Week 7 was about as insane as you can imagine.  The Browns have now beaten the past three Super Bowl champions the year after their glory.  The Bills, the last winless team, just about beat the Ravens in Baltimore.  Jay Cutler threw four interceptions, all to the same guy and the Bears still lead their division. The Raiders went into Denver and embarrassed the Broncos, putting 59 points on them. The Browns punter had more rushing yards than Chris Johnson.  And that’s just a sample of the crazy burger fried up in week 7.  Here’s a little larger helping:

Darren McFadden could have walked into the end zone with some of the holes he was given on the left side of the line yesterday. The Broncos defense never actually showed up so the Rockies had to suit up.  Tulowitzki and Helton made a valiant effort, but were run over for the most part.

The self declared 70%, backup running back totaled 196 yards and 4 touchdowns on just 18 touches, which I hear is a good game in the football league.  He’s obviously the #1 back and the only thing that can hold him back is his ability to stay healthy, which he has had trouble doing.  Michael Bush had a TD in garbage time, but it was truly garbage time.

Kenny Britt: I will be the first to admit when I was wrong.  And I was wrong about Britt this week.  Especially after hearing that backup QB Kerry Collins had lost the tip of his index finger on his throwing hand to a wombat attack, or something similar.  And add to that Britt’s bar altercation and starting him against the Eagles was not high on my priority list.  But he decided to go all Jerry Rice Monday Night Football on us with 225 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Will the stars align like this again? No, but he’s worth giving the benefit of the doubt.  And of course he is worth grabbing if he’s still on your waiver wire.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: His good games this season seemed kind of like a novelty.  In his first start he had 2 touchdowns, then 2 again, then 3, and now 4!  Four passing touchdowns against the Ravens is pretty darn good, but also says a little something about the Ravens, but never the less, he’s worth grabbing in deeper leagues and as a backup if yours is sucking.

Lee Evans: There were a lot of fantasy points left on the bench or in free agency this week and many of those from Bills players. Evans had 105 yards and 3 touchdowns and sadly he probably won’t score another touchdown until week 17.

Steve Johnson: All this guy does is score touchdowns, and have an extremely boring name.  I guess you can’t ignore him anymore, which means he will crawl back into the hole he came from.

Roddy White: There is no doubt that Rowdy Roddy White is a top 3 receiver and this game moves him a little closer to Andre Johnson.  The Bengals aren’t the worst pass defense in the league and dropping 201 yards and 2 touchdowns on them is no easy task.

Michael Turner: This was the game we’ve been waiting on from the Burner.  He had averaged a touchdown per game for the Falcons, but had only 1 through 6 games this season.  The world order is slowly, um, getting more ordery with Turner’s 144 total yards and 2 touchdowns.  Hopefully you got him on the cheap.

Carson Palmer: 412 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions was not the line I foresaw in my fantasy football Magic 8 Ball, but it was the line I saw after doing an 8 ball.  Can he do this again?  Sure, but I’m not going to risk my fantasy life on it until I see some consistency.

David Gettis: Matt Moore did about 4 Sam Bradfords better than Jimmy Clausen, but of course Gettis and not Steve Smith was the beneficiary of 125 yards and 2 touchdowns.  If, and that is a huge if, Moore can put together some semblance of a passing game it looks like Gettis will get hi 5-8 targets a week.  That isn’t saying much, but in deep leagues it is better than nothing.  But in 12 team leagues he isn’t going to be consistent enough.

James Jones: Donald Driver had gone 133 games with a reception, but last night that streak ended and Jones had 8 targets to Driver’s 1.  Jordy Nelson had 7 targets, but Jones did more with his targets catching 4 for 107 yards and coming this close to a touchdown (I am currently holding my thumb and pointy finger very close together for those of you without imaginations).  It’s hard to say this is the changing of the guard because the targets through the first 7 games are all over the place, but I am leaning toward Jones being fairly consistent toward playoff time.

Beanie Wells: He once again had more carries than Tim Hightower while Tim fumbled, which The Whiz has a Kubiakan disdain for.  Also Wells finally got into the end zone.  Hightower runs with a little more urgency at times, but Wells has more patience and skill.  Wells owners (like me) can’t be happy with the QB situation, but if Wells becomes the go to guy he is easily a RB 2 going forward.

Ray Rice: R&R was probably the most disappointing fantasy player of the day.  He was fine, but only rushed 16 times for 72 yards.  Why you don’t give the ball to your most dynamic player 20+ times no matter what, is beyond me.  Yes, the Bills punched the Ravens square in the jaw, but it’s not as if Rice isn’t an asset on passing downs.  Of course he ended up with 1 reception for 1 yard.  I see no reason to worry too much.  Rice is still the guy and will get his.

