Last week I said I wanted to track Antonio Gates down like that dude did in “The League.” I was very tempted to strongly advocate for him, but he is due to see a doctor about his foot and it is hard to say how that will play out. I am an aggressive owner so I will be throwing out some super low ball offers for Gates. If you decide to do the same, just be advised that it could totally blow up in your face. But to win, you have to take risks.

Tier I

Rashard Mendenhall (18) – Not someone I was huge on coming in to this season but he has been off to an even slower start than expected. Make sure if you get him, you’re getting a discount

Chris Johnson (18) – His owners are starting to panic and should be very open to lopsided trade offers. CJ2k has been in my column since Week 1 and he will stay in here until he turns it around or gets injured.

Roddy White (18) – Has not been terrible but still slightly disappointing. There will not be a repeat of last years performance but Roddy should still be considered a first tier receiver.

Hakeem Nicks (17) – The injuries at WR have not translated to an increase in production for Nicks yet. That is partly because teams are keying in on trying to shut him down. Eli will put up at least 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns and Nicks should get his share.

Tier II

Dez Bryant (17) – He looked healthier than anticipated on Monday Night. I cannot get over how much of a stud this dude is . You still might be able to get him on the cheap. I smell a big game coming on…

Steven Jackson (17) – Sometimes you have to make exceptions for injured players. Jackson has played through injury in the past and there is a good chance that he will be healthy enough soon to do the same. The discount should be heavy and for the right price, I would get him.

Mike Williams (16) – Much like Hakeem Nicks, he is experiencing the joys of having a breakout season and having defenses focus on shutting him down. I like his production to increase from here on out.

Sidney Rice (16) – If his owners were patient enough to wait out the injury, I doubt you will get a huge discount on him at this point. The Seahawks are a train wreck but I believe in Rice’s talent. It is worth throwing some trade offers out there.

Mark Ingram (16) – He has been sort of blah thus far but looked pretty solid. It is clear that he will not be a Ryan Mathews type rookie bust, nor will he be a Steve Slaton type rookie dynamite. The truth lies somewhere in the middle and that is good enough for a flex start in most any league.

Tier III

Bernard Scott (15) – I sort of cringe at even putting him on here because he has been so awful in the past when given an opportunity. Regardless, Benson will be out for three games at some point and Scott is the starter and that has value. He is more than worth scooping up and throwing on the bench or, if you are really hurting, in your lineup.

Alfonso Smith (15) – Thanks to the good ‘ol Sunday Ticket I got to catch quite a bit of the Cardinals game last weekend. Smith started and although he did not have a big day, he looked really good. Beanie will be taking his job back but if he re-aggravates his quad, the job will be Smiths.

Chad Ochocinco (15) – This is another tough call. What is this dudes deal? With T.O. at least he worked out and practiced like a beast. I have a sneaky suspicion that Chad has lost his desire to compete in the NFL because he thinks he will be able to get rich and famous via ridiculous statements or bad acting. What I am banking on is that he will realize no one will care about him without on field production. I snagged him in one of my leagues and am content to let him sit on the bench and hope for a turnaround.

C.J. Spiller (15) – The Bills are obviously going to go undefeated so it is prudent to start stashing some of their bench players. Fred Jackson has been such a beast thus far and a large part of it is the new dynamic offense in Buffalo; I cannot believe I am saying that. If Jackson gets hurt, Spiller could be enormous.

Roy Helu (15) – He has really looked pretty good thus far and the Redskins coaching staff has done nothing but praise him. Everyone is fixating on Tim Hightower but I really think there is a good chance you will see Helu as the more productive back toward the middle/end of the season.

  1. Jeff says:

    The Randal photo is sweet. Do have an opinion on a FF format that best sparks trades? More or less owners? Smaller or deeper benches? Free agent free-for-alls vs. making waiver claims? Our 10-team 2-QB league has been together for nearly a decade with little turnover, and it seems that each year, the smarter we get as drafters the less trading occurs.

  2. MattW says:

    Great Post! When you say bargain, what caliber player are you talking for these three guys:

    CJ2K? (Best?)
    Steven Jax?

    A player or two for a benchmark/range would be helpful.

  3. The Vaporizers says:

    Hey Drew, who do you like better the rest of season?

    Percy Harvin or Mario Manningham?

    I have Percy and am looking to move him because I have given up on McNabb and the Vikings passing game in general.

    I’d consider it a no brainer if I didn’t already have Nicks as my WR1. But being a bit of a Giants homer will only make it that much better when they have big games.

    What are your thoughts?

  4. and1mcgee says:

    what tier is mccluster in, as far as ppr leagues go? what can we expect out of this guy? who else is on his level, so I can gauge that? is he equal to a devery henderson-type (some weeks big #s, some weeks, lower)? thanks

  5. and1mcgee says:

    what do the #’s in parenthesis after the player’s name mean?

