Anthony Gonzalez: He had a little surgery the other day.  You know, they just scraped around inside his body to see what was up.  He’s been out since the beginning of time and you have held onto him thinking he would help you in the fantasy playoffs.  Well, the fantasy is over.  Drop him like a cheating significant other and pick up any other who is significant and doesn’t get hurt by a stiff, air conditioned breeze.

Anquan Boldin: He should play, but be sure to check out his status before committing to him.  I committed to a black taco the other day and my status quickly fell to OUT. You can’t not start Boldin, but his injury also makes Breaston a decent start if Quan reaggravates his ankle.

Donald Brown: It looks like he’ll play after practicing Wednesday and Thursday, but taking Friday off for napping and general merriment. He’s not a great play against a gradually stouter Houston run defense, but if you are hurting it looks like you can get him in there.

Calvin Johnson: Of course he’ll be a game time decision and since the Lions play in the great Northwest we won’t know in time for you to set your lineups.  And there is always a good chance he’ll be mauled by a bear or gored by an elk.  But all the reports look like he’ll go.  I think he will go.  I hope he goes.  I have a voodoo doll of Megatron (well, it’s just my old Megatron) and I’m soaking him in a little jacuzzi and then spraying him down with WD-40.

Marlin Jackson/Bob Sanders: The Colts’ defensive backfield is banged up, but these two guys have been banged up for a while.  Combined, they had started 6 games and had 9 tackles. It doesn’t help Indy, but it’s not a huge blow to them either. They’ve been good without them.

Devin Hester: He has been limited in practice with a gimpy ankle this week.  He should start, but this may boost Knox’s value up a little if Hester takes a bad step somewhere.  Hester has been playing well so you probably need to get him in there.

Lance Moore: He won’t play.  If you have him stashed since he’s on the prolific Saints offense it’s time to stash him in the free agent’s pool.

Antonio Bryant: His knee started acting up on him on the flight home from the UK. What do these guys do on these flights? Hasselbeck was out for the season last year because of a flight.  Maybe they should invest in a little more leg room?  Oh, and don’t play in England anymore.  Nobody cares.  Antonio Bryant is droppable if you haven’t already.  He just can’t stay healthy.

Brian Westbrook: He didn’t practice Friday, but he did practice earlier in the week and Reid is positive he’ll go and split time with McCoy so that makes what, 2 carries?  He was looking better before the concussion so you need to get him in there.

Aaron Rodgers: His foot is a little gnarly, but he’s quietly leading all QB’s in fantasy points.  Keep riding him and his gimpy foot into the ground and into fantasy glory!

  1. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Worth it just for the “my old Megatron” line. Good stuff!

  2. adamh says:

    hahahaha “and pick up any other who is significant and doesn’t get hurt by a stiff, air conditioned breeze”.

  3. Greg says:

    Ok Boys….they just said that Moats is starting. Any of you waivered on your opinions? Gun to your head? Moats or Forte? AZ has a good run defense….Colts have a poor run defense? I lean towards Moats here…. I know you all already answered this I just want to know if you waiver now that Moats is starting.

  4. Drew says:

    Pick 2, .5/reception – Benson, P. Thomas, Grant, LT, Maroney

    Pick 1, .5/reception – Royal, R. Wiliiams, M. Thomas

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: I’m for Forte.

    @Drew: PT and Grant

    Tough call, Thomas has the best matchup so I think he’s worth the risk.

  6. denzik says:

    yeah boldin has dissapointed even when healthy,always a threat and id take him,but with the ankle and 1 td,not what we expected,i traded boldin and moreno for jacobs and vincent jackson a month ago with no regrets,but id like boldin in a playoff league,nice matchups last 4 weeks

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