There are a whole lot of numbers below here, but suffice it to say the higher the numbers the worse the defense. These are based on numbers through 5 weeks. Will the Eagles turn their rush D around? Maybe. Will the Patriots stop giving up a million yards per game through the air? Also maybe. So you can’t just take these as fact, but I do think they can help a little in evaluating close trades. I’ve split these up into the rest of the season and weeks 14-15-16, i.e. the Fantasy Playoffs. Take a look see and see what you think.

Pass Defense Rest Of The Season:

Wow, I sure wish Mark Sanchez was playing better because he has a very nice schedule the rest of the year. These numbers do make me feel better about having him around for spot starts and for my Santonio Holmes hopes to come to fruition . . . On the opposite end of the chart, i.e. the ass-end, the Cardinals passing game, i.e. Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald, i.e. Tweedle Dee and Larry Fitzgerald have a tough road ahead . . . I can’t say I’m hating Dwayne Bowe‘s schedule. That guy just keeps making me like him . . . It might be time to sell high on A.J. Green after week 8 . . . It sure would be nice if one of those crazy-talented Oakland receivers would start averaging about 10 targets a game because they’ve got some nice matchups . . .

Pass Defense Fantasy Playoffs:

Tim Tebow and Brandon Lloyd might just be the playoff studs this season . . . Curtis Painter and Pierre Garcon maybe not as much . . . I can’t wait to start that Bears receiver when the playoffs come around, you know, that one . . . You might not want to bench Aaron Rodgers come playoff time or his 12 receivers. I know you were thinking about it . . . I’m loving Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s schedule here, but he’s in Buffalo week’s 15 and 16. I’m no meteorologist but mid-December in Buffalo isn’t exactly flip-flop weather . . . I’m really liking Eli Manning‘s schedule until the playoffs hit. If these numbers hold to form he might be a good sell high in a couple months. Including some of his receivers . . . I was high on Tony Romo and the Cowboys passing game coming into the season and these numbers aren’t discouraging me from that. If they can stay healthy they will help your team . . .

  1. Marvin says:

    Trying to get to .500 this week
    who should start as my flex. Ernest graham or jeremy maclin? I also have ingram but I feel its between them.
    12 team non ppr

  2. Jason says:

    I have Cutler as my bye week fill-in…would you pick up either Dalton, Alex Smith, or Bradford instead?

  3. Ted says:

    Pick two for this week – Best, Torain, or Thomas? Appreciate everything, keep up the good work.

  4. Jon says:

    I give: Cam + Megatron
    I get: Rice + Hillis

    14 team non PPR, here’s my current roster:

    QB – Vick
    WR – Megatron
    WR – Dez
    RB – Blount
    RB – D Thomas
    TE – F Davis
    Flex – Harvin
    BN – Cam, Tebow, L Moore, Ridley, M Thomas

    His team

    Torrey Smith
    Kevin Walter
    S Greene
    BN Jerome Simpson, E Graham, Dickson, Hasselbeck, Baldwin

    Am I giving up too much? Any help is appreciated.

  5. J Dub says:

    Thanks for all the insightful commentary Doc!

    Flex spot this week: O. Daniels or M. Ingram? – non PPR league

  6. DrunkWisconsin says:

    @Jon: I am in a very simliar position…in that I have Brees and Cam. I have thought long and hard about how to approach this type of trade…and to me you are giving to much. I think what you are offering is quite fair in a world where everyone is able to play all the positions the same. That is, if fantasy football did not force you to slot players into specific positions (e.g. you have to play just 1 QB). And in a game where the QBs are of such high, high value, giving a QB away for even the best RB might not make sense. Take a peak at your ‘all league players total stats’ and you will notice that Cam, Brees, Rodgers and Brady make up the top four players, with people like megatron and fred jackson falling near by (sort of…but not really). The question I ask myself is, will these other, non-QB players continue to put up points like the QBs will…probably not. So what you are stuck with is a few, top knotch, really high rated QBs, and everyone else.

