This week’s Sits and Starts seemed tougher than weeks before, but that may be because I am so tired and my cat is sitting on my lap making it hard to type.  The deeper into the season we get it seems like it would get easier to decipher these matchups, but this season seems to change on a dime.  So if you can make change for a dime, do it, and tell me what that saying is all about.

But before you get to work on that make sure you join our FanDuel leagues.  We need about ten more teams to fill our last two leagues — League 2 and League 3.


Jon Kitna: Watching him play, even when the Boys were getting punished, I felt like he had the ability to put up decent fantasy numbers this year, but I sure didn’t expect it to happen in New York (or wherever that is they play), but it did.  Now they get the Lions at home who have lost about a decades worth of games in a row on the road. They are also a much improved pass defense, but I see the Garrett shine to keeping them going for a little while longer.

Mark Sanchez: You could start a rock against the Texans and it would get 20+ fantasy points, while it also sacks Chad Pennington and injures his shoulder.  You’ll probably see some other Jets players in this post as well.  Until the Texans start putting up a fight against the pass you start whoever is throwing or catching the ball against them.


Ryan Fitzpatrick: The Bengals pass defense is getting healthy and have been tough lately, while Ryan Fitzpatrick has been regressing toward Ryan Fitzpatrick.  In their last six games Cincinnati has only given up an average of 13.8 fantasy points to quarterbacks.

Brett Favre: This may be too much of a no brainer, but there are still some who might put Favre in there against his old team for the revenge factor.  I’m not saying it is there, but Brett just isn’t worth the risk when there are so may good matchups out there this week that I don’t see any reason to put old man Favre into harms way.

Running Backs


Mike Tolbert: We don’t know if Ryan Mathews will go on Monday night, but even if he does he won’t get the bulk of the work.  Denver has given up 11 rushing touchdowns and should give Tolbert a chance or two near the goal line.

Felix Jones: The Lions are still near the bottom in most rush defense categories and Jason Garrett gave Felix Jones a boost last week.  Jones isn’t a great blocking back, but he does have elite offensive ability and if he continues to get similar work he can put up good numbers.


Mike Goodson: He just ran for 100 yards and he gets the start again, but that was then and this is now.  The Ravens are no longer elite, but Carolina is a long way from elite and they have Saint Pierre at the helm which should make the offense worse, which would give them negative points.

LaGarrette Blount: He has the ability to beat good teams, but I’m leaning to the side of the 49ers this week.  They only give up 3.5 yards per carry and 3 touchdowns all season.

Wide Receivers


Dwayne Bowe: In the last five games the Cardinals have given up 223 yards a game to wide receivers.  I’m not a big fan of Bowe, but he is on fire right now and with Tony Moeaki most likely out, Bowe should see plenty of work on Sunday.

Santonio Holmes: Now that his taking over of the #1 receiver spot is coinciding with a game against the Texans, we can safely slide him into near elite status for this week.


Mike Williams (SEA): He really has only had three good games this season and two of those were against Arizona.  The Saints have the best pass defense statistically and Big Mike needs great matchups to do anything.

Steve Johnson: Teams are catching on to Johnson and giving him a little extra attention.  Add to that Cincinnati’s tough pass defense and it’s hard to see a bounce back from last week.

Tight Ends

Dustin Keller: The Texans are the absolute worst against tight ends and Keller plays that position.  Add to that a whole slew of tight endjuries and it’s worth keeping Keller around to see if he can right the ship.

Todd Heap: Carolina is poor against tight ends, but better against wide receivers.  We could see Heap with some room over the middle.


Aaron Hernandez: The Colts are the toughest on tight ends in the league and we saw AHer get shut out last week.  I think you have to wait and see if he’ll get more snaps this week.

Joel Dreesen: He looked like he might do something with Owen Daniels out, but he’s been splitting time with Casey, which makes them both useless.

  1. Captain Obvious says:

    way to go out on a limb and start bowe. i thought i was on cbs for a second.

  2. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    Howdy Doc,

    I got some schmidt, schmart questions for ya. 12 team PPR. I need to choose between McFadden vs Pit or Fred Jackson vs Cin.

    I also need 2 WR between Hines Ward vs Oak, Malcolm Floyd vs Den, Nate Washington vs. Was, and Louis Murphy vs Pit..

    And finally which TE you like better Zach Miller vs. Pit or Tony Gonzalez vs STL.

