Here is my first attempt at rest of the season rankings. These will be updated often. I’m working on some rest of the season matchup stats that may shape these up a little more.

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  1. Bfeel says:

    Very helpful, thanks! I’m wondering how close to your top 25 is Murray? I have mendenhall, green, blount and murray. WR ‘s are Wallace and Steve Johnson with Rodgers at QB. Bench includes crabtree and little. It is a ten team standard league. Is that a group you would roll with or do you see a major needs I should look for trades to fix?

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : What do you think of this trade in a PPR league? My A Bradshaw for his Brandon Marshal?

    Current roster includes:
    WR : A. Johnson
    WR : R. White
    WR : S. Holmes
    WR : Jacoby Jones
    WR : D. Baldwin
    WR : P Parker

    RB : DMac
    RB : M Forte
    RB : JStew
    RB : A Bradshaw

    My inclination says no but wanted to make sure Im not missing anything?


  3. atherton32 says:

    I am struggling in my league and just trying to make a move. Peyton Hillis’ numbers are down is this a good time to trade for him? Would it be a good move to trade Garcon or Ingram for Hillis?

  4. Mikey says:

    Curious on your high ranking for Antonio Brown going forward.
    You see moving up the depth chart even if Ward’s injury is not serious?
    Big Ben throwing the ball more?
    Impressive double sets of rankings early this week!

  5. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Nonppr would it be worth it to try and trade my Ingram for Felix?

  6. xlunited1 says:

    I was wondering if you can give me some insight on your low ranking for Roddy White. I know he hasnt come close to the season he had last year, but I feel he’s still looking good to turn it around. Being in first place, I’m looking ahead to make some moves that will benefit me for the playoffs. So was thinking about offering VJax and AJ Green for Roddy (VJax has rough wk 15,16 matchups). But this is making me second guess that, so if you can share some thoughts I would really appreciate that. Thanks and love the site.

  7. JP says:

    This is awesome, thanks! Very useful for waiver wire claims on Tuesdays.

  8. Cracker Baggins says:

    12-team non-keeper, $200 waiver budget (I have $79 left)

    I need a WR to start this week…How much would you bid on Antonio Brown?

    Also I lost Hightower…how much would you bid on Leon Washington and Alfonso Smith?

  9. Cracker Baggins says:

    btw this is a non-ppr

  10. wallyworld says:


    Would you recommend trading roddy/murray/stafford to get brady/maclin.

    I know you usually say be on the side getting best player, does that hold true here?

  11. Eng says:

    Waivering wire butchered in the absence of Doc. All the guys are way gone in competitive leagues, other than the nondescript list at the bottom that’s longer than Shaq’s…..sorry!

  12. Eng says:

    By the way, thanks for these rankings Doc. Always top notch stuff.

  13. Jon says:

    Hey Doc,

    I have Vick, Cam and Tebow and I’m thin at RB (Blount, D Thomas, Murray, Battle)

    Would you trade Vick + Thomas for Rice + Hasselbeck?

  14. herschel says:

    @Doc: in ppr league, who what range of wrs should i target in exchange for finley? i have gronk and am trying to get whatever i can for finley’s name value….thanks.

  15. McBainus says:

    Doc – In desperate need of an RB this week. How would you set the waiver priority for the following 5 players: Kregg Lumpkin, Leon Washington, Tashard Choice, Ben Tate, Joseph Addai? Obviously ROS is nice, but I’m mostly just concerned with Week 8. Thanks!

  16. McBainus says:

    Sorry, add Brandon Jacobs to that list.

  17. Ian says:

    Surely Heath Miller belongs on the TE list! Top 15 I’d say even.

  18. exactly says:

    Why do you think hillis will be in the top 20? Please give me some good reasons so I don’t trade him for 2 cents on the dollar.

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @exactly: More talented than Hardesty and isn’t dead yet.

    @Ian: Missed him.

    @McBainus: That list hurts my eyes. Jacobs, Addai, Lumpkin, Tate

    @Jon: Yeah

    @wallyworld: Unless Stafford is hurt I wouldn’t. Brady’s numbers have come back to the pack.

    @Cracker Baggins: I would bid 15-20 on Brown and not much on the other guys.

    @xlunited1: He’s just slowed down some. Become more of a possession receiver. He’d be higher in PPR. I did move him up a smidge though.