    For now, (that is, until the playoffs are close), I am going to sit with my 2QB attack, however, I can see the type of trouble you are in with Harvin as your flex. Have you been hitting up the waiver wires on a weekly basis? E.g., did you try for earnest grahm, knowing that blount may be out this week? Really, it seems like any trade which gives away megatron will throw your season. Think about it this way…what if you give up someone like harvin, or d thomas plus your QB for two steller RBs?…you would feel unstopable, right?. Also, maybe do like Rice+green straight up for Cam. That way, he keeps some of his power, and you net some serious attributes.

    Also, I am not sure how good this guy feels about Eli…but Eli always has good fake football stats, no matter how bad of a real, winey, player he is.

  7. Peanut Gallery says:

    You da man Doc!

  8. Sawx10 says:

    Hey Doc,

    Just proposed trade: I give- Newton and Marshall for Nicks. I have Vick at QB so Newton is just riding my bench. Also with Vick and Nicks on a bye week 7 this will kill me that week. But I’m still leaning toward taking it…am i crazy?

    My team:
    QB: Vick, Newton. WR: Marshall, Thomas (Jac), Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Harry Douglas, Jenkins. RB: Foster, Rice, Starks, Graham, Spiller. TE: Graham


  9. Gavin says:

    Pick 2 RB’s to start: Hardesty, Daniel Thomas, Ridley, Bernard Scott. Cheers.

  10. Plainview says:

    Who is a better flex play this week: Shonn Green or Jermichael Finley?

  11. Jon says:

    @DrunkWisconsin: Thanks for the insight. I first offered Vick for Rice and he countered with that. I’ve been picking up RB’s weekly like B Scott, Ridley, just hoping one sticks and unfortunately Graham got picked up prior to week 5. I also just dropped Moreno to pick up Tebow assuming I’d trade Vick this week for a top tier RB. Jackie Battle’s on the wire and hopefully I can grab him if the trade falls through.

    I was thinking of countering with Vick & Dez for Rice & Greene. Either that or your suggestion of Cam for Rice and Greene.

  12. Kiss tha Baby says:

    @ Doc

    Picked up Tim Tebow in my FAAB, i already have cam newton. Trade Tebow and Helu for Hakeem Nicks and Hasselbeck?

    No brainer right?

    I need WR help big time.

  13. Jhern says:

    I have chris johnson and nate washington and can trade for for gore and buress.I know plax hasnt done much of anything but gore looks good. Thoughts?

  14. Clueless says:

    Julio Jones just showed up on WW, he will be available on 10/15

    Would he be worth going after and if so who should I drop in order to make room?

    T Tebow

    Santana Moss
    Victor Cruz
    D. Heyward-Bey

    S Greene
    M Tolbert

  15. Ken Plane says:

    Doc – Bye week fill-in at QB – Bradford, Freeman, McCoy, Sanchez, Smith or Dalton. Thanks

  16. Ron Paul says:

    Yikes. A lot of the top 10 seem to be a veritable who’s-who of mediocre/untrustworthy QB’s.

    It does provide some hope for Tebow however, at least he’ll get a legitimate shot to perform. Matt Moore could have a few games, although that says more about Brandon Marshall’s value going forward than anything else.

    Thanks for the article!

  17. trick dad says:

    who’s the most rosterable flex option ROS: spiller, d. brown, d. moore?

  18. huckleberry says:

    just acquired cam, cutting my favorite water source, rivers for some depth (also picked up tebow). which deal would you offer? (is it even fair? ) i’m offering rivers,gronk and cruz for…. #1. austin, beanie, devery OR #2 Felix, A.J. Green, stevie johnson.

  19. Art Vandelay says:

    Hey Doc, I have an 0-5 team that it badly under-achieving. Was wondering what you think of this roster, who you would drop, and thoughts about trade options. 12 team PPR league. The Offensive Player flex can be a QB.

    QB: Romo
    RB1: Mendenhall
    RB2: Ingram
    WR: Roddy
    WR: Manningham
    O/P Flex: Newton
    TE: Winslow
    D/ST: Streaming
    K: Kasay
    Bench: Sidney Rice, Mike Thomas, Delone Carter, Reggie Bush, Redman, Bradford, LT

    Unfortunately, the only guys with real trade value are Romo and Newton, I think. I would consider trading Newton but for the fact that I like using a QB over a RB/WR in the OP Flex spot (since they score more points generally). Plus I think my core RBs and WRs are due for a bounce back, but I obviously can’t wait any longer for that to happen. Thoughts?