Jordan Shipley: He returned from his concussion to a lucid 131 yards receiving and a touchdown.  He still only had 6 targets out of Palmer’s 50 attempts so I’m not going to go crazy here.  He is worth keeping an eye on, but don’t break the bank for him just yet.

Knowshon Moreno: He was the only Bronco who can hold his head higher than Bob Costas.  He had 2 receiving touchdowns and 90 total yards and didn’t injure himself. Add to that his nice rest of the season schedule and you have a chance at a nice stretch run from him.

Dwayne Bowe: He was only targeted 5 times and only caught 3 of those, but made the most of them gaining 81 yards and 2 touchdowns. I’m still not all in on Bowe and could see selling high at any time, but his next 4 games are good matchups, so don’t give him away.

Marques Colston: Well, it took 6 games and a drubbing by the Cleveland Browns, but Colston finally got into the endzone and topped 100 yards.  Aliens have abducted Drew Brees.

Kevin Kolb: He threw the ball 48 times, but only ended up with 231 yards 1 TD and 2 INTs.  There is no quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.

Mike Williams (SEA): When you get 16 targets and 15 the week before. you are going to catch a few of those.  He got into the endzone for the first time this year and had 11 receptions for 87 yards.  If he can continue to get close to these numbers of targets he will continue to be worthwhile in PPR leagues at the very least, but is worth a pick up in non PPR too.

LaGarrette Blount: He had 11 carries for 72 yards and has no doubt taken over the lead back role.  Caddy will probably still get the passing down work, but Blount is a man-beast.  He is up there with AP, SJax and Hillis in running backs you don’t want to meet one on one.  If he’s available, he is a must grab.

Ryan Torain: I didn’t expect Torain to run for 125 yards in Chicago, but he did.  His fumble hurt since he didn’t get a TD, but compared to some of the crap jobs by running backs yesterday you can’t be too disappointed.

  1. DSimms says:

    I’d like to thank beer pong and hawaiian standard time for the steelers vs. dolphins game starting at 7 am and me being too hungover to put ronnie in the lineup therefore leaving in mcfadden. i love alcohol

  2. Gambler says:

    Right now, I have Pierre Thomas, Jonathan Stewart, and Ryan Matthews at RB.. (I also have Turner, Bradshaw, and F. Jones, but 2 of them have bye weeks next.) Pierre Thomas says he doesn’t know when he will be healthy enough to play, and when he comes back he will probably share carries with Ivory.. Matthews gets no goalline carries, and has two tough matchups coming up and then a bye. Which of these guys do you think is droppable in a 10-team league? Personally, I want to drop both Matthews and Thomas..

    Also who do you think is a better replacement in the near future: Blount or Fred Jackson?

  3. jeff says:

    Trying to look ahead and grab a DEF for the upcoming week. Who do you like out of these?

    Washington @ Detroit

    Tampa @ Arizona

    St. Louis vs Carolina

    Miami @ Cincy

  4. Wilsonian says:

    Also looking ahead to next week…

    Colston v. Pit or Big Mike (Sea) @ da Rayduhs?

    Moreno v. SF across the pond or Best v. Was?

    Both are 0.5 PPR

    Also, would like to bitch and moan about my opponent getting 37 points out of GB and Hall (we play IDPs). He’s 1-5, I’m 4-2 and right now I’m up 23 points on him and he’s still got Manningham and Witten tonight. Here’s to hoping for a 6-3 MNF game.

  5. Wilsonian says:

    Also looking ahead to next week…

    Colston v. Pit or Big Mike (Sea) @ da Rayduhs?

    Moreno v. SF across the pond or Best v. Was?

    Both are 0.5 PPR.

    Also, I need to bitch about this week. I’m still up 23 points going into tonight, but my opponent still has Manningham and Witten tonight. He got lucky with GB and Hall (we play IDPs). I now officially hate Favre and Cutler more than the Devil himself. Without those bums forgetting which team they play for, I’d have this crap locked up. Here’s to hoping for a 6-3 MNF game.

  6. Dazed&Confused says:


    2 Questions:

    Do you think P Manning will still put up solid numbers for the rest of the season? I know he’s Peyton “I can make any receiver better” Manning but the loss of Clark, Collie, and A Gonz hurts a little doesn’t it?

