The Oakland Raiders are actually making some decent decisions recently.  The signing of Jason Campbell may be the surest sign that Al Davis has passed into the next world.  Campbell was coming on last year even with an awful offensive line.  I’m not going to put a bow on a rubber turd and say happy birthday, but compared to the next guy in this roundup that rubber turd is looking like Godiva.  Campbell will upgrade every offensive position in Oakland.  He knows how to get the ball to a good tight end so Zack Miller should finally have a shot at getting into the end zone more than once or twice.  The running back sitch is still hard to decipher, but whoever gets the starting nod should have a better shot at success.

JaMarcus Russell –– He’s tipping the scales at three bills and is soon to be cut, which will send him into a spiral where his next career move will be a profile on the show Hoarders.

LenDale White — He’s now in a better situation than the one behind Chris Johnson, but still has Forsett and Washington to deal with.  Yes, Julius Jones is still there, but he won’t be for long.  A little depends on where Leon Washington is in his recovery, but White should get the heavy lifting which means many 1st and 2nd downs and goal line carries.  I like this move for him and see him having fantasy value next season.

Leon Washington — L Dub went from one bad situation to another.  He has a lot of skill, but will probably be used more as a returner as long as White and Forsett are healthy.  I don’t see him being fantasy worthy in Seattle.

Ben Roethlisberger– He will be the Steelers’ quarterback next year.  He has lost Holmes and 4-6 games, but for fantasy he should be usable.  But if you have to like your fantasy players then you might be in trouble.

Trent Edwards — He should end up being the starter next season after the Bills committed to crapullence by not getting another quarterback.  Downgrade all Bills offensive players.

Brian Westbrook — He passed his physical with the Rams.  If he ends up with them, there is little chance he’ll be of any fantasy value as long as SJax is healthy.

  1. Greg says:


    I know you wrote this but you really think Lendale White has that much left in his tank? I realize he is 26 but what is to stop Pete Carroll from running the type of RB rotation that the tampa bay franchise has done? Esentially rolling w. the hot hand making EVERY running back on those rosters irrelevant for fantasy? Personally I would stay away from any team that has that many RBs that may emerge in a unknown system.

    ON side note with Campbell on Oakland I could see that team going 10-6 and making the playoffs. They have a great D and decents RBs…. What WR benefits the most in the Oakland system? Is it Schillens?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: I don’t really see Leon Washington doing much in the RB role soon. Nobody seems to think Forsett can handle a tough workload. The only back that really can is White. I don’t see him getting 80% of the RB touches but I do see him getting over 50% which will make him valuable, compared to last year.

    Almost every backfield has some type of committee and RB’s are drafted early and often. Getting a back, that could see the bulk of the carries, in later rounds is a risk you often have to take.

  3. Greg says:

    @Doc: And your thoughts on WRs in Oakland? Power Producers in Oakland 1) Miller, 2) McFadden, and 3) Schillens or Murphy?

    Could Schillens and Murphy be late round pic values or are they too well known?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: I like Miller a lot and could see grabbing him relatively early. I’m still leary of McFadden and Bush, but it will depend on their ADP. If Bush falls I could see taking him late. Its hard to judge the WR’s with only seeing them with JRuss throwing them the ball. Schillens will be worth a flier if he doesn’t get hyped. Campbell is a big upgrade, but he isn’t going to turn water into wine.

  5. jasonbayniac says:

    No update in 4 days? Come on boys the NFL is 365 days a year! Lets get an article on IDP impact rookies or something.

  6. YouthofToday says:

    Raiders offense should be real interesting this year. Defenses are finally going to have to respect the passing game, which should open the field for Bush and McFadden. Michael Bush is a top 25 back in non-ppr (I like him better at this point than Moreno, Fred Jackson, Jacobs, Addai and others). Aggressive perhaps, yet I have been real impressed with his running style so far and Fargas is no longer a threat to his carries.

    I’m just not sold on McFadden. Talent is there but he doesn’t run well in between the tackles. I have him as a 35-40 RB in non-PPR, with upside, yet this year is his make or break year to live up to his expectations entering the league.

    I can’t express how low I am on Denver’s offense this year fantasy wise. Clady’s injury is more serious than the team is letting on, I think McDaniels gets frustrated early and goes Shanny on us with a crazy RBBC and the team sorely lacks offensive playmakers (Thomas is at least a year from producing, Royal is a Z receiver, Gaffney is the WR to own here). Without Marshall and weak QB play the Broncos look to be a mess next year.

    Anyways, the Raiders might win 7 games and I doubt the Broncos win more than 5.

  7. Rick says:

    I think the trade will improve Campbell’s fantasy value. Oakland has a bit softer of a schedule in terms of defensive opponents and there is a decent amount of young talent in Oakland.

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