  6. BAM says:

    I’m racking my brain trying to decide who to play at my flex this week.. .5PPR League…

    Options are:


    Also, I’m considering benching Gore for Ingram this week…thoughts?

  7. nomad says:

    I got propped CJ2k for McCoy straight up. Should I do it?

  8. Bo says:

    I lost Jamaal Charles and am looking to add another top back to replace him (got Daniel Thomas off waivers last week). Could any of these receivers (or a combination of these receivers) net me someone like Mendenhall or CJ2K?

    Welker/Boldin/Nicks/Meachem/Jordy Nelson/Branch/Nate Washington

  9. Scott says:

    Who would u start in my flex this week…holmes,Decker,AJ Green or David Nelson?


  10. Mike says:

    Concerned with Michael Turner…would u bench him at the flex and start Santonio Holmes or AJ Green instead?

  11. Nick says:

    Someone dropped the Eagles Defense in my 14 team league. I’ve been holding on to the #1 waiver for a couple of weeks now and I’m wondering if I should burn it on them? The waiver wire in my league is pretty bleh-tastic and I can’t see too many breakout players emerging from it, but I’m probably wrong.

  12. flyinhawiianpizza says:

    WR dilemma.

    Pick 2: Santonio Holmes, Lance Moore, Denarius Moore, Mike Thomas

  13. AdamH says:

    Trade either Fred Jackson or Jahvid Best for CJ?

  14. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Jeff: I have an authentic Cunningham Jersey- champ stamp. I don’t know if you do Fantasy Baseball, but I feel like it lends itself more to trades because of the variety of positions. In football, most trades tend to happen when people get thin at WR or RB or Bye Weeks are creating issues. I am mostly in real competitive leagues like the one you are describing and it can be more difficult to put a deal together.

    @Matt: For all these players, it would probably be easier to get something done as part of a package, but here are some thoughts on them individually

    CJ2K: Best is slightly too much for him, but that’s in the ball park.
    Bryant: I would give up something like DeSean Jackson or any player below him in value
    Steven Jackson: Something like James Starks, or less preferably seems right.

  15. Drew

    Drew says:

    @The Vaporizers: If Manningham is healthy, I’d rather have him. The Vikings offense is terrible so you’re thinking along the right lines.

    @and1mcgee: McCluster is tough to figure out. The Chiefs Offense looks awful, so that’s a factor. McCluster also isn’t a true tailback; he’s more of a 10 carry guy with maybe 6 catches on a good day. I would rather own him then Devery Henderson. He’s like a poor man’s Darren Sproles or a rich man’s Kevin Faulk (if you remember him). The numbers are an overall index out of 20 possible points. You can take a look at the first Sleeper Math column for a short explanation.

    @BAM: I like Ingram the most of the group, although Nelson is intriguing because it’s PPR. If you have Gore, you almost have to play him unless he’s hurt, but Ingram + Nelson wouldn’t be an awful start.

    @nomad: I wouldn’t take that deal unless more players are involved and you get more.


  16. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Bo: That’s an awesome waiver pickup. I would throw Boldin out there for CJ2k and see what happens.

    @Scott: A.J. Green is a beast. He’s a rookie, so the consistency might not be there, but he has the best chance to deliver a big time performance.

    @Mike: Unless he’s real hobbled, you have to start him. You can’t really trade him but if he has a big game or two maybe you can put a deal together.

    @Nick: I always play matchups for my defense and don’t like being tied down to one. I would hang on to that Waiver Claim because you never know who might fall in your lap due to injury.

    @flyinhawiianpizza: Holmes and Moore. I know how frustrating Holmes has been, but Rex might start letting Sanchize sling it around a little more.

    @ AdamH: It’s tempting to trade Jackson for him, but he might be more valuable right now. I wouldn’t fault you for doing it, but I’m not sure you’d be getting quite enough.

  17. BAM says:

    Thanks Drew…one more question and this is a biggie.

    I was offered Daniel Thomas and AJ Green for Roddy White yesterday. My immediate answer was “Hell Nah!” but then I started thinking about it and maybe it makes more sense. My team is as follows:

    S.Smith (CAR)
    Rotating Kicker
    Rotating Defense

    Do you think my team can sustain losing Roddy considering that I have Smith, Nicks and Nelson and will be adding AJ? I could use the help in my backfield.



  18. Drew

    Drew says:

    @BAM: I’m really not crazy about that deal. Unless it’s a 2 QB League or a Keeper League, I would put a deal together to trade Cam Newton. Your roster is pretty balanced even though you have a few underperformers.