    Also, what should I do with Ryan Mathews? He is extremely frustrating to own. SD just will not give him the ball enough and Tolbert vulturing TDs is just killing me even more. Given SD’s not so friendly playoff sched, do you think it’s too crazy for me to pick up L Blount (fair playoff sched and is looking beastly) and drop Mathews? I don’t even think I can trade Mathews at this point.

  7. Nick says:

    10 team league…dump Donald Brown for Blount? Also w/ Baltimore on bye should I drop them in favor of another D going forward or just drop my 2nd TE H. Miller for Tampa, Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis or Oakland?

  8. Wilsonian says:

    Looking for some advice from the Razzball nation…

    Just was offered Megatron, Rice and Forte for my Wayne, DMC and Best.

    I don’t really want to take it, especially after DMC’s monster game yesterday. I’m starting to lose faith in Rice, Forte is crap, and Wayne is hopefully only going to get more targets with the Colts losing a few guys.

    What do you guys think?

  9. Wilsonian says:

    @Ken Plane:

    What do you think of my Colston and DMC offer for Mendy, now, even though that trade has been cancelled (which I’m glad for the time being)? Haha. Sorry, had to do it, even if it was just one week. Emoticon.

  10. NP says:

    Do you think P Manning will still put up solid numbers for the rest of the season? I know he’s Peyton “I can make any receiver better” Manning but the loss of Clark, Collie, and A Gonz hurts a little doesn’t it?

    Also, what should I do with Ryan Mathews? He is extremely frustrating to own. SD just will not give him the ball enough and Tolbert vulturing TDs is just killing me even more. Given SD’s not so friendly playoff sched, do you think it’s too crazy for me to pick up L Blount (fair playoff sched and is looking beastly) and drop Mathews? I don’t even think I can trade Mathews at this point.

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    251.6 points to my opponents 69.84 in a 10 player non ppr league =’s best score I or anyone else has ever had. I’d like to thank Matt Ryan, Roddy White, DMac and Kenny Britt….you all are the best

  12. Joel says:

    Doc, 2 Qs: 1) would you rather have Gore and ARod or CJ and Romo going forward? 2) would you drop Brandon jacobs for Blount?

  13. The Vaporizers says:

    I currently play Bradshaw at Flex and have Ivory on the bench.

    I think I can get RunDMC and Shonn Green for Bradshaw and Ivory.

    Green would be a bench stash in case LT goes down. And I would be starting RunDMC at flex week in and week out instead of Ahmad Bradshaw. I like Green’s potential much more than Ivory for the playoff stretch, but I’m still now sure I like DMC more than Bradshaw.

  14. Howie says:

    @Doc: Now that the dust has settled from yesterday’s insanity, a couple of questions for us non-PPRs:

    1) WR world… of the players you commented on today, it feels as if you would select Britt over the others. Correct? If so, would you go with him over the likes of Carolina Smith the rest of the way?

    2) TE sphere… are you bothered as I about AHernandez’ drops the past two weeks? Does this impact his fantasy numbers going forward (i.e., Brady loses faith)?

    Lastly…now that we are nearing mid-season– any chance for your updated “rest of the year” rankings (could help those of us making middle of the year trades/waiver wire moves)?


  15. NP says:

    Sorry for the double post – I couldn’t see my first post listed.

  16. I Am the Liquor says:

    Alright Doc I need your expert opinion on this one:

    Do you think I should do one of the following trades? I’m worried about Cutler and have the WR depth to trade for a QB. It seems like a good time to make a trade, with Cutler having a bye. I just don’t feel too confident in Cutler, considering his INT issues. I can trade Fitz for Schaub or Maclin for Ryan (or Fitz for Ryan).

    My team –.5 ppr- start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

    QB- Cutler, Stafford for week 8 bye (other WW options- Freeman, Bradford)
    RB- Rice, Hillis, Moreno, Woodhead, Starks
    WR- Austin, Fitz, Maclin, Woodhead
    TE- Z Miller, Hernandez (Can play TE at flex so my TE2 isnt a bad flex option)

    Would you make either of those trades? Thanks for your help!

  17. MJD Took A Knee says:

    What should I do with Cutler? I have Ben and I don’t think I could ever start Cutler again. And what about his trade value if he has any. I could drop Cutler for : NonPPR

    VJax – Jonathan Stewart – Mike Williams SEA – Blount – James Jones – Blair White – Donald Brown – Matthew Stafford – Anthony Gonzalez – Tim Tebow

    Whoever I picked up would be a flier. Or I could just hold Cutler.

  18. Ken Plane says:


    My point is that I will not trade an injured player. That was the driving force behind my thinking. Now that McFadden has played a game I can see the trade. The only other option is if you had mentioned in your offer that McFadden was injured and could be back soon. Now whether that is Pollyanna-ish or not that is how I prefer to play fantasy football.

