This week, you will be getting a little family lovin’.  It’s basically a fantasy kind of lovin’ that has a family tree with no branches.  So with Week 10 here already and the options to cover every week becoming harder and harder to nail, I figured I would lean to a position that I haven’t covered yet during the year.  The quarterback position this week has two studs on bye and one that just fell down and broke his crown.  So we are looking for the fill-in of the week for the signal callers… enter Kirk Cousins.  For the week that you Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan and to some level Andrew Luck owners have a void, he can be a nice fantasy pick-me-up for a nice home tilt against the Saints.  Yeah, those same Saints that have been a fantasy goldmine the past several weeks.  So we all know why you came, and unfortunately we are all out of the lovely shrimp ring and gourmet cheese plate, so why not stick around for some intimate family fantasy lessons of life and love?

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So… Washington is not the fantasy bee’s knees by any stretch of the imagination, and by glance at roster ownership across all formats, the most owned player is either John Riggins or Desean Jackson.  I am awful at spelling, and even if I pretended to be bad, Jay is right there like the quicker-picker-upper of the Oxford format.  So let’s pick on the Saints defense first, to plug our boy Kirk.  They are last in the NFL in fantasy points allowed to the QB position.  They haven’y allowed less than 20 points in any game, and that was to a Brandon Weeden led Cowboys team… nuff said.  Continue the pile, yes we shall.  They have allowed six 300-yard games so far this year and three in a row.  They also have given up 13 passing touchdown’s in the past three games.  So to summarize, they are awful defensively, especially against the pass, and Rob Ryan is going to be the first guy in the NFL unemployment line.  These are all good, no great things for you and your fantasy QB bye.

So I don’t normally trust guys that you can interchange the first letter from his first and last name and his name still can read the same, see Cirk Kousins.  He looked fantastic against a team similarly bad, but not as awful as the Buccaneers in Week 8.  He threw for 3 TD’s and over 300 yards.  Then the dreaded bye and basically a second bye by playing the Patriots.  This is the week we get to see what is what for the Washington offensive juggernaut.  he will have his full compliment of weaponry.  Desean and Reed are both looking like healthy plays. Garçon looks like a reliable option this week as a WR3.  The only conundrum is their run game, which may need to get involved somewhat for the offense to click.  Not super-involved, but if Alf and Morris rush for 100 yards, it would only be the second time all year they have reached that number.  But I digress, we don’t need it for Kirk to be awesome.  He just needs to show up, the Saints defense will do the rest.  Smokey predicts: 23/33, 304 Yards, 2 Touchdowns (and 1 Rushing Touchdown.)



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  1. SheriffMcRawDawg says:

    Good stuff as usual Smokey! Quick q for you – sitting at 6-3 and here’s my squad

    Q – Dalton
    Wr – ODB
    Wr – Cooper
    RB – Gurley
    Rb – Hillman
    Te – Gronk
    Flex – Larry Fitz

    Bn – Rishard Matthews
    bn – Matt Ryan
    Bn – Woodhead
    Bn – Ellington
    Bn – James Jones
    Bn – James White
    bn – Theo Riddick

    Just got offered Brandon Marshall and Forte for Cooper and Hillman – I have to do it right? even with the injury scare on Forte?

    thanks man!

    • Teddy Heater says:

      @SheriffMcRawDawg: No Brainer, pull the trigger!! Forte looks to come back next week and Langford looked great on Monday, but that was vs SD poor run D. I’m curious to see how he does against Stl D this weekend. Marshall is an upgrade to Cooper now Crabtree is killing it. Forte doesn’t have an ideal playoff matchup Was/Min/TB, but you have Woodhead who you can swap in as he has KC/Mia/Oak. Let Hillman and Anderson be someone else’s headache. Langford will probably get more work than he did before Forte went down, but not like Hillman/Anderson.

  2. Scooter G says:


  3. Scooter G says:

    @Scooter G: @Scooter G:

    Hey smokey,

    Would you drop M gordon or A Blue for any of these waiver wire backs?

    J white, bolden, Ryan Matthews, Duke johnson, J bell

    • Teddy Heater says:

      @Scooter G: You can drop Blue, hold Gordon as he looked good on Monday, so maybe he’s out of the dog house. Mathews should have a solid week against Mia this weekend, but he’s still considered a “backup”. White is a flyer for sure, knowing the Pats he could have 200yds and 4TD’s out of no where, unlikely, but possible. If you need someone this week Mathews is the add over Blue. If you’re looking for a higher risk with bigger upside White is the add.

  4. Teddy Heater says:

    Smokey!!! I LIKE THAT, I LIKE THAT! Loving the Cousins call! I went all sneaky sneaky last week and grabbed him everywhere I didn’t have Bortles or Carr and I’m rockin Cousins in DK & FD cause that’s how I roll Cuz!

    BTW- I was a little disappointed Stevie didn’t hit pay dirt last week, but how’d all those experts do with that Floyd call? Tip of the cap to ya.

  5. friar says:

    Great analysis Smokey! I’m going Cousins in at least one league this week, and greatly appreciate the reassurance that this isn’t a terrible, terrible idea.

    I have two questions for you, the first in line with the Cousins situation. I currently have Tyrod Taylor as my QB with Romo stashed on the bench. Once Romo comes back, I’ll likely drop Taylor and use Romo every week, but I can’t decide if Romo will be a safe play his first game back in Week 11. If I plan to use Romo next week then I’m thinking of dropping Taylor now and picking up Cousins for his game against the Saints, but if Romo is a risky option next week then I’d rather keep Taylor and not be stuck next week with only a rusty Romo and Cousins facing the Panthers. What would you recommend?

    Second, I’m mulling a trade in a 14-team, non-ppr league, and I’d love your opinion. I’ve been offered Decker in exchange for Bennett. I don’t need Bennett (got Gronk) and could use the WR upgrade, but I’m nervous about the Jets QB situation. What do you think?

    WR: Adams, Moncrief, Aiken, Wallace
    TE: Gronk, Bennett
    Flex: either a WR or Bennett – I only have two solid RBs

    • Teddy Heater says:

      1. I have the exact same scenario in one of my leagues. I’m not confident with Taylor at NE so I’m dropping Cousins for Stafford on Tuesday, Bortles, Carr & Fitz have decent matchups if they’re available. Stafford plays great at home and Raiders passing D has let up 18+ pts to opposing QB’s in 8/9 games (Geno, Flacco, Cutler & McCown of those 8). I don’t expect Romo to come back and be sharp, he’s going to need at least 1 maybe 2 weeks before he’s game ready.

      2. Don’t mull, pull the trigger. You definitely need help at WR and Decker will out score Bennett in your flex spot. Fitz is going to do whatever he needs to keep the starting QB spot. Dude has been in the league for a while and he’s window is closing.

    • Teddy Heater says:

      @friar: Fitz said he might have surgery tomo, but if he does he won’t miss anytime. He also talked to Palmer who told him to wait til the season’s over. Either way Decker is an upgrade

  6. What's a Drexl? says:

    gotta love it, now the WAS running game has been so bad for so long even certified experts (i’m kidding, i know how youse guys feel about being attributed with that word) AND the editor doesn’t notice that jones/morris are being referred to by two names for morris. Not being insulting, but the fact that it went by the writer and editor makes it funny and true.

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