Tony Romo: Romopson has split.  Or Simpomo.  Whatever.  They are no longer.  Simpson tweets, “Everyone needs to know that hope floats … grab the strings and pull it back to you.”  This would be a good time for the class to turn their textbooks to “mixed metaphor.”

I know this really shouldn’t change much on the field, but without TO and Simpson and all the distractions they bring, it is hard to imagine this can’t help Romo at least a little. He has to be a little tired of all the talk of choking and vacationing and other -ings.  This is the year he needs to prove himself and I think he has a chance.  Look for Roy Williams and Jason Witten to benefit.

Derrick Mason: He says he’s retiring, which would be a big blow to the Ravens and Flacco.  This story is still in development.  Rumors are flying around about why, but the bottom line is the Ravens need Mason this year.

Michael Turner: “You can’t run 370 times a season,” according to offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.  I don’t know if that’s an absolute, but I do know I average about ten runs a year and they usually coincide with downpours and the El.  So The Burner won’t be burning quite as much as last year which makes sense in reality, but us here in fantasyland don’t care if they run Mr. Burner into the ground as long as his decline doesn’t start until next season!  You can probably drop Turner down half a notch, but I don’t see this revelation changing much.

Bubba Franks: Cut by the Jets for having too old school of name and legs.

Michael Crabtree: Was brought to tears by Mike Singletary.  Reports are that Singletary found yet another chance to drop his pants.

Matt Cassel: Inks a 6 year 63 million dollar deal.  There is a lot to like about the system Cassel will be working in, but a lot to dislike about his new team.  He can be a good fantasy backup since the Chiefs will probably be playing from behind (think Thigpen).

Alex Smith/Shaun Hill: Singletary says he will wait until the third preseason game to name the starting QB.  We all hope this announcement comes pants on.

There aren’t many fantasy options in San Fran, but Frank Gore’s production will be tied to how well one of these two play.  I can’t say I’m overly optimistic.

Tarvaris Jackson:
May demand a trade if and when Favre signs.  Is this before or after he is cut?

Antonio Bryant: The Bucs didn’t give Bryant a new deal so he’ll be a free agent after this season.  He had a break out season last year, but with a new coach and the four-headed monster McLeftFreeson at QB, he will have trouble repeating last year.  His contract situation should get him ready to play so I’m not losing all hope, but I’m waiting to see how the QB situation shakes out.

Brian Robiskie: The Browns’ rookie looks to be the front runner for the #2 wide receiver slot behind Braylon Edwards.  With the Browns looking to play just above horrible this season he probably won’t have much fantasy value, but there are worse things than being the #2 WR on the Browns.  I’m drawing a blank.

The League: A new comedy on F/X that revolves around a group of friends who play fantasy football together in the suburbs of Chicago.  It will be semi-improvised and directed by Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Jeff Schaffer.  Y0u know you’ll watch it.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    100 percent right about romo,its time to grow up and be a leader,no excusses,be interesting to see if barber gets it going this year also,we know witten will put up big numbers and williams will have decent numbers at worse,,but can he make the big plays and really be a big time reciever

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Agreed. I do think people are a little too down on Romo. I’m not a Dallas fan by any means, but he is a good QB and he’s been very good fantasy wise. This will be an interesting year for Dallas.

  3. BSA says:

    As a Patriot’s fan I am interested to watch Cassel grow. He came from a great system which highlighted his strengths. Lets see what happens as he gets exposed in KC

    I actually might want to take Vrabel out for a spin to test how much the injury affected him.

    As to Romo, I think he would have been a good QB in their heyday where the team was the king of the NFL and the QB was the king of Dallas, TX. I don’t think Romo brings enough of what that team needs – leadership.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BSA: I just don’t know about Romo yet. I think he has the skills. We’ll see if the leadership skills come or not.

  5. Gotta a really interesting draft coming up in my $$ keeper league…we keep 3 players, no more than 1 per position, I’m keeping K Warner, L Fitz, and Westbrook. At 7 I guessing Tom Brady and Reggie Wayne will still be there, wondering do I take one of them even tho I dont need that position as much or do I go RB? Hmm.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Elijah: Do you know who might be available at RB? Brady is tempting with Warner’s age.

  7. Well Im guessing the draft will go like something like this:

    #1 Sjackson (Owner also had M Turner, not sure who hes keeping but..)
    #2 LT (Owner is a raiders fan and keeping DMac)
    #3 Chris Johnson (Owner had AD)
    #4 S Slaton/T Brady/A WR? Hard to say here lotta needs on that team
    #5 Best avail RB, maybe B Jacobs?
    #6 Best avail RB, maybe M Barber or R Grant?

    That would leave a group that would include Brady (maybe) R Wayne, Steve Smith (car), Roddy White, perhaps R Grant or M Barber, maybe even Slaton. R Brown J Addai, M Lynch, K Smith also look to be available when I take #7. I also have to consider who would be available at the Turn at #14 as it by the time I pick again most of the prime starters will be off the board as we all keep 3.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Elijah: Warner and Westy both have similar risks. With your 1st pick (if they are there) I’d go with Brady or Slaton based on if you think you’ll get a better QB or RB at 14.

  9. Ehh, yeah but Brady plays the same spot as Warner and there’s no great reason to believe Brady will have a better season. Slaton I feel will be gone there. And I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Brady was still there at #14 as well. Taking Brady is almost like surrendering the title as well, would be hard to find a #2 WR or #2 RB at #27. That’s like late r6 effectively.

  10. Brady had the one Golden year, but when you address the immediate facts, I can’t find any compelling reason to argue why Brady will have a better year than K Warner. The injury fear with Warner is there, but Brady has an actual injury already, so if anything thats a – for Brady. Offense/Weapons wise its a wash. Pats have a bit better OL but other than that I’d take Arizona’s skill guys over the Pats.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Elijah: Agreed. With Warner I would go with a decent backup, but there is no reason to get someone Brady’s caliber. I am high on Brown this year if you can get him at 14. Wayne would be my first pick.

  12. Yeah that was my original analysis. I really had to think it all through tho before I came back to square one. In the end Brady might be higher ranked but with a high upside/risky QB already onboard why add another. I’d prefer to take Wayne or a RB that slips unexpectedly like Slaton or Barber. Now if Brady was still there in r2 (14) I might take him just because he’s too tempting not to. One thing I’ve fpund is in shallower leagues (mines a 10 teamer) theres ALWAYS a few QB’s that everyone discounted that turn out to be solid guys. Warner and Thigpen were both UDFA’s and turned out as top 10 QB’s as I recall…

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    Join 12 team 504823 Draft for 3:31. See you there!

  14. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: damn,missed the draft,keep posting them,ill get catch a few

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: no problem. i’ll do more.

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