Well, the trade deadline has passed or is very near in your leagues.  I thought I’d give one more schedule breakdown for running backs for those of you looking to wheel and deal.

Matt Forte’s schedule is still shattastic. Even my man Ray Rice gets to face Pittsburgh twice and Green Bay once. Ye ol’ Tom Jones has the best overall schedule to finish up the fantasy season.  I don’t like him, but you can’t knock his schedule or Shonn Greene’s. Cedric Benson has a nice schedule as well and if he’s not hurt I like him more than TJ.  After Kevin Smith’s game against Cleveland it may be time to toss him on the scrap heap, kinda like you did after Chasing Amy.

If you have any questions at all about all these numbers shoot them at me in the comments.  They were derived from the post just below there a bit. I’ll have the passing D chart up this afternoon.


After the break you’ll see the same chart, but in order of best playoff schedule for RB’s week 14-16.  Be prepared to have your mind blown!

New England has the best playoff schedule as of today, but will Maroney still be the main guy or will Morris eat at his carries?  I’m giving Maroney the nod right now. My man Jamaal Charles still has a great week 14 and 15 and could really help you out there.  Oh, and Matt Forte still is at the barrel bottom.  Just think if he didn’t have St. Louis in the middle there?  It wouldn’t be pretty.  I’m still going to wear my Beanie love on my head like, um, a sombrero.  Why is it called a sombrero? Really, those hats are pretty fun! So, there’s a lot to digest here.  Take a load off, or put a load on, whatever, and burn your eyes with stats! You know you love it!


  1. cleaver596 says:

    with ronnie brown out for the season, my two RB’s are Slaton and Jamaal Charles. And I just grabbed micheal bush so things don’t look to hot. Next Wednesday is the trade deadline. I still have my WR’s to work with (Wayne, Andre, Welker, Steve Smith NYG, Hakeem Nicks, Devery Henderson) so who should I look to grab without having to give up too much? Thomas Jones is looking mighty tasty, and I could probably get him at a relatively cheap for price.

  2. dbhammel says:

    Do you think forte and rice are better off since they are featured so heavily in the passing game?

  3. hammer says:

    Which 3 of these do you guys think I should run out there this week? With Turner down I must choose from these schmos – K Smith @ Browns, M Bell @ Tampa, J Snelling @ NYG, M Lynch @ Jac, Bradshaw @ ATL. Thanks.

  4. Josh says:

    @cleaver596: personally, I’m trying to move Steve Smith (NYG) anywhere I can, considering his playoff schedule isn’t very appetizing. Maybe see if you can get TJ for Steve straight up, or even throw Bush or Devery into the mix if necessary.

  5. Josh says:

    btw, just wanted to say these charts and all y’all’s other analysis has be so freaking invaluable to me this season. I traded for Beanie weeks ago and now I salivate every time I see his 15/16 slate. also nabbed Sammy Morris off waivers this morning, so hopefully that’ll pay off. really wish I knew who was going to be getting those late-season carries in Cleveland…maybe Chris Jennings?

  6. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Josh: i own lewis,stricktly insurance,but if the browns
    dont use jennings more than they are as dumb as they are bad,lewis says he is retireing at seasons end so i see no reason to feed him the ball

  7. Harley says:

    @Doc: I just lost Ronnie Brown for the season and have no back-up RB in a 10 team .5 ppr league. I picked up Betts and Bernard Scott for this week (will start Scott if Benson doesn’t play), but need help for rest of season b/c I believe they are temporary replacements.

    I am considering picking up Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, Felix Jones or Chris Jennings as fliers…who do you prefer?

    And I have offers of Portis or Jamaal Charles for Braylon Edwards (who is on my bench)…which would you take?

  8. Jimbo says:

    10 Team PPR. I have Slaton, R. WIlliams, Forsett, and Beanie. I can also still pick up Snelling or Betts. Who are my plays this week? Thanks for the help!

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: I think it’s worth putting some offers out for T Jones and B Wells. If it’s not ppr I’d try Welker out and see what you can get.

    @dbhammel: For sure. Forte has been helped a ton by finally getting the ball in the passing game. I do think opponents wil start keying on that, but he’s not worthless. Rice is fairly unstoppable right now, and I think he’ll continue to be good.

    @hammer: Smith, Snelling, Lynch

    @Josh: Yeah, wondering the same thing. If we actually saw Lewis go down I think Harrison would split carries fairly evenly with Snelling. The Browns are so horrid it is hard to see much positive coming out of their team.

    @Harley: I’d pick up Jones and take Charles just for his nice matchups. Even if/when Portis gets back I don’t trust him.

    @Jimbo: I like Ricky for sure. Beanie against STL is nice. I’d rather have Betts.

  10. matthole says:

    @Doc: whod you start this week: rivers/roethlisberger? need 1 RB out of hightower/bscott/fred jackson (.5ppr)

    better flier: morris/faulk?

    car/cle/ten/hou/Jac are available- currently own chi def – which def would u start this week?

    would u drop portis? wouldnt really play him anyway with turner possibly coming back and i prefer hightower over him too


  11. chris says:

    what do you think of MB3/LT the rest of the way? I am trying to get on of them as an add in in a deal and I was wondering which you liked better for the stretch run

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