Do you want some pass defense statistics? Huh? Do you!!!? I know, stop yelling, J. Jerk Jerkingson (the J stands for jerk). Okay, I’ll stop, but this is it, this is where the men are separated from the men who didn’t have very good teams and the women are separated from the men because we have different parts (ask your dad).  Fantasy football isn’t life, but life sucks for the most part (ask your uncle), so this really could be the pinnacle of your existence!  These playoffs, here and now, are why we play this game.  Our children’s children will tell stories of these next few weeks as they scrounge the apocalyptical landscape for carcasses.

So I’m using recent stats this week to stay current, which of course means there is a smaller sample size.  No matter what you do, stats are deceiving, but I believe these give a good look at what has been happening lately.  The only one I feel is pretty far off is St. Louis.  The fantasy points and passing yards they’ve given up recently are based on facing poor QB’s and Kurt Warner getting his face smashed into the ground.  That doesn’t mean that they haven’t improved as of late, but don’t go benching your QBs and WRs against them. Take a look:


  1. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I have JMac currently slotted in my flex spot for this week (good matchup + sunday night game). But his plantar-fasciitissiuses worries me, and so does the possible return of DJax. Would you start any of the following schmoes over him this week?

    -K. Walter (the only one that really warrants starting with his matchup, but he seems to be allergic to the endzone)
    -J. Harrison


  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Yeah, JMac’s is who I would go with, but i do like Walter’s matchup a lot.

  3. Dad says:

    Great matrix for playoff week Doc.

    I’m starting Sims-Walker over Steve Smith (NYG) and i have a gut feeling i’m going to regret this. Who would you rather start in a non-ppr.

  4. Drew says:

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Quinton Ganther? Washington announced today that he will be starting for them and he has a GREAT matchup against Oakland.

    Start him over any of these guys? LT, Benson, Pierre, Maroney, Harrison? .5/reception, pick 2.

  5. Johnny says:

    So start Vince Young against STL or David Garrard against Miami?

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dad: Philly is pretty tough on #1’s. I like MSW.

    @Drew: His matchup is great and he should be a decent flex. I like him more than Maroney.

    @Johnny: Garrard is better at home, but I think VY will have a good game.

  7. vargo says:

    Need to pick up another RB, right now I have Grant and Cartwright

    I can pick up Fargas, Ganther, Morris, Vonta Leach, or McGahee.

    How would you rank these prospects?

  8. Stumanji says:

    Who to drop for Ganther? Bradshaw, Snelling, Norwood, Moats.

    PPR and I have a bye this week.

  9. Stumanji says:

    @Stumanji: Got antsy, dropped Bradshaw (SNUGGIE!)

  10. Jim says:

    In a 2 QB league where my rostered QBs are Flacco, Campbell and VY, I’m thinking of benching Flacco this week. He’s been flat out awful since the NE game while Campbell and VY have been very consistent for the last several weeks. Despite Flacco’s nice matchup vs. DET, I just don’t think I can trust him in the playoffs. Thoughts?

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @vargo: Ganther, Fargas, Morris, McGahee, Vonta Leach

    @Stumanji: He can’t really get healthy so I think you’ll be fine

    @Jim: Campbell has been better of late, but going cross country has me a little worried. Detroit is too good a matchup. I like Flacco and VY.

  12. Sos says:

    Who to start:
    .5 ppr: LT, Maroney, Forsett, Moats, Lynch, Harrison (pick 2)

    ppr: nyg smith, jacobs, austin, housh, santana moss (rank)


  13. Cheese

    YaMaHa says:

    Pick 1 D for this week only…

    CIN, BUF, KC, OAK, WASH, CLE (sneaky play in snowy weather?? or just stupid….) TB

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sos: LT, Harrison

    @YaMaHa: Tough choice. Buffalo

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