  20. james d says:

    1 pt PRR; 12-man; 2qb

    I give: Cutler + Greene + Jimmy Graham (NO) + Andre Johnson
    I get: Hasselback + Sproles + Aaron Hernandez + Gronkowski

    Current starters:
    QB: Rivers
    QB: Freeman or Cutler
    WR: Jacoby Jones (or andre)
    WR: Vincent Jackson
    WR: David Nelson
    RB: Michael Turner
    RB: Shonn Greene
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    W/R/T: Jermaine Gresham
    W/R/T: Greg Little

    My main consideration is that turner/greene/cutler/freeman are all week 8 byes. Also my team is mediocre and could use johnson’s value in actual production


  21. james d says:

    @Gavin: Thomas and Ridley.

    Thomas is a no-brainer

    Then you get your pick of backups. I go with Ridley because he has teh highest upside

  22. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league. Need to start two of the following four (not great choices, i know):

    wayne @ cin
    harvin @ chi
    h douglas vs car
    gaffney vs phi


  23. Denny says:

    12 team PPR:

    Looking to trade P. Hillis since he faded last year and his schedule will prob cause the same this year.

    What level of WR should I target?

    Also thinking about picking up Damian Williams off waiver (would drop L. Robinson.)

  24. El Gato says:

    Ugly state of affairs — need to choose one to start this week (.5 ppr league) –

    Brandon Marshall (v. NYJ) or Mike Williams/TB (v. NO)


  25. ryan34 says:

    should I trade brandon marshall and james starks 4 steven johnson and mendenhall?? what is your insight on that??

  26. Gavin says:

    @ryan34: I have Marshall too. I wish I could trade. Johnson and Mendenhall is definitely the better side.

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ryan34: I think it’s good for you

    @El Gato: Williams

    @Denny: I have a feeling Hillis will have a good game this week so I’d try to sell high afterward. If he does you should be able to get a decent low end WR1. I’d drop Robinson for Williams.

    @herschel: Wayne/Douglas

    @james d: I see where you’re coming from, but I couldn’t do that.

    @Art Vandelay: Yeah, you aren’t in the best position to trade right now. I think you have to hold unfortunately.

    @huckleberry: You may find it hard to get a taker on those.

    @trick dad: I’d lean Moore.

    @Ron Paul: Yeah, not many studs at the top.

    @Ken Plane: Stankcheese

    @Clueless: Drop Bey

    @Jhern: I think they are about even and Washington is ahead of Burress.

    @Kiss tha Baby: Go for it.

    @Plainview: Finley

    @Gavin: Thomas and Ridley (BJGE toe is hurting)

    @Sawx10: I wouldn’t. Nicks for Newton is fair, but not Marshall as well.

    @J Dub: Ingram

    @Jon: That’s too much. Your drop off at WR is too steep.

    @Ted: Torain and Best

    @Jason: Depends on matchups

    @Marvin: Graham

  28. poop says:

    earlier in the week you said you were leaning Green over steve johnson for my WR2.

    would you consider steve johnson over jahvid best in the flex?

    standard league non ppr

    stafford,jennings,green,peterson,forte,olsen,best as of now with option of johnson in flex.

  29. ABM says:

    repost from last thread with more details.

    I give up: Jimmy Graham & V-Jax
    I get: Either Matthews or Best & Stevie Johnson

    Current RBs: Arian Foster, Felix Jones, Mike Tolbert, Jackie Battle
    Current Wrs: V-Jax, Hakeem Nicks, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Heyward-Bey
    Current TEs: Jimmy graham, Jermichael Finley & Jason Witten

    Should I pull the trigger and if so who the better guy to take?
    can start
    2 Wrs
    Offensive flex.

    yardage bonuses at 100yds passing or receiving but not combined

  30. KarlJ. says:

    So in one league I think I just pulled off a decent trade where I moved Eli Manning/ Battle for Steven Jackson. Did I sell high enough on Eli?

