I learned a tough lesson last week. Legitimate sources are not right all of the time. So there I was on Thursday night, pounding away at my keyboard about my thoughts on Antonio Brown becoming a Buffalo Bill. I was looking up stats and really trying to imagine what a Josh Allen to Antonio Brown connection would look like. I sent it off to my boys in the group chat and they liked my input. I was happy. The five hours left of sleep that I had before work the next morning was totally worth it. 

That was until I closed my eyes and tried to get to sleep. What if he doesn’t show up? Why would he want to? Why would 31-year-old and set-for-life Antonio Brown want to play for the Buffalo Bills? He had already went on Instagram and said the trade was fake news, but I chose to ignore the life that this trade was actually affecting. I decided to believe Ian Rappaport and other people who were choosing to believe him as well. Ian’s problem? Not sure. He doesn’t seem like the guy who would put his reputation on the line just to beat Schefter by a couple of minutes. Or would he? Who knows. Today was legal tampering day and we have a bunch of contracts agreed to in principle. Not your school princiPAL. See, I still remember elementary spelling. 

Antonio Brown

Vegas has Brown’s over/unders set at 1,100 yards, 95 catches, and 9 touchdowns for next season. Sounds like a fantasy season worth paying a 3rd or 4th round pick for. I don’t know what’s going to happen to his ADP but I probably won’t be taking him whenever he goes. First and foremost, I’m not totally convinced that he won’t be suspended halfway through the season for the domestic issue that the NFL is investigating him for. Second, Derek Carr is a disaster. Third, Jon Gruden is a disaster. In Antonio Brown’s defense, he has a very high ceiling that can only be matched by Mike Evans and Julio Jones. He’s good for 1,000 yards if he plays at least 14 games. I just wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t.

Desean Jackson

Good riddance. Desean Jackson hasn’t been the same wide receiver the last couple of seasons. You can blame it on never developing an on the field chemistry with Jameis Winston. The truth is, Desean has only caught 80 passes one time in his career and that was 6 years ago. Desean Jackson has never had a double digit touchdown season. However, there are a couple of factors that are intriguing to me about Jackson returning to Philadelphia. Carson Wentz is a better quarterback than Jameis Winston and I believe that this offense fits him better than Tampa’s. Desean Jackson’s historical spike weeks make him a great option for the best ball format. I think his overall comfort of being back in Philadelphia could lead to a resurgence and a 1,000 yard season. But, I’m not holding my breath. In Tampa, this is really good news for Chris Godwin. With Desean Jackson and Adam Humphries out of the picture, Godwin will see a nice uptick in targets and production. In fact, there are four instances that DeSean Jackson has sat out that led to 100-yard games for Godwin. He’s a fantastic talent and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do. 

Nick Foles

Nick now has the paycheck to back up the rumor of his manhood. Sorry, I had to take the low-hanging fruit, and apparently his hangs pretty low. This was an overpay for the Jaguars but that doesn’t matter for fantasy football. Nick Foles is an improvement all the way around for the Jaguars offense that was previously led by Blake Bortles. I think that Dede Westbrook is due for an explosion entering his 3rd year in the league and having a legitimate quarterback helps that a lot. I think that Marquise Lee is also an intriguing talent who could easily outperform his summer 2019 ADP, wherever it ends up. As for Nick Foles himself? I think that he’s a middle of the road QB2 in 12 team formats. That could change if the Jaguars decide to spend their first round pick on someone like D.K. Metcalf. There are things to like in this offense. 

Adam Humphries

Adam Humphries signed with the Tennessee Titans and committed career suicide for a nice paycheck. I’m not above it, I’d probably do the same. Marcus Mariota is not a good quarterback and if someone like Corey Davis struggles to be fantasy relevant, how is Adam Humphries going to be worth a draft pick. Humphries was more of a safety blanket to Jameis than he was an outstanding slot wide receiver. 

Mike Davis

I like this move a lot for the Bears and I like it a lot for Mike Davis. Mike was kind of dynamic with the ball in his hands last year averaging over 4.5 yards per carry. One of my favorite follows on twitter pointed out that the Bears were the 7th highest scoring fantasy RB tandem last season. It has been made publicly clear that the Bears are trying everything they can to get rid of Jordan Howard. Mike Davis should be stumbling into a pretty nice workload.

Danny Amendola

Danny Amendola is only ever good for a later round safety net in PPR leagues. He’s never put together a standout season (although he did catch 85 balls one season). He averages a dreadful 9.7 yards per reception in his career. Danny Amendola has never even scored 5 touchdowns in a single season in his entire career. I don’t think that he is going to have a revolutionary breakout at 33 years old for Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions. 

Devin Funchess

I’m all for Andrew Luck getting big red zone targets. I think that this is a good thing for Andrew Luck’s fantasy value. However, I don’t trust Devin Funchess as a fantasy football player. He completely disappeared last season and lost his reps to D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel in Carolina. I don’t view Funchess as any more than a complementary piece for 2019.

Frank Gore

We know exactly who he is. He’s a late round safety net in case LeSean McCoy gets hurt while hurting LeSean McCoy’s value at the same time. 

Jamison Crowder

The New York Jets is probably the best fit for Jamison Crowder. That is, if Sam Darnold takes steps in the right direction in 2019. I’ll probably have a few shares of late round Crowder for the upside. 

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