    I’m leaning towards McFadden, Ward, and floyd. I am really quite unsure about which TE to use. And this is a problem that I never envisioned myself having, but I traded Micheal Bush for Gonzo at our trading deadline during week 8. The other guy was desperate for a RB so I traded a back up RB for a top 10 TE, which was was nice because Miller was still on the mend at that time.

    And also to go off on another tangent, have any of you ever thought that you would own 4 Raiders at the same time? I mean over the past 5 years, was there ever 4 Raiders even worth owning in the same year total? Let alone on one team? Well I had McFadden, Bush, Murphy, and Miller. The last two years I stacked up on Houston players, and this year its raiders. Whats next year, 4 Buffalo players?

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Doc : Saw this trending last week but looks like the Dolphins are looking towards Hartline first with Bess only coming in when they need a slot guy. Do you lose Bess for Hartline at this point?

  4. joey says:

    should i start big ben or schuab this week… thanks

  5. mikey says:

    which 2 should i start out of the 4… blount, felix jones, jamaal charles or jones drew? thanks man

  6. So So says:

    Bowe, Dez Bryant or Josh Freeman as my flex? PPR league with qbs getting four point for passing tds. recieving tds and rushing tds six points.

  7. 24hourjack says:

    doc….should I give up my Dez Bryant for his Knowshon?….

    I would be left w/ Wayne,Harvin,TB Williams,Knox and V-Jax at WR….

    and McCoy,Blount,T. Jones,and McGahee at RB

    non PPR-2 WR,2 RB,1 WR/RB

    he already turned down Harvin/McGahee for Knowshon

    or I could throw in T. Jones and one of my WR,but that sounds like a lot

    I AM in 3rd place right now,but I’ve lost two in a row,and I’m beginning to pamnic a bit,y’know?

  8. Christopher says:

    PPR league, starting JC for sure, but I have Foster and Tolbert. Foster is a stud and Hillis just gashed the Jets last week, but Denver’s run D is, shall we say, not good.
    Foster or Tolbert to compliment JC?

  9. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Time to drop Carpenter? Akers / Kaeding available somehow.

  10. Wilsonian says:

    So, Schefty is reporting that Buc Williams will not or might be (confusing, right?) starting this weekend because of a DUI arrest. We’ll have to wait and see, but I thought I’d give everyone the head’s up.

  11. stumanji says:

    @24hourjack: Dez looks like he’s breaking out a bit, but I think you could use more help at RB and Knowshon is poised to have a nice stretch run. You have enough at WR to make up for the loss of Dez.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Captain Obvious: I just copy and paste from CBS. Pay attention!

    @cleaver596: Yeah, it’s very hard to sit McFadden at this point. And I agree about Ward and Floyd. I’m leaning Miller if Polamalu doesn’t go. Yeah, the Raiders players always have fantasy potential because Davis drafts for a Madden team, but it usually doesn’t come together like he envisions.

    @Mr2Bits: Yeah, it’s looking better for Hartline. Just hard to recommend any Dolphins receiver right now.

    @joey: I’m leaning Ben, but neither have great matchups.

    @mikey: MJD is finally looking better so I think you have to go him and JC.

    @So So: I’d lean Bowe.

    @24hourjack: Jones is really on the decline right now. If you could give him Knox that would be better. But I think even the Dez trade works for your team.

    @Christopher: I think you have to stick with Foster.

    @MJD Took A Knee: Yeah, we dont know how long Henne will be out and either of those guys are good alternatives.

  13. Christopher says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc – what if the choice is between JC (v ARI), MJD (v CLE) and Foster (v NYJ)?

  14. Christopher says:

    And yeah, I am an indiot for forgetting about MJD being on that team!

  15. Slew says:

    Non-ppr league. Who would you drop between Schaub and Ben to pick up Kitna?

  16. Nick says:

    @Doc: Start Hines Ward or Keiland Williams over Blount?

  17. Buge Hoobs says:

    Hey Now, Doc!

    I’m the new guy to this fake fb stuff that happens to be in first place in my 10 man ppr redraft league. (Start: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, TE)

    I have zero experience offering/evaluating trades and I’m considering up grading my QB as Schaub is shitting the bed.

    MY TEAM:
    Schaub, Garrard
    Gore, JC, Best, snelling
    Nicks, Megatron, TO, SMoss, Maclin, Manningham, MThomas

    Looking around the league, I see one guy with Brady and Matt Ryan. I figure Ryan is putting up too many points to be sitting on his bench, so he might be willing to part.

