I’m a fan of international games. I think it adds to the excitement to see the same 32 teams that we watch every year play in different environments. Plus, the more fans that there are from all over the globe means more fantasy football players. It’s just math (dark magic). That being said, this idea of playing at this underprepared Mexico City stadium needs to be shot into the sun. I was getting frustrated seeing divots fly up into the air and seeing players struggle to get their footing, so I can’t imagine how the actual players felt. 

But the football must go on and it was a pretty competitive game. At least it seemed like it. I watched this one on mute on my laptop. I wasn’t in a Booger mood and I had my DVR to catch up on. Priorities, right? Here’s what I saw from a fantasy football perspective while I gripped my Chiefs -5 ticket very tightly.

Performance Checks

Tyreek Hill left with some hamstring tightness. Whoa buddy, I hate those hamstring injuries, but this one seemed pretty minor. I mean, the hobble didn’t look great but he watched the rest of the game in uniform from the sidelines. A lot of people took brutal losses from the Tyreek Hill donut on MNF. Football can be gut-wrenching.

Sammy Watkins filled in nicely with…..2 catches for 26 yards…

– Well, if Watkins didn’t do anything than It sure that Mecole Hardman went off… for 2 catches and 13 yards.

– Ah, Byron Pringle has had some good games when Tyreek Hill isn’t active. 1 catch 9 yards. 

Travis Kelce managed to have a good game at least with 7 catches over 90 yards and a touchdown on 10 targets.

– Mahomes honestly made more plays scrambling than through the air outside of the touchdown pass to Kelce. I grimace ever time he takes off on that bad knee but he seems to know what he’s doing. Weirdly low passing yard total because nothing was going right in the first half, but 59 yards on the ground for Mahomes.

– It looks like LeSean McCoy is finally out of the dog house. He was even getting touches before Damien Williams exited. 

– It seems like once Philip Rivers is frustrated, the turnovers start piling up. Rivers threw 4 interceptions on the evening including 2 pretty bad ones when the Chargers were trying to mount a comeback. Rivers was just getting too much air under these passes.

Melvin Gordon started strong but ended the night with only 90 all-purpose yards.

Austin Ekeler isn’t going to give up the running back receiving yards title this week. Ekeler caught 8 passes for 108 yards. This offense is at it’s best when Ekeler is on the field.

Keenan Allen has been on the verge of a bounce back and it finally happened last night. He was heavily targeted by Rivers and caught 8 passes for 72 yards and a touchdown.

Hunter Henry and Mike Williams were pretty average with Henry catching 6 balls for 69 yards and a 2 point conversion. Williams’ silence was deafening until he caught a 50 yard pass in the 4th quarter. 


  1. Mike says:

    If you’re a Mack owner, are you picking up Williams or Wilkins going forward? And how does the early Thursday game this week factor into that? Thanks.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Williams because he’s the hot hand. Could be wrong but I think he’s the best bet. I don’t think the Thursday thing affects a good matchup

  2. Gus says:

    Hey MB,

    Looking to trade for a WR and have Mike Evans or Davante Adams as options. Evans will cost me a lot, Davante about half as much (draft dollars for next year). Who would you prefer to have for the upcoming playoffs?

    I have Rodgers as QB as well, so I like the AR-DA connection…if DA can stay healthy.


    • MB

      MB says:

      Grab Adams if he’s cheaper

      • Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

        yeah adams should not be half as much, easy value there.

  3. Water boy says:

    Hey MB! Coming off a W & now I’m 7-4 on the season. That puts me at the 4 seed , teams above me are 7-4 , 8-3. 6 teams make playoffs & teams below me have 6 wins then the team at the 7 seed fighting for a spot has 5 wins. , besides that there are two 4 win teams & 1 team that’s 0-11!!

    Our deadline is turkey day next week would you look to pull off a deal even a minor one to fine tune my roster before playoffs?

    1.) does Tyreek hill still have trade value? If yes move Hill for one of these: Godwin, mike Evans , Julio Jones, or davante Adams?

    2.) next yes this part is very minor but this is bye week hell for me so gotta do what you gotta do. Deal my ballage to get Hollywood brown or Deebo Samuel? Of course I’d be starting whichever this week due in part of byes to Tyreek, Watkins, thielen

    3.) trade my Tyreek hill + thielen to get kamara + mike Evans ? Too much Aaron Jones + Evans ? He has amari cooper too

    4.) this isn’t trade but is it time to cut: AJ green, ballage, dionte Johnson, Josh Reynolds?

    — here are players I’m eyeing on the wire: Jonathan Williams, Wilkins , Guice , burkhead, Bo Scarbrough, Larry Fitzgerald, Hunter Renfrow, Josh Gordon, Kendrick Bourne , Gus Edwards, Jeff Wilson , mostert, Dallas goedart, Kyle jusxcyz (FB/RB from SF) he’s been getting involved in the passing game

    My RBs are DJ, cook, Tevin Coleman, Mattison, ballage , Brian Hill, Cohen

    My WRs are: Tyreek hill, Marvin Jones, Watkins, thielen, Aj green, dionte Johnson, Devante Parker, Josh Reynolds,

    TE is waller

    QB is Wilson

    Thanks man!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Hey man! I’d hold onto Hill

      I like that trade to acquire Deebo

      I’d drop Cohen for Guice

    • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

      i can’t believe anybody is trading FOR ballage when RB’s with more likely value keep showing up (scarbrough/j-will and future weeks wilkins i’d all rather have). good work there.

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