  19. Vaporizers says:

    ALSO, regaring Bradshaw for DMC trad. I have Foster and McCoy already at RB’s so depth with Green really isn’t a factor. After week 8, I pretty much have no more byes. But I have SIX byes this upcoming week.

  20. cha boy says:

    whats the deal with blair white from indy? worth the pickup? thanks

  21. timmy riggins says:

    bowe and mcfadden for rowdy roddy white….. .5 ppr?

  22. Wilsonian says:

    @Ken Plane: oh, I totally understand. Like I said, I had to expect it to get rejected, which he did, saying that he just didn’t want to deal Mendy. But we’re talking about some others. I just had to bust your balls a little. I never expected that to happen…hell, I didn’t even have DMC in my lineup.

  23. Joel says:

    Doc, TB DEf @ Arizona at home, or Seattle D on the road @ Oak?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DSimms: It is very versatile!

    @Gambler: I couldn’t drop either yet. They suck, no doubt, Jackson and Blount aren’t going to outperform them on the average. If you are set on it I’d grab Blount.

    @jeff: Not in love with them, but Tampa.

    @Wilsonian: Hah, yeah, that really sucks. Hopefully you’ll pull that one out though. I like Best and Colston.

    @Dazed&Confused: I think with Garcon and Wayne Peyton will be ok. It is tempting, I’m leaning toward keeping Mathews.

    @Rookie Season: It’s going to be a tough one. Just hope that Nicks’ hammy acts up. That’s a tough group there. Guess I’m leaning Tampa. Not looking forward to finding my matchup D this week!

    @Nick: I’d keep Brown. That offense is too good. I’d roll with Dallas. Baltimore looked pitiful.

    @Wilsonian: I like it. DMC is great, but you won’t see this game out of him again and the Raiders aren’t all of the sudden good. Plus he is injury prone.

    @Mr2Bits: Hah, congrats!

    @Joel: CJ and Romo. That’s tough, Jacobs I getting his TDs, but Bradshaw is getting the yards. Jacobs is still safer and on a better offensive team, but I could see grabbing Blount for the upside if it’s a bench spot.

    @The Vaporizers: Yeah, Bradshaw and DMC are close. I do like Greene more than Ivory, so I lean toward taking it.

    @Howie: With Moore showing some game and Smith just returning I think they’ll get back on track. I’m still leaning Smith. Yeah, AHer is concerning me, but he is still getting his shots. He had 8 targets which tied for the lead. He is essentially the #1/2 receiver for the Patriots. I’m sticking with him. Yeah, I’ll try to get a rankings done.

    @I Am the Liquor: I can see doing the Schaub trade. I don’t love it, but it isn’t going to hurt your team and could help overall.

    @MJD Took A Knee: I rather have a backup QB as long as you aren’t in desperate need at other positions. With that free agency pool I’m guessing a 10 teamer? I’d hold for now.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cha boy: He’s worth a pickup with AGonz having a set back. Should be the #3 WR in Indy.

    @timmy riggins: I’d go for it

    @Joel: Hmm, leaning Seattle, but don’t like either on the road.

  26. Calogero says:

    Dear Patriots offense (namely Brady, Hernandez and Welker),

    Die in a fire.



    18.5 points combined from 3 players projected by most respectable places to total about 35. Cut your stupid chick hair!

    And Wes Welker has been firmly ROUTED by Danny Woodhead for the title of best small white guy at a skill position. While the actual level of skill is possibly still undecided, Woodhead is considerably smaller and probably whiter than Welker.

    And to think, I was excited when I dealt BJax for Welker after Week 3. Oh, and did I mention that I went against BJax this week? THIS IS NOT OVER, WELKER.


  27. Calogero says:

    I’m with Doc, A-Her’s numbers weren’t good and he did drop a few…but we’re talking about an offense that produced 200 TOTAL YARDS. Kenny Britt outgained their whole team. Don’t make too many judgments from this week alone.

    I think in a normal Pats game where Brady throws for 300, A-Her will catch 75-100 of them. Plus he’s bound to get a touchdown eventually.

  28. I Am the Liquor says:

    @Doc: So you have enough confidence in Cutler to be a solid fantasy QB down the stretch, that you would stay put if you were me?

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @I Am the Liquor: Well, confidence is a strong word. I think his upside is way up there in that offense if they can figure things out. If they throw up a crapper after a week off I’m selling.

  30. Ken Plane says:

    Favre has fractured ankle – Does he finally ride off into the sunset?

