Here are few guys I like and dislike this week.  Don’t hold it against the sitters. Better matchups are on the horizon.

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Brett Favre: The Favre played lights out against his old team last season and that was when the Packers where playing well in pass defense.  This season the Pack are not back, at least pass defensively.  They have given up 18+ fantasy points to every quarterback they’ve faced, well, that’s not counting Trent Edwards, who doesn’t count.

Matt Hasselbeck: The Cardinals are 26th in pass defense and the Seahawks are usually a better team at home.  Of course Hass isn’t going to win your matchup single handedly, but he has a good shot at getting you 16+ points since they have yet to hold a QB under that number.

Tom Brady: You were going to start him anyway, but facing the #1 rated San Diego pass defense would give anyone pause.  The good news is that the Chargers have faced such quarterback greats as Cassel, Garrard, McCown, Hasselbeck (the highest point total), Anderson, Hall, Campbell, Gradkowski, and Bradford.  That doesn’t mean they’d be ranked last if Brees, Manning and Rodgers were on that list, but it makes me feel better about getting Brady in there.


Vince Young: The Eagles are tough on receivers and that’s the strength of the Titans passing offense.  They are ranked 9th in pass defense.

Tony Romo: He’s hard to bench, but you need to lower expectations going against the Giants pass defense.  They shut down both Matt Schaub and Jay Cutler.

Running Backs


Marshawn Lynch: Justin Forsett actually looked better than Lynch last weekend, but Lynch will get the most work and goal line touches.  Arizona is ranked 29th in rush defense and are on the road.  Lynch should be able to get a touchdown.

Knowshon Moreno: Oakland’s rush defense is not good.  Their offense with Jason Campbell or Kyle Boller is not good either.  The Broncos should be able to get up them and give Moreno plenty of touches for the first time this season.


Felix Jones: The Giants defense has quickly become a top 5 all around defense and defend against the screen well.  Jones has the ability to break one, but I would keep my hopes in check.

Ronnie Brown: The Steelers are the one defense I feel ok sitting even top running backs against. But after this game I am buying low on Ronnie, unless he gets hurt of course.

Wide Receivers


Patrick Crayton: He makes for a great spot start against the scuffling Patriots defense.  Philip Rivers is good enough to make any wide receiver look great and Crayton will be sitting in for the injured Malcolm Floyd.

Dwayne Bowe: The Jaguars at home is good news for any passing game and Bowe showed last week that he could still have a good game against horrible defenses.

Johnny Knox: The Indigenous Peoples of D.C. aren’t all that good at covering #1 receivers and Knox is now the clear #1 and really the only Chicago wide receiver you can feel good about starting.


Kenny Britt: The Eagles will focus on Britt and CJ and let Washington and company try to beat them.

Mike Williams TB: The Rams are playing well against #1 receivers.  Williams is good enough to have a decent game, but his matchup doesn’t lend itself to easy numbers.

Tight Ends


Todd Heap: The Bills have given up 5 touchdowns to tight ends already.  That isn’t a great number.  Heap will be looked for in the red zone.  We can expect a lot of Ray Rice, but they will throw the ball when they need to.

Ben Watson: The Saints have given up the 2nd most fantasy points to tight ends and Colt McCoy seems to like Watson.


Kellen Winslow: The Rams are also tough against tight ends an Winslow just hasn’t been putting up the numbers we expect from him.

Jason Witten: If you have someone like Aaron Hernandez backing up Witten this would be a good weekend to play him.  The Giants defense is ranked first in DVOA against tight ends and he will probably be needed to block more than usual.



Kansas City: The Jaguars are not good on the road usually and they could have Todd Bouman at the helm.  That spells a great spot start for KC.

Denver: It’s looking like Jason Campbell might get the nod again and he has just lost it.  And on the road in Denver he isn’t going to get it back.

  1. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Doc. Would you bother stashing V-Jax/Sid Rice? I’ve actually got them both and haven’t had to pick up any bye-week replacements yet, but it might get dicey for me in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Wilsonian says:

    A) trade Colston for Mathews? Still would have Wayne, Marshall, White, Boldin.

    B) trade DMC for Forte straight up, or is that too lateral of a move?

    C) bench Williams (TB) for Meachem or DezB? 0.5 PPR

    Thanks dood…

  3. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @Doc: Need some start advice on two of my leagues, Doc.