    Brady, Ryan
    Bradshaw, TJones, Jacobs, Hightower
    Wayne, Desean Jax, Dez, Edwards, Royal, Branch, NWashington, Crayton

    He seems to have a man crush on WRs, so I was considering offering Schaub and one of my bottom half WRs. Think that I should?

    Where would you start (if advisable)? If I started with Schaub/Thomas for Ryan would I just get laughed at?

  18. hitts1 says:

    Would you even consider benching A Johnson this week and start N Washington?

  19. friar says:

    Is it worth dropping Nate Washington or Steve Smith (CAR) for Malcolm Floyd, who was just dropped? 10-team, 0.5 PPR.

  20. Probable Party Starter says:

    I have the semi-perved M. Williams in two leagues. I can sub in Crabtree in one, but CAR-S.Smith in the other (PPR but…holy downgrade!) or do I just stick with the wet-and-reckless Williams and hope for the best?

  21. stumanji says:

    @Buge Hoobs: Giving him Schaub and a crappy WR isn’t going to help him. You need to look at where he has needs: RB. I’m not sure you have the parts/want to give up what he needs to get Ryan.

  22. Randy says:

    Minn DEF? I was really happy when I drafted them but they haven’t been very good. I was planning on using them WK 12 @ Washington, WK 13 home against Buffalo, and WK 15 home against Chicago but now I’m not so sure. I think they can still be good at home in the dome(pass rush will be better). I just picked up Tampa because I’m getting nervous and their WK 14-16 schedule isn’t a bad one. Any thoughts on MINN DEF? Thanks

  23. cruisinkc says:

    Start keiland Williams or marshawn lynch as my 2nd rb this week?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Christopher: I’d probably lean JC/MJD

    @Slew: I don’t think I’d want to drop either for Kitna just for this week.

    @Nick: Ward

    @Buge Hoobs: I really don’t love Ryan’s upcoming schedule. I wouldn’t target him.

    @hitts1: No

    @friar: I’d drop Smith for him.

    @Probable Party Starter: He is going to start. I’d stick with him.

  25. DSimms says:

    For my flex; randy moss or keiland williams?

  26. herschel says:

    @Doc: who do you like for TE this week in a PPR league. Gronk, Boss, H. Miller or Watson?


  27. Black Beard says:

    @cruisinkc: Looks like Portis is going to go this week. Just a heads up.

  28. Don Tom says:

    Pick 1
    Big Rape vs Oak
    Kyle Orton @SD

    I’m starting Run DMC and Turner as my RB’s now for Flex, .5ppr

    Pick 1
    Blount @SF
    Crabtree vs TB
    Reggie Bush vs Sea
    Keiland Williams @Tenn

  29. Batts says:

    Can’t decide who to start… Schaub or Kitna?? Don’t really trust either of them.

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DSimms: Moss

    @herschel: Tough, none stick out so I’m going with the TD ability of Gronk.

    @Don Tom: Orton/Crabtree

  31. tourinct says:

    12 team money league, really sucking after 15-0 last year.
    Decisions, decisions…. already decided on Brady over Hill.
    1/2 pt PPR, Turner or FJax?

  32. buge hoobs says:

    Ok Doc, ou talked me outta ryan.

    Would you then be more inclined to stay put with Schaub/Garrard or target a deal for Flacco or Freeman?

    Flacco’s (orton) WRs are: roddy, jennings, smith south, and mason
    Freeman’s (rivers): harvin, boldin, floyd, sjohnson, ward, britt

    If I should shop, which WR of mine do I then start to pair with Schaub to try and get ‘r done? (SMoss, Maclin, Manningham, MThomas)?

  33. LMack says:

    You starting Keiland Williams over either of the Seahawks RB duo of Lynch/Forsett? Standard scoring.

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @LMack: With Portis playing i am worried about him, but I think you still have to go with Williams.

    @buge hoobs: I’d go after Orton.

    @tourinct: Turner

  35. buge hoobs says:


    new to this fantasy football stuff.

    Where do I start with a trade offer …
    Schaub/maclin, manningham, smoss, mthomas?

    Is Schaub/any of these too much?

  36. Wilsonian says:

    Would you drop Torain for any of the following (also have Bradshaw, Moreno and Blount):

    M. Bush, Lynch, Reece, LSH, McCluster, Barber, Harrison, Javarris?

    Thanks, I know the pickins be slim.

  37. Yonko says:


    Blount or Portis?

    Pick 2: Mike Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Nate Washington, Randy Moss

    Thanks bunches

  38. Yonko says:

    @Yonko: Forgot to mention that it’s a PPR league.