    2nd question in another league I am trying to move McGahee for a solid WR. Is McGahee for Santonio Holmes ok or should I shoot higher?

  31. Commish Cauda says:

    I need a RB. Trade Vick for Roethlisberger & Battle?

  32. Jeff says:

    Hey Doc,

    I picked up Tebow on waivers. What level of player should I target to trade him for? I’m looking for bye week depth for either WR or RB.

  33. superfly says:

    I have torain, or mendy to pick from for my rb2 one point ppr what do you think?

  34. unibrah says:


    for week 6. non-ppr league.

    roethlisberger or eli?

    which 3 wrs should i start:
    s. moss
    d. nelson
    t. smith


  35. Random Collmenter says:

    Was offered Miles Austin (or Dez) + Sproles for CJ2K + Gresham.

    Other WRs are Calvin, Percy, Nelson, Little.

    Other RBs are McFadden, Beanie, Torain.

    And I have Gates waiting in the wings when he’s healthy.

    You like this trade? If so, you like Austin or Dez better? Leaning towards Austin. .5 PPR.

    As always, thanks for your help.

  36. The Den says:

    I have Rodgers at QB. My RB’s suck: Greene, D. Thomas, Jackie Battle, Carter, Helu. Would you deal Greene, Tebow, and Battle for Mendenhall?

  37. barker says:

    12 team league trade

    i give dez and ridley i get mike williams (tb) felix jones mario manningham

    my WR dez colston garcon lance moore meachem
    my RB rice cj2k j stew ridley
    my TE graham fred davis hernandez
    my QB schaub campbell

    also i’m trying to get rivers ryan grant holmes for jimmy graham meachem and schaub

    should i keep graham and make a package with hernandez?

  38. barker says:

    sorry for another post

    i get decker for i give meachem

  39. bourne says:

    Tebow or Kolb ROS. All tds 6 pts

  40. longbeachyo says:

    Interesting… I’m not so sure about this graph though. I have Fitzgerald and Green, and I’m not so sure I’m ready to pull the trigger on a trade just by looking at the current stats and matchups. For instance: If I can make it to the playoffs Green’s matchups are Hou, Stl, and Ariz… that looks a hell of-a-lot better to me than Bowe’s Jets, GB, and Oak! (Not knowing the defenses and their numbers off hand, of course)
    I’m very surprised looking at these rankings. You have to take into consideration who the defenses have played to date. I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of formula used to average out the “teams played” to give the defenses a little more realistic assessment.
    For example… Cincinnati on this chart is currently ranked third. They have played: Cle, Den, SF, Buf, and Jacksonville. With the exception of Buffalo, none of these teams are good passing teams. Fitzgerald plays Cincy week 16. Obviously we’ll know more as the weeks get closer, but if I had to make the decision now, I’m starting Fitz.
    Long story short, I’m not making any trades yet.

  41. longbeachyo says:

    As Johnny5 once said, “need more input!”

  42. dave says:

    who is better fantasy player the rest of the year, cam or stafford?

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dave: Stafford

    @unibrah: Eli, Nelson, Manningham, Moss

    @superfly: I’d lean Torain unless it seems like he’s not going to start.

    @Jeff: It might be hard depending on his perceived value in your league. I think he’s worth quite a bit, but he may have to prove that to your league mates.

    @Commish Cauda: No

    @KarlJ.: I like it and I would probably not do that trade with Holmes right now.

    @poop: I’d probably stick with best, but it’s close.

  44. Tom says:

    I was offered a trade in my league, pierre garcon for shonn greene. Should I accept it? Here is my team:

    WR-Greg Jennings
    WR-Jeremy Maclin
    WR- AJ Green
    WR-Lance Moore
    WR-Pierre Garcon
    RB-Ahmad Bradshaw
    RB-Marshawn Lynch
    RB-CJ Spiller
    RB-Knowshown Moreno
    TE-Rob Gronkowski
    DEF-Green Bay

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