    League 1: Need to fill 2 WR slots. Here’s who I have:

    Mason vs. Buffalo
    Amendola @ TB
    Armstrong @ Chi

    I could also grab Hester vs. Was or Butler vs. Ari off the wire.

    Also need to choose between Titans DST vs. Philly or Chicago DST vs. Washington. (I’m thinking Titans with Jackson out)

    League 2: PPR, need a FLEX and WR. (I’m thinking Danario and Meachem…would have went Thomas but looks like Garrard AND Edwards could both be out)

    BJax vs. Min
    M.Thomas @ KC
    Meachem vs. Cle
    Danario @ TB
    Felix vs. NYG

    Also need a TE. I have Lewis @ KC, Cooley @ Chicago, and Quarless vs. Min.

    [email protected]

  4. amscalone says:

    rb: rice, foster, mathews, charles, forsett
    wr: calvin, nicks, wallace, roy e, bess, mannningham, tate

    trade mathews and wallace for marshall?

    also, different league: what round draft pick is Roddy White worth in a trade right now in a 12 team PPR? He cannot be kept next year by either team.


  5. Black Beard says:

    Hey Doc, was wondering if you were still leaning KC over Seattle this week? Or should I hold off until I know who KC will be facing at QB?

  6. PB&J says:

    Hey, Doc, I need your help with a trade situation:

    rb: s-jax, jc superstar, bjg-e & d ward
    wr: nicks, crabs, gaffney & jacoby jones

    we start 3 wr 2 rb & 1 w/r flex

    I was offered smith (car) for my ward.

    any advice is much appreciated.

  7. D Gross says:

    Which 2 of the 3 Wr would you start?
    Driver,Patrick Crayton, Steve Smith (Car)

  8. timmy riggins says:

    hi, whod you start? 1 QB 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 flex – .5ppr

    big ben or flacco
    MARSHALL, crabtree, bowe, crayton, (woodward)
    RICE, felix jones, thomas jones, ivory, mcfadden, woodward


  9. TheRealTaz says:

    Hey Doc,

    I have four startable WR this week, I start three. Who should I bench?

    Larry Fitzgerald (and his lack of a QB) vs. Seattle
    Brandon Lloyd vs. Nnamdi
    Jeremy Maclin vs. Tennessee
    Patrick Crayton vs. NE

  10. hideousmutants says:

    Start Giants or Chiefs over Tenn? Both are available on my waiver.

  11. Matt Leinart says:

    Now I’m confused.

    Would you go with:

    1. Moreno vs OAK or Torain @ CHI
    2. Britt vs PHI or TB Williams vs STL
    3. Moeaki vs Jax or Watson @ NO (I asked before and you said Moeaki, but I’m wondering if Watson has slipped ahead of him)

    It’s a .5 PPR, and right now I have Torain, Britt and Moeaki in my lineup. What do you think?


  12. 24hourjack says:

    I want to p/u Todd Heap to start ahead of Winslow,but would it be a bad idea to give up on Winslow in a keeper league?……or have we seen enough to know that it wont get much better?……..

    especially considering I have Pettigrew as my no.1 at this point……..

  13. BAM says:

    The Addai injury news has presented some problems for me but I’d like to get your take on this…bear with me.

    I’m in a 12-team, .5PPR/Return Yardage League that starts: 1QB, 2-3RB, 3-4WR (can only start 4 WR’s if you start 2 RB’s only), 1-2TE’s (can only start 2 TE’s if you run 2 RB’s and 3WR’s)

    My team is:

    Woodhead (RB only)

    L. Evans

    A. Hernandez

    I traded Starks for Woodhead after Addai’s injury thinking that he’d help if the injury persisted longer than a few weeks but, as I’m currently in first place, I don’t want to lose too much ground. Should I be trying to trade for D. Brown? If so, is Hernandez too much to give?


  14. Needles says:

    Need a Qb and a flex that can be a qb out of Freeman, Eli Manning, Kolb and Bowe. Passing Tds are worth four recieving tds are worth six, ppr league, .1 points for every two yards passing, and .1 point per 1 yard recieving.

  15. Frank Rizzo says:

    Wow. I just made a trade late last week that included me sending away Austin Collie, and getting Donald Brown. Timing is everything. Here’s hoping Donald Brown can actually stay healthy for more than one half.

  16. Byron says:

    @Doc- Need some help choosing a flex player this week.

    Danario Alexander, Lance Moore, Demaryius Thomas

    In the words of Bubbles- Much obliged

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Clyde Prompto: I’d hold until you have to let one go. I’d probably lean toward keeping VJax.

