Good morning Razzballers. It looks like we are in line for some decent games today. Well, one for sure and Tebow.

First up the Saints travel to San Francisco which is truly a clash of styles. Drew Brees throws until the Mayans tell him to quit and the Niners are conservative and defensive minded because they have to be and because it has worked. If this game were in New Orleans it would be a no brainer call for me but it isn’t and I ain’t. The 49ers are good at home having lost 2 of their 3 games away and their only loss at home was a crazy game against the Cowboys in week 2. And the Saints aren’t so good on the road having lost all 3 of their games away and two of those to the Rams and the Buccaneers. Of course they haven’t lost since week 8 and Brees has been going bat crap crazy so it’s not like they are limping into the playoffs. I think this game could be great but I’m going to lean with Brees in this one because he is just too good.

Saints 23 – 49ers 20

The late game pits the Broncos against the Patriots which we’ve already seen once. Of course last week I thought the Steelers would wipe their behinds with the Broncos but that wasn’t the case. If the Steelers were at home and weren’t without Clark, Hampton and Keisel I do think it would have been a different story but it wasn’t and it isn’t. With this game being played in Foxboro and the Patriots already having faced the Tebow I just don’t see how the Broncos can pull this one out.  The Patriots defense is suspect at best but the Broncos are going to need to score 40 to win this one and Tebow only has so much he can give. I could be wrong of course and a lot depends on if we get the Tim Tebow that was absolutely pathetic against the Bills and Chiefs or the one that beat the Steelers. The thing that gives me little hope for the Broncos is that Tebow was actually good against the Patriots and they still got pummeled by 18 points at Mile High.

Patriots 37 – Broncos 17


  1. Mike Scobey says:

    Saints and 49er’s game was one of the greatest playoff games in years.

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