    @MJD Took A Knee: I could see giving it a shot.

    @Mikey: I have a feeling Ward’s injury will give them the ability to move Brown up and I do see them throwing more.

    @atherton32: I probably would. I’m not sold on him, but this would be the time to grab him.

    @Mr2Bits: I wouldn’t

    @Bfeel: Murray has room to move up for sure. I could see him in the top 25. That group needs a little help, but it’s not horrid. I’d see what you can get for Murray, but don’t sell him cheap.

  20. Dad says:

    @Doc: ROS rankings are very helpful. Thanks. Speaking of ROS, how would you rank Alfonso Smith, Bernard Scott, Maurice Morris or Moreno for my final RB bench spot going forward?

  21. Matt says:

    Doc, would you do this Trade?:

    R. White & Starks for R. Mende & B. Lloyd?

    I have currently have
    WR: White, S. Johnson, Manningham, G. Little, L. Moore, N. Burleson
    RB: Starks, F. Jones, Ridley, M. Morris

  22. stumanji says:

    Thanks, have been looking forward to your ROS rankings.

    Give up Manningham & Demaryius for AJ Green?

    Also, thoughts on DeMarco? Is he a sell or hold right now? If you’re selling, who are you targeting? I own Felix, too.

  23. Nate says:


    I have been offered Brady, D-Mac and B. Marshall or V-Jax for Romo and Foster.

    Should I consider accepting? My WR2 is currently between Boldin/M. Williams and DHB.

  24. DP says:

    Are either Mcgahee or Felix droppable now in a 10 teamer? I’d be looking to pick up Helu cause there isn’t much out there available.

  25. will says:

    I am weak at RB (steven jackson, battle, hillis, and mcgehee), deep at WR (bowe, fitzgerald, green, steve johnson, and colston) and I have 2 solid QB’s (Vick and Newton). This is a 3 keeper league with 10 teams. Here are some trade options so far. Any thoughts or changes I should make?

    1) Newton and Johnson for Mendenhall and Rivers
    2) Bowe for Mendenhall
    3) Colston for Mendenhall

    This guy has Gore, Mendenhall and Greene. He will not trade Gore, but would possibly trade Greene and is interested in moving Mendenhall.

  26. exactly says:

    doc: any thoughts on terrence austin ROS in a deep 12-team PPR? The skins have a decent schedule coming up.

  27. Randy says:

    Trade in my league…
    Tebow for Cam.
    Is this trade vetoable or just stupid?

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @exactly: I wouldn’t in 12 team. I think Hankerson will step up along with Gafney and Davis.

  29. Benny says:

    Had this proposed to me in my PPR league: His Mendenhall for my Bradshaw. I feel like Mendy might be a good buy low candidate and his 2nd half schedule looks pretty good. Plus I worry about Jacobs stealing carries now that he’s healthy. My only bench RB is Battle, so if Mendenhall continues to blow, I’d have to keep rolling with him. Thoughs?

  30. barker says:

    waiver wire question
    currently have claims dropping moore for helu gaffney and brown in that order

    would you drop lance moore and/or decker for

    helu antonio brown gaffney dezmon briscoe jenkins? lumpy alphonso smith

    my wrs colston garcon manningham williams tb decker moore
    my rbs rice cj2k hardesty jstew felix

    my trade of vick for johnson was taken down before i could accept
    but after what NO rbs did to the colts i think its worth it to wait it out anyway on johnson

    thank you doc

  31. Rocky says:

    I am looking for a solid flex option and thinking about going after Matthews since he had a mediocre day. Would you offer D. thomas and Gronkowski for him? I have Mendenhall, Greene, Forte as my other rb’s along with Gates as my TE. Thanks in advance!

  32. Steve Stevenson says:

    I’ve been holding Ridley as an end of bench flier, and am interested to see what the Pats do coming out of the bye. However, Lynch was just dropped, and he has two matchups against the Rams coming up and the starting job to himself. Make the move?

  33. exactly says:

    hey doc, i don’t see breaston on your rankings…where do you think he ends up?