    @Wilsonian: I like Meachem/I’d hold off on Forte for now/I’d trade Colston for Mathews if you need the RB help.

    @TheEvilEmpire: Mason, Washington (Cutler), Meachem/Jones

    @amscalone: I’d hold onto Mathews there. White is early second round.

    @Black Beard: I still like KC.

    @PB&J: Hmm, I think Smith can turn it around, but I like the reliability of Ward. Sticking with Ward.

    @D Gross: crayton/Smith

    @timmy riggins: Ben, Rice, Ivory, Marshall, Bowe, Crayton, McFadden if he goes.

    @TheRealTaz: I like all of them. I’d bench Crayton.

    @hideousmutants: If you can fit them I like KC

    @Matt Leinart: Moreno, Williams, Moeaki

    @24hourjack: Tough, he will be ok, but his upside is getting lower. I’d rather have Winslow than Heap for the season, right now.

    @BAM: I’d want Brown, but i’d hate to lose Hernandez without a good backup.

    @Frank Rizzo: Might want to grab Hart too if you can.

    @Byron: Alexander

  18. TheDaneEvent says:

    Which side is better week 7 and rest of year: Forte/DJax or SJax/M. Wallace?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    ****Indy Star’s report on Collie — “Will miss at least the next several games and likely more”****

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TheDaneEvent: Since DJax is out I would say SJax side for week 7. I’d probably lean that way for the season too.

  21. sal says:

    @Doc: These 5 guys are available on the wire – who fo you like for ppr?

    Deion Branch, Steve Breston, Danny Woodhead, Nate Burelson or Danario Alexander.

    Thoughts on Blair White for deep leagues?

  22. BAM says:

    Doc, how do you feel about Ben Watson the rest of the way?

  23. amscalone says:

    thanks doc – how about mathews roy williams for marshall?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sal: Branch, I like White with Collie out. But AGonz could be back week 8. Hard to tell the future on this one, but AGonz would get the nod if he is healthy.

    @BAM: He’s startable, but would rather have him as a matchup play. His upside on Cleveland is lowish.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @amscalone: I’d do that

  26. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @Doc: Didn’t quite understand your response. Washington (Cutler)?

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TheEvilEmpire: No problem. Just saying his ability to take sacks, throw interceptions helps Washington.

  28. Calogero says:

    Wallace, Welker or Knox?

    Felix Jones over any of them?

  29. BAM says:

    Would you run Robert Meachem or Danny Woodhead as a flex this week?

  30. d-rot says:

    Jamal Charles or LDT as my 2nd RB in a PPR league for the rest of the year?

  31. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks Doc. Meachem is in, and DMC has not been dealt for Forte. About Forte, why would you not do that? Too many questions about the Bears’ turned off-ense?

    With my WRs being Wayne, Marshall, White, Boldin, Colston, my RBs being CJ, Best, Hillis, DMC, Moreno, and we play 3WRs, 2RBs, and 1 flex WR/RB, do you still like the Colston for Mathews deal?

    Thanks, as always, Doc.

  32. Joel says:

    Ok. I have a potentially crazy scenario I need your opinion on. My RBs are Gore, SJax, Bradshaw, felix Jones and BJacobs. Non-ppr. I’ve been offered Mendenhall and Vick for ARod. If I were able to trade Bradshaw for Kolb and something, would you do these 2 trades? I’d be trading ARod and Bradshaw for Mendy, Vick and Kolb. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty down on Bradshaw right now, as we’re a td heavy league.

  33. Jim Parkey says:

    1. With Collie out “several weeks” would you pick up White or Gonzo off the ww?

    2. If DMC plays, so you start him or Bush this Sunday?

  34. Van Hammersly says:

    Hey Doc: I was proposed a trade in a 14-team 3 WR PPR league… I’d give up Fitz for Ochocinco and Branch. Right now, my WRs are Fitz, DJax, Harvin, and Bess. I’d probably drop Josh Morgan if I accept the trade. What do you think?

  35. Jim Parkey says:

    update: <>

  36. Jim Parkey says:

    According to the Indianapolis Star, Austin Collie will miss “at least the next several games, and like more” after undergoing hand surgery.

  37. John M says:

    Hey Doc,

    Im in a 12-team, 1PPR league, i got offered this trade today.

