Well, if you have, I am surprised that you weren’t abducted and brought to a quaint little nest just south of Parma…  So. here in Week 9, we have come to a guy that I have been trying to save for when the time was right.  Andrew Hawkins is the clear cut favorite this week for me in the city of Brown.  I am officially make the color and team name singular.  Because it’s a color and a dog… I hear you way there in the back smarty pants.  Go extinguish your LeBron jersey and become a fan all over again.  With Jordan Cameron most likely to miss this week’s game, I ask you this: who else is going to be in the running pattern for human underthrow Brian Hoyer to go to? I am kidding Brian Hoyer, I love you, and you will find out later in two paragraphs patience. Who he will throw to was just discussed, look up, and if you don’t own, or want to take part in the 43% of people who do own Andrew Hawkins, get comfy and stay close to your monitor as I break down the Hawk… and you can put in on the board… YES!

Andrew Hawkins | FindTheBest

So the Brown(s) welcome an abysmal pass defense in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The same Bucs that allow a robust 286 YDS per game through the air on the year.  That number is third worst in all of football, trailing Arizona and New Orleans.  Surprising about the Cards being there, but back to the Bucs awfulness. They have allowed 16 passing TD’s against them this year, placing them tied for 3rd in the NFL, even by playing one less game than most everyone around them in the stat category, due to them having their bye week.  Do you get the point about the opportunity against a porous defense? I mean, I can start making up stats if that will suit ya better.

So what about Hawkins’ ability as a pass catcher and what he can do for your fantasy team? Well, over the past two weeks, he has averaged 9 targets a game for equally bad defenses (Oakland and Jacksonville), good for 12 REC, 200 YDS, and 1 TD.  You should throw in the fact that he averages a tick over 17 YDS per catch over that time.  The thing I love about the under-ratedness of Brain Hoyer, for all his lack of passsing stats that matter for fantasy, is that he has three guys in the top-25 in YPC for the conferance.  That right there screams WOOHOO.  The funny thing is, that Hawkins isn’t one of them… yet.  He soon will be my friends.  He is already a huge PPR monster, and his ability to run after the catch, his ranking top-20 in the NFL in targets, and this is all with a crowded house of Jordan Cameron and some other guys.  This is the week my friends, this is the time.  Go get freaking Andrew Hawkins.

Smokey’s predict: 13 TAR, 8 REC, 91 YDS, 1 TD.

  1. Bull in a Chinese Restaurant says:

    only thing i can figure about ARI being bad pass D is that both their run D is great, and they’ve had leads most of the year, most of the time. Nice to see that Hoyer led CLE team is that high in avg yards per catch, since gordon will be back soon.

  2. Joe Shmoe says:

    Do you like him more than M. Bryant, Edelman and Welker this week? Just askin…

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Joe Shmoe: It all depends for me with those guys, do you own or starting Manning Roethlisberger or Brady? If not then yes

  3. Dom B says:

    My roster can you give each player a rank like QB 1 or 2 RB 1 or 2 there can be multiple RB 1s etc thx


    QB – Aaron Rodgers – Packers
    RB – LeSean McCoy – Eagles
    RB – Andre Ellington – Cardinals
    WR – Kelvin Benjamin – Panthers
    WR – T.Y. Hilton – Colts
    WR – Michael Crabtree – 49ers
    TE – Larry Donnell – Giants
    PK – Steven Hauschka – Seahawks
    DEF – Baltimore Ravens – Ravens

    QB – Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers
    RB – Fred Jackson – Bills
    RB – Charles Sims – Buccaneers
    WR – Odell Beckham – Giants
    WR – Percy Harvin – Jets
    TE – Delanie Walker – Titans

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Dom B:
      QB – Aaron Rodgers – Packers – qb1
      RB – LeSean McCoy – Eagles -rb1
      RB – Andre Ellington – Cardinals – rb1
      WR – Kelvin Benjamin – Panthers – wr2
      WR – T.Y. Hilton – Colts- wr1
      WR – Michael Crabtree – 49ers wr3/4
      TE – Larry Donnell – Giants te2
      PK – Steven Hauschka – Seahawks-who cares
      DEF – Baltimore Ravens – Ravens -stream

      QB – Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers – qb2
      RB – Fred Jackson – Bills – rb3
      RB – Charles Sims – Buccaneers rb4 for now
      WR – Odell Beckham – Giants – wr3 possibly 2 if keeps developing
      WR – Percy Harvin – Jets – wr4
      TE – Delanie Walker – Titans – te2

  4. Dom B says:

    If you don’t understand I mean go through rosterand rank each each player like QB 1 or 2 RB 1 PR 2 and etc

    • Dom B says:

      @Dom B: Thank you!!!!!

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