Well, I went 2-2 in my prognostications like 95% of the idiots out there.  The Seahawks ran into a sucktastic New Orleans defense and also played efficient, almost turnover free football.  Marshawn Lynch’s run was one for the ages and one the Saints “defense’ should be forced to watch over and over until they pass out and then they need to be woke by a bull horn and ice water down the pants and made to watch a few thousand more times. Oh, they suck.

The Colts game just seemed like an inevitable Peyton win, but Stankchez unsucked for the last minute to get them in field goal range. We didn’t learn too much new about the Jets going into the Patriots game, except that they have to win on the ground and with defense, which probably won’t happen against the Belly Chicks.  Peyton is 9-10 in the playoffs, but I still think he’s pretty darn good, just not Brady good.

The Ravens put a pounding on the Chiefs and somehow JC Superstar only ran the ball 9 times.  Of course while doing that he cured cancer, scored a TD and gained 82 yards.  He should have had more touches, but the Chiefs couldn’t seem to hold onto the ball since they were getting crushed by Ravens.

Michael Vick and David Akers both have had better games. James Starks has never had a better game with 123 yards rushing.  His coming out party was way too late for fantasy, but he’s setting himself up for a lot of fantasy talk this off season. How Ryan Grant comes back from his injury will be a factor, but Starks’  off season commitment and development will be important as well.

Matt Hasselbeck: He was on target all day.  There were plenty of games this season he doesn’t want to talk about, but he came up big when it meant the most to the tune of 272 yards and 4 touchdowns.  They already beat the Bears so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could be hosting the Packers for the title game!

LaDainian Tomlinson: He just won’t go away.  He hasn’t had much luck in the postseason, but had 99 total yards and 2 touchdowns against the Colts. The Jets O-line played extra well, especially in the second half when everybody and their dog knew they were going to run on every down.  They’ll have to be even better against a team that beat them 45-3 last time.

Reggie Wayne: He caught one pass and has been completely shut down by Revis every time they’ve matched up.  He was complaining about his lack of use, but he should have been complaining about his lack of being able to beat Revis.

Joe Flacco: He set a Ravens record for passing yards in a playoff game with 265 yards passing.  The illustrious quarterbacking tradition of the Ravens just got brighter.  They will need Flacco to play well to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

DeSean Jackson: I don’t know why, but I find it hard to really trust the guy even though he is one of the most explosive players going. He doesn’t seem to have his priorities in order, at least for me as a fan and fantasy player.  Making money for himself is a priority I understand, but not one I care about.  He was hurt part of the game and ended up with 2 receptions. He’ll be a high draft pick next season and for good reason, but his 47 receptions aren’t doing the trick in PPR.

Dwayne Bowe: He saw a whopping zero targets and somehow ended up with zero receptions and zero yards.  I can only guess he was still hurting/puking, but why play him then?  The Chiefs passing game was a disaster.

James Jones: What is up with the drop? His hands are holding him back.  Try that metaphor on for size.  Fits like a glove don’t it?

Donald Brown: If Dominic Rhodes is starting ahead of you it’s time to worry.

Julius Jones: He was running with a little vengeance against his old team and got into the end zone twice.  That’s about it for JJ.

Pierre Garcon: He looked a lot better than the week before and had a nice game of 112 yards and a TD, but it’s hard not to worry a little about his inconsistent play and his ball dropping affliction.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun fact: Jason Avant had more receptions in the regular season than Desean. What does that mean? No idea, but it’s something I didn’t realize until watching the game yesterday.

  2. Starks was one of my favorite deep fantasy sleepers this
    past year but too bad it never occured to the Packers to give him a
    chance BEFORE fantasy season ended. But it was good to see him
    finally get his chance and literally run with it. I am one of those
    idiots as well who went 2-2 in their picks this past week and the
    biggest surprise to me was Matt Hasselbeck. He showed something by
    not getting down after that first quarter pick and instead taking
    command and having one of his best games ever.

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anonymous: Yeah, DJax is poor in PPR for sure.

    @Russ Bliss: Yeah, he has a lot of upside. Hope he gets a chance next season.

    Agreed, Hass was a huge surprise. Congrats to him, but I would rather see NO against the Bears.

  4. Big Nate says:

    Hey Doc – What’s your current timing to release your Divisional rankings? The commish has scheduled our draft for tonight and I’m flying blind at the moment…

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