    Z Miller (TE), D Brown (RB), S Smith (WR-NYG)


    R Wayne (WR), Chargers DEF, K Winslow (TE)

    I have Addai, R Williams, J Forsett, M Forte as my other backs, and Moeaki and Kinslow as my TE’s, and Maclin, Royal, B Davis as my other WR’s

    We start 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE

    What do you think, i am gaining a starter basically at the other positions and Addai’s handcuff, but losing out big on giving up Wayne

    Think i should pull the trigger on this deal?

  38. Cullen says:

    Hey Doc,

    PPR league (1 point)

    I need to start three wide receivers out of:

    Percy Harvin
    Hines Ward
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Steve Smith (Car)
    Eddie Royal

    And also at TE 1 of:
    Heath Miller
    Aaron Hernandez

    And at DST:
    Chargers D
    Falcons D
    (Or do I drop one of these and pick up the Chiefs)


  39. buge hoobs says:

    @Doc: pick one to schmidt / schmart

    IDP sack, int=4, tackles/asst=1/0.5

    Karlos “my knee is fine” Dansby vs-Pitt
    Justin Tuck vs-Dal

  40. flynn says:

    Just got offered Brees for Steven Jackson. My Qbs right now are Cutler and Orton. If i get rid of Jackson it leaves me with Gore, Mathews, Forsett and Felix Jones. If I make the trade, I can cut a Qb and pick up another RB. Theres the likes of Jacobs, Brandon Jackson, Green-Ellis, Woodhead, Ward, Cadillac, McCluster, Lynch Graham. It’s a 0.5 for PPR. Any thoughts, thanks

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @buge hoobs: Tuck

    @Cullen: Smith/Ward/Harvin/AHer/KC (I’d look at the schedule for both and see what kind of matchups they have)

    @John M: I don’t like it.

    @Van Hammersly: I wouldn’t do it.

    @Jim Parkey: I like DMac’s upside more, but I am worried about his health. I’d probably play it safe with Bush. I’m leaning AGonz.

    @Joel: I’d go for it.

    @Wilsonian: Yeah, you need another RB. I just like DMac’s upside.

    @d-rot: JC

    @BAM: Meachem

    @Calogero: Tough, Knox.

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @flynn: I’d be ok with Orton and Cutler. I don’t see any reason to downgrade your RBs like that.

  43. Lis Franc says:

    12 team 0.5 PPR Keeper league (can keep 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE at round drafted -2: all keeper values listed below as would be kept next year)
    We play 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 WRT

    Proposed trade: Sam Bradford (14th round keeper) for Steve Smith (CAR, 2nd Round Keeper)

    Currently own:
    QB: Cutler (5)
    WR: R. White (cannot keep), Nicks (3), S Smith (2), E. Royal (7), K. Britt (9), A. Gonzalez (~14)

    I have a shot at winning this year – although I’m currently fighting at the bottom of the playoff positions (6/12) with a 3-3 record, primarily due to fluctuations in WR, QB production.

    Make the trade?

  44. BearDown says:

    In a bit of a dilemma here…have 3 QBs in a ten team league (3 QBs max on roster), but they all have a bye week next week. Cutler, Kolb, and Michael Vick. Do I drop one pick up Cassell for next week, or do I wait it out until next weekend. Tried to do a couple trades involving Cutler but no dice. I guess if worse comes to worse I can not have a QB for the week.

  45. sal says:

    @Doc: DAmn it! Didnt get him when I could have. work internet and their blocked sites that i have to bypass….

    i guess its between woodhead and Alexander now? who do you like?

    Steve Breston, Danny Woodhead, Nate Burelson or Danario Alexander.

  46. cruisinkc says:

    This week start…

    Torain or Lynch as my 2nd RB?
    Welker or Knox as my 2nd WR?

  47. Hennessey says:

    I’m really considering dropping Brandon Tate to pick up Matt Hasselbeck, and have Hasselbeck start in place of Romo this week. Should I do it then just drop Hasselbeck after this week for a solid waiver wire pickup?

  48. elwood blues says:

    Time to punt the Bears D.. for the Giants (who someone just dropped)?

    Also need to grab a bench, who’s better going forward (ppr league)

    Reggie Bush or J-Stew?

