Hello all! Here are the strategery numbers expanded over the rest of the fantasy football season. They are colorful so that’s neat. So the higher the number the easier the defense against the pass or run. I’d do some analysis here, but I’m on vacation ovah haeer!!

Pass Defense:

Rush Defense:

  1. @Doc I have Beanie and just grabbed Alfonso Smith in case he doesn’t go. McFadden, Mike Bush, and Ingram on my bench. I have 1st waiver priority. Do I use it on Deangelo Williams or see what Alfonso can do?

  2. draz says:

    I was offered Arien Foster for either welker or Megatron in a ppr league. I really need an RB so I’ll do the trade but who do you think I should give up?

  3. Boog says:

    So, judging from this list… I would be wise to make a run at Daniel Thomas for the playoff run in all of my leagues?

  4. Robert says:

    Do you think that this means Shonn Greene might actually have some value? Got him as a throw in on a trade, but looking at this makes me think he might be good towards the end of the season. I’m in a ppr league if that matters. Know he hasn’t caught much…

    Also makes me wonder if I can count on Ray Rice to get me to the playoffs, given the brutal schedule wks 10-13

  5. Eric H. says:

    @Doc: 12-team PPR league, 6-point passing TDs, 5-point bonuses for 100 yards rushing/receiving and 300 yards passing… Should I trade Philip Rivers to get Ryan Mathews?

    My starting lineup would be:

    QB- Big Ben
    RB- LeSean McCoy
    RB- Ryan Mathews
    WR- Hakeem Nicks
    WR- Steve Johnson
    Flex- Jahvid Best or DeMarco Murray or Mario Manningham
    TE- Dustin Keller

    Pull the trigger?



  6. bert says:

    Looking to trade vjax bradshaw and little for sproles and r white is this a fair trade or would I have to offer him something else instead of little

  7. Eng says:

    Hi there, Doc. Thanks for the regular updates. Quick question. Would you trade your Sydney Rice for his Vernon Davis? Or will rice pickup with TJ back under center?

  8. DDT says:

    Doctor, I have Brady, Big Ben, and Tebow in a 2QB league. I’m starting Brady and Ben this week, right? Right…???

  9. Clint

    Clint says:

    Doc is on vacation, so while he’s out livin’ the dream I’ll offer some answers to your questions, for what it’s worth.

    @Chicago Mike: If Wells is out I’d go with Smith on expected work load alone. Hang on to that #1 priority for a better option later in the season.

    @draz: Ugh. I’d hate to give up either, but if I had to choose one it would be Megatron.

    @Boog: Yes, but don’t overpay to get him.

    @Robert: Sure Greene has value. PPR not as much, but he’s getting 20+ touches a game. Rice has a tough schedule, but he does enough in the passing game to hold big value against any opponent. Have faith in Rice, Rice, baby.

    @Eric H.: If you can get Mathews for Rivers, I’d do it. You can afford that trade.

    @bert: If anything, I think you’re giving up a little too much. I think VJax/Bradshaw is fair for Sproles/White. I wouldn’t even get Little involved.

    @Eng: I’m not Doc, but for what it’s worth I’d make that trade assuming you need a tight end.

  10. Clint

    Clint says:

    @DDT: Doc is on vacation, but for what it’s worth…right!

  11. Eng says:

    Thanks Clint, much appreciated bud

  12. Eng says:

    Oh I nearly forgot, FWIW.

  13. The G says:

    Cam Newton vs the Vikings or Tom Brady vs the Steelers? Thanks!

  14. rick says:

    Does this chart mean…
    1. The team team name on the far left&right IS PLAYING that rank of Defense that week?
    2. The team name on the far left&right IS that rank of D that week?

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