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @buge hoobs: I’d try Schaub/Thomas

    @Wilsonian: I’d probably stick with Torain. He does have a nice playoff schedule if he happens to stay healthy.

    @Yonko: Blount/Thomas/Moss

  40. Chris says:

    Doc, I have no idea what to do at WR this week.

    PPR, sit one: Nicks, Colston, Bowe, Dez Bryant

  41. Dave says:

    Hey Doc,
    I got Gates and Miller at TE, but McMichael got nabbed off ww. Who’s the safer bet?
    Also, Knowshon or Sproles? I only ask b/c return yards count and Mathews is probably a no go.

  42. Lance says:

    Hey Doc! I hope that I haven’t posted so late as to not get a response, but I have some ugly matchups with my studs that make me nervous. I know, I am supposed to always start my studs, but I would like your suggestions. Standard league-non PPR. Here is my system and roster:

    6 pts for rushing and receiving TD and 1 pts for every 10 yards.
    6 for QB plus 1pt for each 25 yards
    Standard Defense scoring; Bonus points for low score and deductions for higher score

    Starting: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and D/ST

    QB: Vick, Kitna
    RB: CJ2K, Foster, Mendenhall, K. Williams, R. Williams
    WR: White, Wallace, St. Johnson, V. Jackson, N. Washington, S. Rice
    TE: Tamme
    D/ST: Saints
    K: Sebas

    QB is easy with Vick. 1) At RB, I am inclined to go with CJ and Foster. However, Foster is going against NYJ and his grandfather just died. Do I start Keiland Williams or Mendy instead?
    2) WR is more difficult. Roddy White is a given, but do I go with Wallace against that OAK pass D that is coming off a bye, or Steve Johnson, who I don’t feel good about because of establishing the run last week and they may have learned something from it? Or, do I swing for the fences with Nate Washington on a great matchup with the Redskins?
    3) What about the Flex position? Reggie Bush, Willis McGahee, Seattle Mike Williams, and Mike Thomas are all available on my wire. I could get one of them and plug them in, but who do I drop?

    Thanks for all your help buddy! I have noticed that you are more consistent than anyone else I follow. Take care!

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris: That is tough. I’d sit Colston.

    @Dave: Miller/Knowshon

    @Lance: I’d go with Mendy, Wallace, and Thomas. Probably drop Ricky for Thomas.

  44. Lance says:

    So, you ARE saying sit Foster for Mendy?

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lance: yeah

  46. Lance says:

    That is why I really appreciate you. You have the guts to say that…no on else has. The only reason I picked up Ricky W was for the fantasy matchups, and the fact they have to get their run game going.

  47. Lance says:

    Since I have the WRs that I have, would you drop Sidney Rice and then pick up a Reggie Bush (to keep him from others mainly)?

  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lance: He is supposed to play so I would see how he does this week.

  49. Lance says:

    Crap! I just tried dropping Ricky Williams and he is LOCKED due to the Thursday game. Doc, I can’t drop him until Wednesday, so what do I do now?

  50. Lance says:

    I guess I could drop Nate Washington

  51. Stumanji says:

    Who to Flex in non-PPR: Moreno, Colston, or Floyd?

  52. luckysevens says:

    Quick question:

    In a 12 man ppr league and Andre Johnson is one of my WR. Normally he’s a must start, but I’m pretty stocked at that position and am considering benching him due to the matchup with Revis (who is looking healthy this now and completely shut down Megatron two weeks ago in Detriot).

    Was curious if you thought Jeremy Maclin or even D. Amendola might be better plays for me this week given the matchup against the Jets is looking less than favorable.


  53. Randy says:

    Tampa Mike? I was planning on playing him but it’s supposed to rain through Monday out here in SF. I’m going to wait and see what it looks like tomorrow. If raining should I sit him?

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Stumanji: Moreno

    @luckysevens: I could see playing Maclin.

    @Lance: Yeah

    @Randy: Wind is what I worry bout the most and it’s not looking good for that either. So I would keep an eye on it.

  55. Wilsonian says:

    0.5 PPR, are you still starting Colston over Boldin and would you still start McCoy over Felix?

  56. Overpaid Felons says:

    Doc, need help.

    WR ISSUE: Steve Smith or Sidney Rice? I have Louis Murphy, Gibson, Walter, or Meachem on Free Agents. What do I do?

    TE: Roll the dice with Gates or put in Cooley or drop cooley and pick up

    RB/WR Flex: Pick 1 : Brandon Jackson, Randy Moss or Mike Goodson?

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