Let’s compare your fantasy football team to your mom. Not my mom, my mom is a saint. But your mom, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, your mom was a good lookin’ gal, some would even say a solid 7 and she had a very healthy libido. One night she was out with her friends having drinks and Nick Foles walked into the bar and the ladies started chatting about the rumors that he had a large eggplant emoji. One thing led to another and your mom was about to find out. 

Nick Foles and your dear sweet mother had a wonderful time together that first night. One thing led to another and they started hooking up on a regular basis. Nick Foles would tell tales of his high school football triumphs and they would go on long rides on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. His apartment was small, but having a Harley was all Nick needed. A Harley and your mom. As luck would have it, Nick Foles got your mom pregnant and she was on the verge of finding out what kind of man Nick Foles is. 

Things started off great with the pregnancy and Nick would accompany your mom to her ultra sounds and even started smoking cigarettes on his balcony instead of his couch when your mom was at his apartment. But once you were born, he became less concerned with the well being of his young family and more focused on hanging out with his friends and making sure that he got enough time to himself. Your mom finally had enough of Nick Foles and decided to cut ties. She dated around a little bit. She met a guy named Jared Goff and another one named Kirk Cousins. These men were both handsome stallions, but they weren’t steady enough to bring home to mom, which is where you spent a lot of your time. Your grandma’s house. 

Then your mom met the man she would marry and the dude that you would call step daddy. He’s a little quirky and much shorter than the other men that have been in her life. He’s a bit of a nerd, not great with words and he REALLY loves God. But he’s steady and nice. That’s what you both have always needed. Someone to have a catch with when it is nice outside (he has a surprisingly strong arm). He can teach you about paying your taxes on time and how to make a grilled cheese sandwich and spaghetti because we all know that your mom doesn’t know how to cook. He’ll help you learn to mow lawns so you can save up for your first car and he will be there to see you graduate high school and college. His name is Russell Wilson. But you can call him Russ, or maybe someday dad?

In 1QB leagues I have always been a late QB drafter. It is one of the last few things that makes sense in the world. Now the world has been turned upside down and it has messed my brain up. It has me thinking, what if I drafted Russell Wilson in the 5th round at his current consensus ADP of 57?

Year Finish
2012 QB11
2013 QB9
2014 QB3
2015 QB3
2016 QB12
2017 QB1
2018 QB8
2019 QB4

As you can see, Russell Wilson has finished as a QB1 in 12-team standard scoring leagues every single season that he has been a pro. He is the only quarterback to finish as a QB1 in each season since 2012. Drew Brees would have been been on this list but he had an extended injury last season. I’m starting to think that if you can get this kind of consistency out of your QB slot could be worth it if you are getting four position players beforehand. Yes, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are higher ceiling options than Wilson, but Wilson still has not missed a single game in his entire career. Russell Wilson is the safest score since birth control was invented.

Seattle doesn’t call as many passing plays as other high volume passing offenses, but Russell has finished in the top 4 in the NFL in deep ball attempts in each of the last two seasons. In the last two seasons Russell has a combined 66 touchdown passes as well. He is still running for well over 300 yards per season and has two dangerous options at receiver in Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf. Russ also always seems to make his tight end flavor of the season relevant as well. Just imagine if a somewhat sane and balanced Antonio Brown is added to this offense. Russell Wilson always finds a way to win no matter what personnel is around him and so far in his career it has translated to fantasy. He has the second highest floor at the QB position behind Patrick Mahomes and you can acquire him three rounds later. Russell Wilson is the dependable step dad without the flare. 


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