This has been a strange year when it comes to fantasy defenses.  There really are no defenses that feel like every week starts. The Eagles are the number one fantasy defense and they were recently destroyed by Little Brother.  New Orleans has been number one for much of the season and are only a point behind the Eagles right now and they were counted coup on by the Washington Native Americans. The third ranked defense in fantasy just gave up over 500 yards to Big Ben!  So tell me when it’s safe to start a defense, cuz I’m getting a little skittish!

But we keep on, keeping on! There do look like some good matchups for championship weekend.  I’ve broken down the matchups by fantasy points given up to defenses by offenses, average fantasy points scored by offenses in the last 8 weeks, and average fantasy points scored by defenses in the last 8 weeks, or FPGUTDBO/AFPSBOITLEW/AFPSBDITLEW, just to streamline things.

Somehow KC got into the top 5 here.  Cincinnati’s recent offensive woes coupled with KC getting a lot of turnovers of late causes a bit of an anomaly in the chart, but overall I feel like it is a good gauge of this week’s defensive matchups.  A nice trend I see in these top matchups are that many are at home for your D/ST plays.  New Orleans, Arizona, Green Bay, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Cincinnati are all at home and all are good plays.

And before you do anything, make sure you enter our week 16 contest.  If you don’t, Santa will skip your house and have his reindeer, um, evacuate all over your car.

  1. sal says:

    Nice. I have Zona and CIN D and Im rolling with ARI.

    Who do you like better this week – Moreno @ PHL or Harrison @ OAK?

    Im looking like this:

    QB: A. Rodg
    RB: SJAX
    FLEX: P.Thomas
    FLEX: J. Harrison
    WR: Cal. Johnson
    WR: G.Jennings
    WR: MSW
    TE: JFin
    K: Hartley
    D: ARI

    Bench: Avery, Nicks, Moreno, Cribbs, CIN D, G. Olsen

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sal: I’m going with Harrison. Moreno has been sluggish lately and Philly has been hot.

  3. unstopabull says:


    Would you start Harrison over Rice? non ppr

    How about Finley over Davis? Probably cant go wrong here.

    Time to finally start VY over Palmer and Campbell. I’ve managed to pick the worst of the 3 the past 4 weeks and got lucky to go 4-0 in that span. Campbell Monday night barely got the 10pts I needed.

    Thanks for all the help this season! One more win clinches 1st place (no playoffs) and high points for the year (with my 20 pickups at $5 a pop I needed to win this) Thanks again and have a great X-Mas.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @unstopabull: Rice is just too good all around to bench. Agreed, your TE’s are nice and you can’t really go wrong with two great matchups. I’d go with Davis.

    Ugh, yeah, the Redskins went from a surging offense to an embarrassment!

  5. hacienda says:

    Thanks to my big three (Aaron Rodgers, MJD, and Ray Rice), I’m the leader in my points-only PPR league, but I’m struggling at WR. Pick three for this week:

    Holmes, Sims-Walker, Megatron, Cotchery, Floyd

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