  31. NP says:

    Would you drop Shonn Greene for Blount in non PPR?

  32. alex says:

    RE: Cutler, he has a great matchup against the Bills after the bye and has a really nice playoff schedule. Maybe he can clear up his head and Martz can work his magic over the bye.

    Also, the 12 team waiver guys like Stafford, Freeman, Fitzpatrick, etc don’t have as good of a matchup as Cutler in Week 9. So I’m holding this week.

    Thanks Doc, I had D-Mac/Roddy/Moreno/Boldin/Percy in this week, so I did pretty well. If I win my league I will send in some ched in tribute.

  33. Gambler says:

    Any idea on how much time Deangelo will miss? They’re saying he’s day to day, but don’t foot sprains usually last 2+ weeks?

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Gambler: I’m not too worried about him.

    @alex: Hah, Good luck

    @NP: No, just because of their offenses.

    @Ken Plane: Looking pretty good for him not to play next week. I’m sure he’ll be back.

  35. dingbat says:

    So much for Cutler against the 29th-rated pass defense. Sanchez, Henne, Stafford, and Bradford are all available. Are any of them worth dropping Cutler for? How about Stafford for the next five weeks and then (hopefully) Henne thereafter?

  36. dingbat says:

    @Mr2Bits: You’re like an urban legend!

  37. Drew Crew says:

    heap or moeaki in ppr rest of the way?

  38. G.O.B. says:

    Doc, in a PPR league would you drop Fred Jackson for Blount?

  39. I Am the Liquor says:

    @Doc: Thanks doc

  40. Wilsonian says:


    I asked you about a trade earlier that was his Megatron, RRice and Forte for my Wayne, DMC and Best. You said go for it. However he cancelled his trade and sent another one. Now he’s offering:

    His Megatron, RRice and Forte for my Boldin, DMC and Hillis.

    It’s a 0.5 PPR and we play 3WRs, 2RBs, 1 flex W/R. My current lineup is White, Marshall, Wayne, Boldin, Colston, CJ, DMC, Hillis, Best, Moreno. I’m a little worried about Rice’s workload right now and Forte is so hit or miss that I’m not a big fan either. Mega, now I’m good with the swap of him for Boldin, but what about the swap of backs? I’m not sure about that. What say you, sir?

  41. BAM says:

    taking your advice from last week, i’m still chasing Donald Brown (as I own Addai). it looks like the other owner and I have settled on:

    Brandon Lloyd


    Donald Brown
    Dez Bryant

    My other receivers are Nicks, R.Moss, Meachem, MSW, A.Gonzalez (12 team, .5pt PPR)

    What do you think?

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: I think it works.

    @Wilsonian: I think it’s pretty even. I like Ray Rice more than you so I would still go ahead with it, but I could understand passing.

    @G.O.B.: PPR I think I’d stick with Jackson.

    @Drew Crew: Heap

    @dingbat: I’d grab Stafford, but would like to keep Cutler too. Can you do that?

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: Well, I just heard that Martz is going to use Chester Taylor near the goal line. Pass.

  44. Nick says:

    @Doc: Still roll with Dallas defense? I just dropped Baltimore for them and Romo is out for weeks now which impacts the D slightly

  45. Black Beard says:

    Romo has a fractured left clavicle…drop Garrard pickup Kitna?

  46. struggler says:

    ppr league. need a qb with romo hurt. ben for best? have mendy, pt, torrain, dmc, bush

  47. struggler says:

    other option is use palmer or bradford. thanks

  48. Nick says:

    @Nick: On top of that they look awful…San Fran was just dropped, I could use a waiver and dump Dallas…streaming matchups include Tampa, Washington, KC, Oakland, St. Louis, Seattle, Atlanta… or stick w/ Dallas just b/c of the Jax matchup

  49. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks for the head’s up. I appreciate it. I was thinking “pass” anyway. I just don’t like Forte too much. He’s a coin flip. Plus I’m a Bears fan, so that doesn’t help either.

  50. Wilsonian says:

    I love leaving DMC on my bench, and losing by 2 points…

  51. Drew Crew says:

    Need trade help: wes welker and beanie for pierre garcon and cedric benson, which side?

  52. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Feel bad for the guy who sat Britt. He also has Romo & Austin. Poor guy also traded away Foster at the start of the season. And to add the final nail he just traded away Orton.

  53. dingbat says:

    @Doc: Thanks. I could’ve dropped Ivory for Stafford, but I decided to grab Kitna instead.

  54. Mr2Bits says:


    I’ll forever go down in my Fantasies History books. If only we had a Sheva to give out, I’d have won it!

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