  34. trevor says:

    Braylon Edwards at 70? I am near positive he will end up being a great start down the stretch. One that you will tout soon enough

  35. Robert says:

    Trade question
    12 team ppr league
    Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR or TE)

    RBs: Rice, Hillis, Tolbert, Jacobs, Carter, Maurice Morris
    WRs: Welker, Colston, Jordy Nelson
    TEs: Jimmy Graham, Jake Ballard

    Trade offers: give Colston, Tolbert, Carter, get Nicks and Shonn Greene; give Nelson, Tolbert, Carter get Bowe and Greene; give Hillis and Nelson get Dez Bryant and Nate Burleson.

    I’m inclined to take one of the first two. What do you think?

  36. jim says:

    is it silly to ask for ROS defenses? also, was wondering when RCL rankings will be updated?

  37. Random Collmenter says:

    Was offered Peterson for Megatron straight up.

    Other RB’s are CJ2K, Mathews, Ringer, Morris.

    Other WR’s are Larry Fitz, Miles Austin, Percy, Simpson.

    .5 PPR. You like??? Thanks.

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Random Collmenter: Gotta do it.

    @jim: Not silly, but the FantasyPros system doesn’t allow for that right now.

    @Robert: Yeah, I like both of those. Would probably go with Nicks.

    @exactly: It was an oversight. He’s up there now.

    @Steve Stevenson: Yep

    @Rocky: I would

    @barker: I’d drop Moore for Brown and Decker for Gaffney.

    @Benny: It’s close, but I’d go for it.

  39. Bluety says:

    I have Vick, CJ, Mark Ingram, Steven Ridley, H. Nicks, J. Maclin, E. Decker, HDB, Plax, J. Witten.

    I have been offered RDMC, Bush, Matthew Standford, B. Jacobs or Vick, ingram, nicks and a nobody should i do this. Im currently 4-2? thanks

  40. Gino says:

    5 starters on bye.

    Should I start Mario Manningham or Brandon Marshall as WR2?

    For flex, should I start Mike Tolbert, Jackie Battle or Mario Manningham (or Brandon Marshall depending on the first question)?

    I’m 6-1 playing the other 6-1 in my league this week. Really want to win this one!

  41. TomKat says:

    Hey, tough trade question here. Was offered McFadden, Jennings, and Big Ben for C Johnson, Schaub, and Plaxico. Current 8 team roster, nonppr:

    QB: Schaub
    WR: Johnson, Wallace, N Washington, Burress
    RB: Gore, CJ2K, Blount, Murray, D Thomas, Battle

    Can’t decide if I’m going to make up what I’m losing with Megatron here, or if this is just a risky lateral move. Also, happen to be playing this guy this week, but his lineup is kinda weak with byes and may be able to pull out a win regardless of deal. Thanks for any advice!

  42. RickyD says:

    Would you trade Tolbert for Torain?

  43. herschel says:

    @Doc: ppr league, need to start two of the following:

    battle vs sd
    bjge @ pit
    tate vs jax
    spiller vs wash
    sanders vs ne


  44. herschel says:

    @Doc: ppr league wr help. who do you like to start for this week?

    harvin @ car
    breaston vs sd
    sanders vs ne (assuming ward doesnt play)
    d. baldwin vs cin


  45. Cc21 says:

    Getting stevie for A hern- good deal?

  46. SWB says:

    Chris Johnson or DeMarco Murray?


    Anquan Boldin or Miles Austin?

  47. @Doc I have beanie and just grabbed Alfonso smith in case he doesn’t go. McFadden Mike Bush and Ingram on my bench. I have 1st waiver priority do I use it on Deangelo Williams or see what Alfonso can do?

  48. Bluety says:

    I have Vick, CJ, Mark Ingram, Steven Ridley, H. Nicks, J. Maclin, E. Decker, HDB, Plax, J. Witten.

    Would you trade Ridley, Redman and Nicks for Best, Morris and A. Johnson?

  49. Clint

    Clint says:

    Doc is out on vacation, so for what it’s worth I’ll offer answers to your questions until Doc is back in the saddle.

    @herschel: Harvin if he plays. If he’s out, then Breaston.

    @Cc21: Depends a little on your team needs, but the trade is fair.

    @SWB: Johnson and Boldin.

    @Chicago Mike: I answered your question on a more recent post. I’d roll with Smith based on his expected work load.

    @Bluety: Yes I would. You need an RB and by getting Best and Morris in the deal you’re getting a starting RB no matter what Best’s injury status is any given week.

  50. Lubey says:

    Yo whats up with the wr ranks?

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