  49. Joel says:

    Doc, the trade in 32 above was changed to Mendy,Vick and cassel for ARod and bradshaw. so, I wouldn’t be getting Kolb. I guess the risk is that Vick doesn’t start in week 9, and I’m hosed in philly. However, Stafford is on the wire. Is the upgrade from Bradshaw to mendy worth all this (I guess it is, right)? My team this week would be Cassel, mendy, SJax, Gore (Nicks and Boldin). next week I’d have either cassel or stafford, and I guess if Vick isn’t the starter Stafford’s my qb going forward. would you still do this if you were me?

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @elwood blues: I’d rather have the Giants

    @Joel: I don’t like it as much now. I’d probably do it because I really like Mendy, but it’s really close.

  51. Howie says:

    @Doc: Regarding Vincent Jackson in a non-PPR… is he worth adding for late season production if the drop candidates were Panther Smith, teammate Malcolm Floyd, or RunDMC?

  52. T-BZA says:

    Starting Brady over Favre this week. Rational.

    However, any thoughts on reversing that?

    Thanks in advance.

  53. Leroy says:

    how do u rank these WRs for this week (0.5 ppr)? roy williams, mike williams, danario a.

    also who u like better rest of year… louis murphy or anthony gonzalez?

  54. Cheeeze says:

    @doc: Start 3 of the 4 this week:

    Stack Jax, JC, Brandon Jackson, and Knowshon

    Which 3 do u go with?

  55. Cheeeze says:

    @doc: forgot to mention this is PPR

  56. Doc

    Doc says:

    @T-BZA: It’s close, but I think you have to go with the safer pick in Brady.

    @Leroy: Roy, Mike, Danario

    @Cheeeze: I’d sit Brandon

  57. Jeff says:

    Hey Doc, I just received an offer to trade MJD for Andre Johnson straight up, I have Hillis and Lynch still on board, Calvin Johnson and Santanna for receivers,

  58. Bryce says:

    Doc, couple of questions:

    League 1:

    flex spot do I start Cassel or M. Lynch?
    WR3…do I go with Donario Alexander or Derrick Mason?
    SF Def or do I pick up KC?

    League 2:

    Ivory, Woodhead, or Jacobs alongside JC?
    WR pick three: Moss, Williams (SEA), Crayton, Alexander


  59. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jeff: I think I’d take AJ there. MJD is a little scary.

    @Bryce: Cassel, Mason, KC — Ivory, Moss, Williams, Crayton

  60. Edmund says:

    Tough decisions for me
    Rivers or Orton? (i’m leaning Rivers)
    2 RB out of these
    Lynch, Moreno, Benson, D. Williams (Moreno for sure. I don’t like Benson in ATL but hard to sit him. Same with D. Williams. Leaning toward Lynch, how confident are you he’ll do better than Forsett?)
    3 WR out of these
    R. Moss, Nicks (these two i’m gonna stick with unless Nicks injury worse that it seems), Breaston, Meachem. Is Mike Williams (SEA) worth dropping Breaston or Meachem? I also have S. Holmes (bye). Keep him or move him?
    1 WR/RB flex out of the above guys. Who do you like?
    Also need a TE
    Owen Daniels (bye). Do you like Watson over these guys I can pick up? Celek, Gresham, A. Hernandez
    Thanks Doc.

  61. nadaidea says:

    Doc: Standard league, 4pt throw tds sit romo and start eli?

  62. Anon. says:

    In a flex position (.25 ppr), would you start Bradshaw over either Fitzgerald or Boldin this week?

    Thanks. Anon.

  63. danario says:

    would you give away vernon davis and mike williams(TB) for ryan mathews?
    I have Romo, R.williams, Mike williams, johnny knox, anthony armstrong, vernon davis, tony moeaki, beanie wells, steven jackson, felix jones, donald brown. i dont know if giving away a good TE is worth is for a RB that I might not need?
    2RB, 2 WR, 1RB/WR/TE

  64. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Edmund: Rivers/Lynch/Moreno/Moss/Nicks/Meachem/Deangelo

    I’d pick up AHern

    @nadaidea: I’d still lean Romo

    @Anon.: Tough. I think I’d stick with the WRs.

    @danario: Really tough. I’d probably go for it if there is a good TE on waivers that you can pair with Moeaki for matchups.

  65. danario says:

    Does pettigrew count as a good one to pair with moeaki?

  66. Doc

    Doc says:

    @danario: Yeah

  67. Seth says:


    I have FLEX issues in 2 of my PPR leagues:

    Bowe or Bradshaw?

    Felix Jones or Chris Ivory?

    Thanks in advance!

  68. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Seth: Bradshaw/Ivory

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