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  1. Wilsonian says:

    Do you think now is the time to bite and buy low on Ryan Mathews, and if so, what do you think is a fair offer for him? Would Holmes or Colston be a decent offer, or should there be more?

  2. dingbat says:

    TE conundrum: Heath Miller vs. KC or Moeaki @ HOU?

    Miller has Roethlisberger coming back, but there’s no guarantee they’re going to click right away, and KC’s #2 against TEs so far. Moeaki’s still unproven, but he’s got the ideal matchup.

  3. Tom Brady says:

    Roy Williams vs MIN, or Bowe vs HOU?

  4. christopher says:

    @Wilsonian: I was able to get Matthews for Brandon Tate! I’d try something below Holmes/Colston, especially if the Matthews owner is frustrated with him.

  5. Jim Parkey says:

    My backup to Rogers is Henne. Kolb, Garrard and Young are available. If Rogers cant go, who would you start?

  6. Wilsonian says:

    @christopher: that’s the problem…those two guys are my worst WRs. HA! I just picked up Colston for Tate when someone dropped Colston before last Sunday’s game for a bye week fill-in. I really have no one else to offer – other WRs are Wayne, White, Marshall, Boldin. I’ve been trying to get Mendy or Turner or Forte, but haven’t been successful so far.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I think if you can get him low enough it would be good. His injury problems make him a little risky. I would feel ok giving Holmes then Colston.

    @dingbat: I’d lean Moeaki against Houston.

    @Tom Brady: I can’t recommend Bowe right now. He could go off, but Roy has been more consistent.

    @christopher: Wow, that’s a steal.

    @Jim Parkey: I would go with VY if Rodgers can’t go.

  8. Christopher says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc. In the same league, I also managed to send Bowe and receive Felix Jones. We’ll see about that, but I wasn’t feeling the love from Bowe.
    In that league we start a W/T and a W/R and count RET ydg. With these moves, my roster will look like:
    Orton or Cutler
    Nicks/S Moss/Britt
    Stefan Logan or Hester
    Matthews or Jones or Goodson (Car)

    I’m thinking of dropping Goodson and picking up Deji Karim. Thoughts?

  9. Christopher says:

    One more: in my PPR league, I need a QB.
    My RBs are: MJD, A Foster, JC, Lynch, Williams, Bush

    Thoughts on JC for Cutler?

  10. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: that’s my problem with my RBs…they’re all injured in one way or another. I have a decent collection in CJ, Best, Hillis, DMC, Moreno – but all of them have some sort of injury (although I guess CJ is OK). I sent an offer of Holmes and Colston for Forte yesterday that was shot down with no counter, so I might just have to leave my injured guys to get healthy and then kick the shit out of everyone for not trading with me.

  11. Frank Rizzo says:

    About to go through with a trade……I think. I’m giving Jahvid Best, Deangelo Williams, and Austin Collie up for Michael Turner, Pierre Thomas, and Greg Jennings.

    This is a TD heavy league. My roster also includes Romo and Big Ben, Ahmad Bradshaw, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith (Carolina), V Jax, and Brandon Tate. We start 3 WR/TE’s so Jennings would be my 3rd WR. I covet Turner in this trade because I think he’s got the best chance to score TD’s. Pierre has been hurt forever but I’d be pairing him with Bush for potential in the 2nd half….and of course I still have Bradshaw.

    What are your thoughts? Does this trade make more sense in a TD heavy league?

  12. alex says:


    I’ve got Randy Moss/Harvin in a PPR league. Other WRs are Roddy and Boldin, with my backs as Jahvid, D-Mac, Moreno, and 5 lotto ticket backups.

    Given the uncertainty of Favre’s elbow and the chance that he’ll shut it down late if the Vikes are out of it (just in time for the fantasy playoffs!), would it be advisable to try and trade Moss or Harvin for a back? I feel like Moss has more name value but Harvin is going to be the guy to own due to his black Welker tendencies.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Christopher: I’d get Karim. Like his upside just a little more.

    @Christopher: This seems like a bad time to sell JC. He looks to be getting more carries.

    @Wilsonian: Hah. Yeah, if there aren’t many setbacks you should be ok.

    @Frank Rizzo: It’s a fair trade, but Turner is the player to have there, so I like it.

    @alex: I’d offer Moss for McCoy if that looks at all possible.

  14. Dakota says:


    That’s the offer I made in my league, but I was looking to pick up Charles opposed to trading him. I think it’s a fair offer, but it depends who his back-up QB is (mine is Big Ben). The worse the back up, the more you’ll probably need to give.

    But hell, I would have taken any of those running backs for Cutler because I can’t start two QBs.

  15. Ken Plane says:

    Pick one WR to go with AJ. Ward, Holmes or S Smith(NYG).

  16. Giacomo says:

    Start Cutler home against Seattle or Flacco at New England?

  17. Giacomo says:

    Also, would you trade Greg Jennings for Cedric Benson?

  18. herschel says:

    @Doc: If megatron plays this week, do you start him over Crabtree in a PPR league?


  19. Joel says:

    hey Doc, 2 questions this week:

    1) Folk, hartley or Akers?

    2) RBs are best, bradshaw, SJax, Felix Jones and Hillis. have to bench 2, and obviously Hillis is one of them. Would go with best or felix this week?

  20. christopher says:

    M Lewis or Moeaki this week?

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