or 10 pt favs, GB has had a bye to plan this)
    KC vs DEN (seems wise to leave ONE of LAR/KC for week 17, this one might be safer than LAR this week)
    CIN vs TB (CIN’s D scares me though)

    9. DAL vs TEN (this or CAR seems easy)
    CAR vs TB
    KC @ CLE

    10. KC vs ARI
    LAR vs SEA
    GB vs MIA
    NYJ vs BUF (this or GB seems way to go)

    11. BAL vs CIN (leaning this way)
    LAC vs DEN

    12. LAC vs ARI (leaning here)
    BAL vs OAK
    PHI vs NYG
    CIN vs CLE

    13. GB vs ARI (this if i didn’t go GB vs MIA in week 10)
    KC @ OAK
    MIA vs BUF (this if i did go GB in week 10)
    JAX vs IND (risky)

    14. PIT @ OAK (this is why i saved PIT)
    LAC vs CIN
    WAS vs NYG
    NO @ TB

    15. MIN vs MIA
    BAL vs TB
    ATL vs ARI (leaning this or MIN)
    CIN vs OAK (this good too though)

    16. LAR vs ARI
    DAL vs TB (using CAR vs TB in week 9 leaves this one out here)
    PHI vs HOU

    17. LAR vs SF
    KC vs OAK (thus leaving one of KC/LAR for here)
    BAL vs CLE

    lots of people are probably doing PIT this week, but since i want BAL (11) and LAC (12) and i’m not sure i want to use WAS vs NYG in week 14, so saving PIT for week 14 for me. so it seems about which of KC or LAR this week i want, the other in week 17 likely. basically other than NE/LAR/KC usage (or planned usage) i’ve targeted OAK/ARI/BUF every week.

    • Mr. A Knife says:

      @Mr. A Knife: BAL and LAC in weeks 11/12 seem interchangeable.

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