  19. barker says:

    12 team league trade already accepted and is under review (not my trade)

    team 1 fred jackson and johnny knox for team 2 roddy and harvin

    am i wrong for making a stink with this trade — the team giving roddy is
    0-3 and has benson but that is no reason to panic into a trade like this right ??

    also an etiquette question if u publicly solicit trades for everyone on your roster including white — you lose all right to bitch and moan about trade offers you deem not good enough — either shut up or counter right ??
    you were asking for the offers so ya gotta roll with the punches

  20. DFresh says:


    An owner in my league has a need at TE. I own Gronk and Daniels. Would it make sense for me to try and trade Daniels to him for Shonn Greene? Expect a breakout from Greene any time soon or is this going to be a repeat of last season?

  21. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Barker: as for complaining about offers, I agree with you. It’s annoying to get uneven trade offers but it happens to everyone. Cancel the trade and move on. In terms of the value in that specific trade, I don’t feel like it’s egregious enough to make a big deal about.

    @DFresh: I intentionally left Greene out because I’m just not convinced that he’ll deliver on the promise of upside. That doesn’t mean I’m right, though. I like the thought process behind it though and you definitely don’t need both of those TEs.

  22. barker says:

    would you drop ochocinco for any of the following :

    casey amendola pettigrew jacoby jones danario kendall hunter donald jones andre caldwell titus young

    My rb CJ2K steve jackson brandon jacobs jonathon stewart
    my wr marshall dez meachem lance moore ocho antonio brown
    my te graham fred davis

    yea that wasnt a trade for or from me just a question as to its viability and i already made a medium sized stink so whatevs and i guess i will concede

  23. DrPepper says:

    Hey Drew, Still trying to sell F Jackson high. Got an offer of Desean Jackson and Julio Jones. Without Fred, I still have McFadden, Steven Jackson, Daniel Thomas, and Joseph Addai at RB. My WR are Andre Johnson, B Marshall, and R Meacham — we start 3, and I have none in reserve right now. I’m leaning towards it. What do you think?

  24. rascal says:

    The CJ owner also owns DeAngelo. The rest of his team is Brady, Fred Jackson, Michael Bush, White, Floyd, Branch, Henderson, Rice, and Torrey. Due to weak opponents and Brady/Jackson he is somehow 2-1.

    I am somehow 1-2 despite having mendenhall, DMC, Moreno/McGahee, Ingram, and Stewart @ RB and Holmes, Lloyd, Harvin, Steve Johnson, and Manningham @ WR (Stafford and Ryan @ QB).

    We start 2RB, 3 WR, 2 RB/WR. What do would you offer?

  25. John H says:

    Hey Drew… Tough one here. Would you trade Mike Wallace for Wes Welker in a PPR?

  26. Drew

    Drew says:

    @barker: No, I think you hang on to him for right now although there are some intriguing names on there (Kendall Hunter, in particular)

    @DrPepper: Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to do much better than that and in 3 WR formats you need as many as you can get

    @rascal: DeAngelo and CJ2k and he’s 2-1? You have Lloyd and Holmes, both of whom have underperformed. He might bite on Holmes for Chris Johnson. It’s worth throwing out there.

    @John H: Is it 1 PPR or .5? If it’s 1 PPR I like the Welker side. If it’s .5 Welker is still probably slightly better. It pains me to say that because I have a huge man crush on Mike Wallace.

  27. bob-o says:

    Fred davis or james casey in a ppr league?

  28. bryan says:

    any advice would help? should I offer a package starting with fitzpatrick for vick? also should I trade run dmc and pettigrew for vernon davis and chris johnson? I’m in a 14 team league and have orton. as backup qb and mccluster reggie bush and mccoy as my other.rbs. thanks fort any help

  29. rascal says:

    @rascal: @Drew:

    Would you trade Stewart and Holmes for CJ and Michael Bush?

  30. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Thoughts on Moreno for Sidney Rice and Helu?

  31. Scott says:

    Would u start decker,aj green or david Nelson?
    Like decker against packers…tough choice

  32. Drew

    Drew says:

    @bob-o: Casey

    @bryan: You really need to add a RB. What if you offered Fitzpatrick for Chris Johnson straight up? Does the guy need a QB?

    @rascal: Your league has 3 WR spots, so keep that in mind. In terms of the value, I like the deal; but if it’s going to thin you at WR it probably isn’t worth it.

    @MattTruss223: I like the Rice/Helu side a lot more

    @Scott: Yeah, that is a tough one. I would probably lean toward AJ Green just because he is the most likely to give you a big game. With Lloyd back in Denver, I’m not sure if Decker will get the attention he was a few weeks ago.

  33. Ryan says:

    Would you start Felix Jones or Jahvid Best this week?

  34. Mike says:

    Concerned about Michael turner.. Especially on the road this week
    Would u take a chance and start santonio holmes or decker instead?

  35. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Ryan: Best

    @Mike: Holmes has started slowly and I would wait to see if Decker’s role changes with Lloyd back in the lineup. Turner is at Seattle so it’s a pretty favorable start.

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