Welcome back to the Razzball streamer article.  I was watching the debate on Sunday for a little entertainment (sorry Collinsworth), and began to imagine what it would be like if Donald Trump played fantasy football.  He would be the guy in your league who makes awful trades and brags to you non-stop about them as if they were genius.  Donald Trump would be the guy who is 1-4 at this point but would point out that he is in the top half of the league in scoring but always gets screwed over with who he played against.  Trump would probably be the guy who would be campaigning to be the commissioner next year for no reason other than to threaten to kick the current commissioner out of the league. If Hillary Clinton played fantasy football it wouldn’t be much better.  Hillary would most likely collude with other league members to make unfair trades and when the commissioner would ask for the evidence of whether the trade was fair or not, those text messages would somehow be deleted.  Also trash talk in your league would be closely monitored for things that could be offensive, so that wouldn’t be very fun.  I’m glad we did this.  It wasn’t at all pointless…

Alex Smith, 22% Owned – Alex Smith has quietly been pretty good this season besides his week 2 matchup against the Texans.  Before the bye week, Smith had some garbage time fun against the Steelers to the tune of 287 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Oakland likes to give up a lot of love through the air so I really like this matchup for Mr. Smith.  The problem with Smith is he never has had that high of a ceiling so I wouldn’t be expecting that much more than 20 points.  But those 20 points shouldn’t be very difficult for him to get to.

Brock Osweiler, 16% Owned – I think that the public is starting to realize that Brock isn’t quite the quarterback that he was cracked up to be.  Being slightly better last season than 40 year old, barely physically functional Peyton Manning should have told us all something.  Despite being completely shut out by the Patriots a couple of weeks ago, Osweiler has at least put a touchdown on the board in every other game this season.  I see this matchup against the atrocious Indianapolis Colts secondary being an outlier to an otherwise lackluster first few weeks.  Indianapolis, even after a matchup with Brian Hoyer last weekend, still sits at 29th in yards given up through the air.  DeAndre Hopkins should finally have some beatable double teams and Will Fuller could have a huge day as a deep threat all leading to Osweiler getting some points out of it.

Cameron Meredith, 36% Owned – Meredith was covered in our waiver wire article this week and some insightful things were written about him, in fact, he’s a name you have heard quite a bit about no matter where you turned this week in the fantasy sports world.  I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here I just want to emphasize what a great matchup he has this week.  Jalen Ramsey has somewhat low key been a lock down corner as the weeks have went on and he will most likely be glued to Alshon Jeffery.  That leaves a bunch of targets for Cameron coming off of the 12 he had last week.  I would play Meredith anywhere that you can plug him in this week.

New York Giants DST, 12% Owned – The Giants defense hasn’t scored very many fantasy points in the past 3 weeks.  In their defense, (see what I did there?), they have been matched up with some of the premiere offenses in the league.  Baltimore, fresh off of firing their offensive coordinator, should be a nice change of pace for the football Giants.  This team signed and drafted a bunch of pieces this offseason to help create turnovers, hopefully they can get some return on their investments this Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons  DST – The Falcons defense has a stigma for giving up a decent amount of points in the first few games, but that doesn’t necessarily doom this position.  The Falcon’s D/ST has registered a touchdown in 2 of the last 3 games and have obviously developed a pass rush, coming of a 6 sack game against a not terrible Denver Broncos line.  Atlanta has been creating turnovers and has a nice matchup against a Seattle team that is not putting up the points that they should be.



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